BKB Herbal Kratom Vendor Review: What’s Good, And What’s Not?

Who Are They?

Based out of Florida, BKB Herbal Kratom boasts a great reputation regarding quality, and you can read many online reviews to testify to this. It services the greater Broward County region and regulates an online store where all Kratom admirers from the far corners of the world can place an order. This top-tier company has set itself apart from the rest of the vendors.

It has achieved this by selling premium quality Kratom powders, cool accessories, CBD products, and other top-shelf Kratom forms. They also sell keychains and bracelets with the phrases “Kratom On,” “#KratomSavesLives,” and “a nod to The Chive.” When you first view their website, you will laugh at the childish drawing. But after you dig some more, you will see that this is a worthy seller.

BKB Herbal Kratom

What Are The Available Products At The Store?

Although their product inventory is not that extensive, there are some rare strains available too. This is why they are a great place to shop. Currently, BKB Herbal Kratomis are selling a variety of white, green, and red vein colors. Moreover, a light green powder known as Crisp is also present. The items present in their Capsules and Powders categories are listed below:

Powders – White Horn, Crisp Kratom, Super Green Horn, Plantation Maeng Da, Red Indo Santai Kratom, Red Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, Original Maeng Da, Red Horn, Green Maeng Da, Green Tawa Indo Kratom, Red Bentuangie Maeng Da, and Tidak Takut.

Capsules – 80% and 45%.

● Green Vein Strains

Super Green Horn, Crisp Kratom, Plantation Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, and Green Tawa Indo Kratom.

● Red Vein Strains

Red Maeng Da, Red Bentuangie, Red Indo Santai, and Red Horned Leaf.

● White Vein Strains

White Maeng Da, Original Maeng Da, White Horned Leaf, and Tidak Takut.

If you want to taste two different strains in one deal, you can get your hands on the split kilograms option, which offers varying strains at 250 grams quantity to make the total weight of 500 grams. As an alternative option, you can choose four varying strains at 250 grams, each strain with its split kilogram.

BKB Herbal Kratom

Moreover, BKB Herbal Kratomboasts free samples frequently. These carefully planned sample packs are a great option for anyone trying Mitragyna Speciosa for the first time or simply unsure what to purchase.

What Will It Cost Me?

The most pleasing aspect of buying Mitragyna products from BKB Herbal Kratom is consistent pricing. As if their great quality is not perfect enough, the vendor’s pricing structure is truly impressive. You can see the costs of various increments below:

  • 10 grams is available for $5
  • 50 grams are sold at $15
  • 100 grams are priced at $25
  • 250 grams can be purchased at $40
  • One kg costs $100

How Do Customers Regard Bkb Herbal?

On Google, BKB Herbal Kratom boasts a 4.3-star average rating out of 30 reviews. Customers have reported that it is always a pleasure doing business with them and to buy from here. They claim that no other vendor sells such high quality at these affordable rates.

Only fresh and pure strains are available. Users even leave other high-end companies to buy from here consistently. Plus, they respond to inquiries quickly and ship all packages with professionalism. In short, this is a very solid vendor.

If you visit their Facebook page, you will be impressed with the rock-solid reputation of BKB Herbal Kratom on social media. Moreover, reviews made on this prestigious company have been displayed on online forums and YouTube channels. And, of course, the Reddit community appreciates the potency and standards of the products. All the powders are finely grounded.

How Do They Ship Orders?

BKB Herbal Kratom ships all its packages via USPS Priority Mail. Since most vendors offer different shipping options, you can opt for USPS Priority Express, which will provide next-day delivery for anyone living in Florida.

Overall, all packages arrive within two to three working days. However, if any delay occurs, communicate with the company through the online contact form or by calling them.

Terms And Conditions

● Restriction On Age

BKB Herbal Kratom does not allow anyone under the age of 18 to purchase from them. Plus, it takes an adult signature or any other evidence regarding the shopper’s age on the delivery date.

● Payment Conditions

The shopper is completely responsible for a situation where the payment is refunded after receipt unless verified by the company. These situations include but are not restricted to – bounced check payments, credit card chargebacks, and any returns that the brand did not authorize.

● No FDA Approval

Since the FDA does not regulate BKB Herbal Kratom, the website has stated that none of the products are meant for human consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Do They Give Coupon Codes?

Once you sign up for their newsletter, you can easily be the first to know about the future discount deals, promo codes, and more.

Is Their Customer Support Good?

Yes, BKB Herbal Kratom has gained countless praises regarding its customer service skills. The staff members behind the vendor are highly cooperative, professional, and friendly.

Shoppers feel like they can share all their concerns and ask anything from them. Every client is delighted by the decision to shop here.

What Is Their Best-seller?

From our perspective, the best-seller strain derived from this company is their Tidak Takut. This unique Kratom strain is a smooth and potent powder boasting a distinct fragrance and a pleasant mouthfeel. Its taste is as exotic as it sounds. Tidak Takut means “no fear,” and customers say this name suits the strain perfectly.

What Is Their Refund Policy?

The website states that only unopened orders are eligible for refunds or exchanges. An original seal on the bag is necessary to initiate a refund process. You can send them an email at bestkratombuy@gmail.com for returning unopened orders.

Last Words On Bkb Herbal Kratom

This superior company gets almost all good marks. Even if they had a rough patch in the past, they have recovered quickly from it to reach this level of greatness. Whether it be reliability, affordability, or quality, they gain full marks in all aspects.

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