Blue River Wellness – Should You Make a Purchase From Them?

Brand Name: Blue River Wellness

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Kratom has quietly proved itself as the organic product for improving your life. Kratom (Mitragyna Kratom) is a Southeast Asian herb with the scientific name Mitragyna Kratom.

While we are only now becoming aware of this amazing herb, it is quite popular among Southeast Asian indigenous due to its multiple benefits. They’ve been utilizing it for hundreds of years. It’s been used by the indigenous people as an agony reliever and to address psychological issues, including tension and unease.

Naturally, this increased demand for the substance, prompting many business people to rush at the chance to earn a quick buck. Unfortunately, this has resulted in the quality of Kratom being diluted.

Today, it’s difficult to discover a seller who sells high-quality Kratom, which is why it’s critical to be cautious when shopping for Kratom. Before buying from a seller, be sure they have a good reputation for supplying high-quality products.

About Blue River Wellness:

Blue River Wellness is an ethnobotanical company based in Colorado that provides organic ingredients such as herbal medications, CBD, botanicals, and Kratom.

Coastal Kratom was the company’s previous name, and it was one of the country’s earliest Kratom shops. The cause for the company’s name change is still unknown. What we do realize is that Blue River Wellness has only become stronger after the revamping.

Their former website, for example, was an agony to work with. For starters, it had a bad design that made it take a long time to load. Second, the products were not organized into categories, so users had to browse down until they discovered what they wanted.

Nonetheless, we cannot rely on these cosmetic alterations to conclude that the business is now the top Kratom store on the planet. We’ll need proof of it, which we’ll figure out based on different criteria.

Their excellent customer service, high-quality products, and simple ordering have gained them a loyal following, with the majority of customers praising their dependable and timely service as well as their fantastic product line.

Blue River Wellness

 Website Interface:

Because clients will be purchasing Kratom online, a Kratom retailer must make the process as simple as feasible. This includes making sure the site loads quickly and is simple to navigate.

Illegitimate sellers are rarely prepared to go to the trouble of curating and maintaining a high-quality website. As a result, one of the simplest ways to determine a Kratom store’s legitimacy is to visit their website. If it’s poorly designed, you can bet it’s offering inferior goods as well.

Blue River Wellness had a low-quality website at first, but thankfully, the company realized its mistake and fixed it. However, there is one issue we have with the company’s product descriptions. Most Kratom clients have a basic understanding of the plant but are unfamiliar with the various strains available. As a result, a full product description is required to educate consumers on everything they need to know about a certain product, allowing them to decide whether or not to purchase it.

Blue River Wellness’ descriptions are brief and ambiguous, which is an area where the organization can improve.

What Do They Offer?

Kratom comes in a variety of strains, each with its own set of advantages. In addition, as customers acquire preferences, a growing number of strains are released. As a result, a good vendor strives to delight all of their consumers, which they accomplish by ensuring that a customer will most likely find what they require in the store.

As a result, any Kratom vendor trying to establish themselves as a credible store must have a varied product assortment.

Blue River Wellness has a solid product line, but it lacks the variety we’d expect from a reputable company. This implies there’s a good chance you won’t find what you’re looking for on this site.

Blue River Wellness is a wellness center in the Blue River Valley Customers order bundles of Maeng Da and Blue River Wellness Bali, which are among their most popular strains. But those are just the conventional suspects; these cats’ web store has considerably more exotic leaf to examine.

Blue River has gone above and beyond to set itself apart from other “Mitragyna” products. And here’s the kicker: there’s no mention of Kratom on their website. That’s because all of their Kratom supplements are classified as Mitragyna for your and their safety.

Blue River Wellness

Green Vein Strains:

  • Elephant Indo
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Malay
  • Private Reserve Maeng Da
  •  Micronized Powder
  • Private Reserve Maeng Da,
  •  Crushed Leaf
  • Ultra Maeng Da
  • Ultra Green Malay

Red Vein Strains:

  • Red Vein Sumatra
  • Red Vein Thai
  • Ultra-Premium Bali
  • Ultra-Premium Bali crushed

White Vein Strains:

  • White Vietnam

Propriety Blends:

  • The Bright Eyes Blend
  • Tropic Blast

What Will It Cost Me?

Like several other top performer merchants in the current market, Blue River Wellness charges $10.99 for an ounce of Mitragyna powder, a business-standard. Unfortunately, these guys are a tad pricey for those who want to buy in quantity.

A mere 32 ounces’ costs $175.99, which is far higher than its competitors of $100 to $135 per kilo, depended on which internet supplier you deal with. Many consumers who buy bulk matcha powder from a local source can acquire it for $75 to $80 before taxes.

We’ll put this in context for you if you’re not great at conversion. A kilogram is made up of 35.274 ounces. That implies you’re paying nearly twice as much as the average person for a kilo for less than a complete kilo.

This retailer now carries CBD goods, although they are also significantly more expensive than their competitors.

Do They Lab Test Their Products?

It won’t matter if you get your perfect product if it’s of poor quality. However, as previously said, finding high-quality Kratom is difficult nowadays due to the rush of low-quality Kratom products from unscrupulous vendors looking to make a quick buck.

Fortunately, there are a few methods for detecting whether or not a dealer sells high-quality goods. The first step is to see if the provider offers analytical certificates. A certificate of analysis is a lab report issued by a third-party testing facility that verifies the purity and quality of substances.

Customers need all the assurance they can obtain before installing something that isn’t government-approved. Therefore good sellers understand this.

Blue River Wellness claims that all of its products are thoroughly tested before being used. It’s one thing to claim something, but it’s another to prove it. Most companies that test their goods have lab papers on their official website as proof. There aren’t any on the Blue River Wellness website.

Aside from that, the company is not certified by the AKA GMP, which may cause some clients to be suspicious. The American Herbal Products Association and the American Herbalists Guild, on the other hand, endorse the brand.

Coupon Codes By Blue River Wellness:

This company not only offers a rewards program to loyal consumers but also frequently distributes promotional codes. To obtain your discount today, browse their social media pages or visit sites like Free Coupon Codes.

Shipping And Return Policy:

For all orders placed and paid for before noon, Blue River Wellness offers same-day shipping. After a consumer places an order, they will obtain a tracking number that will allow them to track their package throughout the shipping process. The shipping fees are likewise reasonably priced.

If there is a problem with the Blue River Wellness product you received, you have seven days to contact the company so they can decide whether you are entitled to a refund. If your claim is valid, you should be eligible for a full refund minus shipping costs.

The items you want to return must be packed, one of the prerequisites for a refund. The company does not accept unpacked products. On the website of the company, you may learn more about their return policies.

What Do Their Customers Say?

Even though the brand is a touch pricey, it has a large customer base. Without question, Blue River Wellness prioritizes client safety and happiness above all else.

Customers raved about how delicious and fresh their products were in their reviews.

According to several consumers, Blue River Wellness never compromises on product quality and always delivers the best. All of their products have undergone extensive testing and are made under tight guidelines.


  • A wide range of botanicals is available.


  • Mitragyna Kratom powder is of poor quality.
  • It takes an hour for a web page to load.
  • Kratom is overpriced
  • payment options limited.

The Bottom Line:

It’s becoming increasingly tough to obtain decent Kratom these days. As a result, if you locate a vendor who has a good reputation for selling high-quality Kratom, you should stick with them.

Blue River Kratom has been in business for a long time and has earned a respectable reputation among its customers. The only issue we have with the company is that it lacks analysis certifications and offers a restricted product line.

However, we have no reservations in recommending this vendor to you because over 90% of their clients appear to be content with the services they receive.

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