Beaufort Kratom Vendor Review: What You Should Know About Them?

How Was Beaufort Kratom Established?

Based in Beaufort, South Carolina, this is a retailer and online store. Beaufort Kratom might not be a top-shelf brand, and you can find plenty of reasonable high-end companies that everyone recognizes. But this doesn’t mean that this vendor has zero customer base.

As with any other reputable company, this one is also committed to selling the best quality to its users. Apart from this, Beaufort Kratom participates in things very few rivals do. They raise awareness about Mitragyna Speciosa and carry out deep research to further boost the Kratom movement.

Mike established this company, and he decided to start this initiative after all the difficulties he experienced while trying to discover hygienic and potent Kratom. Based in the United States, the founder realized that the drying procedure is directly correlated with the quality of Kratom powder.

Some online sellers dry this natural herb in the sun which is wrong as it heightens the probability of contamination. Mike went on a mission to find sellers boasting higher standards and eventually saw a farm that came with an indoor area designated for drying Mitragyna Speciosa.

Beaufort Kratom

The vendor highly regards their buyers’ reviews and finds all opportunities to engage with them. There is nothing they wouldn’t do to make sure that each customer enjoys a flawless shopping experience. Apart from boasting top-tier customer service, they only sell fresh Mitragyna powder. This is achieved by drying the leaves on-site and even observing them after the delivery.

The vendor’s operations are based in Port Royal Isly, South Carolina. Doing business with them is easy as there are the options of visiting their physical store or shopping virtually through their online store. There are many more reasons why they have a successful business, and we will discuss them below.

Strains And Varieties To Look Forward To

Beaufort Kratom boasts a diverse variety of Strain because their specialty extends outside Mitragyna too. But since we are solely focused on Kratom, we will cover this category only. They have set their standards and are better as they have their drying facility. They actively employ expertise in all the processing steps, which is why you will only find fresh Kratom products here.

They offer capsules too, which meet the requirements of many people. This availability is perfect for buyers who find it difficult to consume raw powder. Below are some of their best strains available at their online store:

Green Maeng Da Kratom

This is perhaps the most sought-after Kratom strain as it is perfectly balanced and has a great taste.

● Red Maeng Da Kratom

This Strain is easily consumed in larger amounts and is found at other stores too.

● Yellow Maeng Da Kratom

Users prefer this strain and vein color. It’s usually not found on other platforms.

● White Maeng Da Kratom

This is a rare strain found at Beaufort Kratom. It is highly demanding.

  • Kratom Extracts
  • Gold Chewable
  • Kaffee Vial
  • 10% Extract
  • Evergreen Liquid Vial
  • 30% Extract
  • The OG
  • 50x Extract

● Other Strains

Their other strains are listed below:

  • CBD Items
  • Yellow Hulu
  • Adaptogens
  • Green Sumatra
  • Variety Packs
  • White Dragon
  • Reclamation Bundles
  • White Bentuangie
  • Kratom Extracts
  • Elephant Kratom
  • Bali Kratom
  • Malay Kratom
  • Super Select Green Bentuangie
  • Evergreen Maeng Da Kratom

In short, this wide collection is likely to include many people’s favorites. Speaking of amounts, they sell the powder in increments of 2 ounces, 250 grams, and 500 grams. When it comes to Capsules, they are sold in amounts of 1.5 ounces, 250 grams, and 500 grams. But sadly, there is no option to buy in bulk as they do not sell in kilo weights.

Their Pricing System, Safety Measures, And Quality Assurance

For an online seller that carefully dries their Kratom on-site, the pricing structure is very reasonable. This might cause suspicion in some buyers due to low prices. But the vendor still sells top-notch quality in a very affordable system.

Beaufort Kratom has consistently showcased its love for its customers by sticking to affordable costs throughout the years. People usually have reservations against the high pricing of other sellers, but this is not the case if you choose this vendor.

As no bulk orders can be purchased, their costs of capsules and powders are a bit overpriced. A 2-ounce pack is sold for $20, whereas the 250-gram pack is priced at $45. If you want to purchase 500 grams of Kratom powder, you can be expected to pay $80. In case you have your eyes on a kg, it is available for $160.

If you want to compare their pricing structure with other vendors, different platforms sell Kratom in one kilogram for only $70. Many Southeast Asian vendors deliver Kratom in the number of kilograms to the United States for only $35 along with a small shipping charge. So, their prices are high.

But the reason behind this, like so many other overpriced companies, is that they guarantee top-notch quality. And because most of the negative feedback revolves around the brand’s unusual business practices instead of the product quality, it means everyone knows their high costs are justified.

Moreover, they have to pay for their physical store, which is another reason for their high costs. They are cheaper than a local head shop.

As you already know, Beaufort Kratom wants its customers to be healthy by consuming their safe and hygienic products. This is why they display proof of authenticity and follow their standards religiously without ever making a compromise.

They take the responsibility of drying Kratom themselves so that no contamination can occur. The drying procedure is held in special rooms that are equipped for the procedure. Moreover, expert staff members are hired to monitor the procedure.

Moreover, all batches undergo lab tests, and customers are encouraged to request to see their lab reports via the phone number or email. Even though their marketing tactics have gained bad publicity, Beaufort Kratom has achieved a great following still due to lab tests. This is one of the rare companies to display their lab reports on the official website. This allows the user to see exactly what they are buying.

How Is Their Customer Service?

As their customer, you don’t have to wait or go through the trouble to get a response. Just shoot them an email, and their prompt reply will show you why everyone loves their customer-friendly attitude.

Consumer Reputation

Due to their name, it isn’t easy to find relevant feedback regarding the brand. Even on their website, no reviews are present with their items. So, if you want to read relevant information and reviews on them, you should surf other areas on the internet.

Beaufort Kratom

The Reddit platform does have some comments, but they are very few and insufficient to conclude. Users on Reddit have not discussed the standards, purity, and safety of Beaufort Kratom. The company itself has posted some threads there to convince people to buy. On Google, they have gained a 4.8-star rating from 70 reviews.

Beaufort Kratom Shipping Policy 

They deliver via USPS and UPS. The shipping costs are based on the weight of the parcel, the type of shipping service, and the location of the buyer. Their packaging is completely sealed to avoid contamination, and their shipping hours are 11 AM to 4 PM, from Monday to Friday.

Orders above $175 demand signatures before processing the shipping, and a tracking number is also guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do They Offer Discounts?

If you want to save money, it is possible by subscribing to their newsletter where voucher codes are present. These are also available sometimes on their social media accounts. If you have a difficult budget, you can take advantage of their Helping Hearts Program, which allows customers to pay for Kratom donations in advance.

On their physical store’s wall, hearts are placed where buyers can grab one and get a little pouch of Kratom powder at the register without giving any money. Plus, they hold a referral program in which your participation can make you win a quarter kilo of Kratom free!

Do They Offer Money-back Guarantee?

Yes, refunds are possible but only for the orders containing at least 85% of original content. After returning, you can choose another strain. But if the original content is less than the set percentage, you will have to select a new product of the same weight.

What Are The Pros Of Beaufort Kratom?

  • Excellent customer service and shipping policy
  • They do everything for customer satisfaction
  • Clear lab reports of tests

Last Words: Are They A Trustworthy Brand?

The history of Beaufort Kratom might raise questions and concerns for the public, but the brand makes up for it by being passionate and giving all its dedication. Even if their products are overpriced, it is a decent store for people with some extra money and those who need lab-tested herbs.

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