Kratom Mate collects the use and disclosure of personal information following applicable data privacy laws and as outlined in the Data Privacy Policy the Affiliate Disclaimer, which establishes the criteria under which Kratom Mate will collect and will use personal information from third parties.

  1. Definitions

“Third-party” means the Customer, Distributor, Seller, Supplier, Consultant, Professional Advisor, Business Partner, or any other real or potential third party that operates or may deal with Kratom Mate.

“Personal information” refers to data related to a third party, which allows the identification of a person directly or indirectly of such data consumers, customers, or suppliers. Examples may include name, address, email, phone number, customer ID, or tax ID.

  1. Principles of data privacy

The basic principles of data privacy below are the basis of this policy.

3.1 Legitimacy, equity and transparency.

Kratom Mate processes personal information fairly and following this policy and applicable laws.

3.2 Data accuracy

Kratom Mate will take all reasonable steps to ensure that personal information is accurate and complete and will correct. We will also delete any incorrect personal information without delay.

3.3 Limitation of purpose

Kratom Mate will ensure that the personal information collected is specific, explicit, legitimate, and only to the extent necessary to achieve those ends.

3.4 Data retention

Kratom Mate will keep personal information only for as long as necessary to achieve the purpose of collecting it or answer to the local law.

3.5 Data security

All personal information collected will be processed securely.

  1. Purposes of taking you details.

Kratom Mate collects personal information to perform its business functions and provide services of origin and third parties.

The standard purposes that Kratom Mate collects and processes personal information include:

  • Manage orders and accounts
  • Supply of products and services;
  • business development

Marketing, advertising and public relations about the commercial activities, goods or services of Kratom Mate;

  • Customer relationship management, including satisfaction surveys, customer complaints, and after-sales service;
  • Kratom Mate business activities;
  • Compliance with applicable laws or regulations.
  • Any other purpose for which the subject is communicated from time to time when doing business with Kratom Mate.
  1. Types of data collected

The types of personal information collected by Kratom Mate and its processes include:

  • Metadata, such as name and surname, date and place of birth, nationality, and identification of the client.
  • Contact details, such as an address, telephone number, and email address;

Professional information, such as job title, affiliated organization, transaction data involving goods and services, and business data;

When permitted by law, national identifiers, such as tax identification and government identification number;

  • Financial statements, such as bank account number and bank details.

Kratom Mate may also collect personal information, directly and automatically, when a third party accesses the Kratom Mate sites. For more information on how Kratom Mate collects personal data on its websites, see the Kratom Mate web privacy statement on the Kratom Mate website.

  1. Data exchange and disclosure

Kratom Mate only allows access to the personal information of those who need access to perform their work tasks and to third parties who have a legitimate purpose of accessing that information.

6.1 Group entities

Personal information may be shared with entities of the Kratom Mate Group, per applicable law, for purposes consistent with this policy.

6.2 Sellers and suppliers

Kratom Mate may share or disclose personal information of vendors and suppliers that perform specific activities on behalf of Kratom Mate.