Botanical Bunny-Are Their Kratom Products Worth Purchasing?

The demand for kratom is on the rise right now. Kratom is a widely used herbal supplement all over the world. People who use kratom read evaluations about the kratom they intend to use before utilizing it, and then they consume it.

It is beneficial for people to learn about kratom before using it. I’m sure you’re here for botanical bunny reviews as well. That’s what we’d like to say, my friend! You’ve come to the correct location. I’ll try to answer all of your questions about this botanical bunny here. So, if you’re interested, how about we get started? Let’s get started.

Customers new to this industry may find it tough to tell which kratom vendor is authentic and which is attempting to defraud them. Customers may find out which kratom merchant is genuinely useful by reading reviews and posts on their website.

Botanical bunny does not skimp on quality or quantity when it comes to the best kratom products.

Botanical Bunny

A Brief Introduction to the Botanical Bunny:

Botanical bunny is a well-known business. It is based in the state of Texas. Essential oils, unique soaps, and raw herbs are among the exotic things offered by this botanical bunny. This kratom dealer sells unusual kratom strains that are tough to come by. This kratom retailer first inaugurated its doors in early 2017.

The botanical bunny is just a little over five years old, but it has already created a reputation for itself. Its clarity, combined with top-notch service, has attracted many clients up to this point.

Botanical bunny’s reputation is demonstrated by the fact that it is giving well-known kratom dealers a run for their money.

The product line at Botanical Bunny:

 Mitragyna Speciosa:

 It’s only natural that we start talking about the features of a kratom shop by highlighting the many Mitragyna Speciosa strains available at the botanical bunny.

You’ll rarely find such a wide range anywhere else, from MD Kapuas (red and green veins) to Maeng da and super Maeng da, and many more.

Gold veins

  • Bali Gold
  • Maeng da gold
  • 12 gold

Green veins

  • Dayak, Green
  • Vietnam Goes Green
  • Green MD 13 (Maeng da) (Maeng da) (Maeng da) (Maeng
  • untamed green

Veins that are red

  • Red Banjar
  • Dayak in red
  • The red labai
  • MDGjonkong MDGjonkong MDGjonkong MDGjonk

White veins

  • The White Dayak
  • Hong Kong is white.
  • Hongkong, White MD
  • 12 WHITE

Yellow veins

  • 12 yellow

Essential Oils & Candy

While Kratom leaves can be used as herbs or consumed as tea, nothing rivals the joy of candy. With that in mind, Botanical Bunny is proud to offer the world-famous Ginger Chews. Botanical Bunny also plans to sell essential oils shortly.

Supplies & Soaps

If there’s one thing that can solidify Botanical Bunny’s status as an all-in-one store for your healthcare and beauty requirements, it’s the vendor in question’s jaw-dropping variety of soaps. Berry, Sage, Cucumber Melon, Gobi Gold, and many others are among the greatest in this category, and we’ve only touched the surface! The Botanical Bunny is worth a look.

Berry, Sage, Cucumber Melon, Gobi Gold, and many others are among the greatest in this category, and we’ve only scratched the surface! Try out Botanical Bunny’s extensive soap range.

What Is the Product Price Range?

Most of the goods offered by this kratom dealer are comparable to those offered by other vendors. Their kratom price is truly exceptional, moderate, and economical. They are the cheapest vendor in the business. However, unlike other kratom sellers, they provide excellent product quality. You may purchase an ounce of kratom for about $5, which is half the industry’s typical price.

This retailer’s pricing begins at a jaw-dropping $5. For about $12.50, you can get 100 grams of the kratom strain. For about $25, you can get 200 grams of the kratom strain. Bulk discounts are also available. Customers can pay around $90 for a kilo bag of kratom strain.

Botanical Bunny Coupon Codes:

The pricing of this kratom vendor’s products starts at a very low level, and it also gives a large discount and promotion codes for returning consumers. This discount choice aids their organization in maintaining its renowned and well-liked reputation. This kratom merchant gives a flat 30% discount on all items, bringing the price range of their low-cost products even lower.

Customers will benefit the most from this. To receive the discounts and offers, you must be a member of their social networking sites. This degree of discounting demonstrates how honest their organization is with their clients and how much they care.

Botanical Bunny Payment Methods:

Clients of other kratom suppliers typically have restricted payment options. However, Botanical Bunny provides customers with an unlimited number of payment options. All major credit cards are accepted. Due to legal concerns, several kratom suppliers have restricted alternatives and do not accept all credit cards.

Users using credit cards can also pay with other methods, the most known of which is PayPal. If you have any questions or concerns concerning the payment method, you may contact the team for assistance, who are often friendly and prompt.

Shipping and Return Policy by Botanical Bunny:

If you choose Priority Mail Express, your order will likely be dispatched the same day you place it. Orders placed on Friday may not arrive until the following Monday.

Botanical Bunny claims to do everything possible to ensure that orders are shipped the same day they are placed. The store in question, however, does not guarantee this.

Botanical Bunny does not accept returns or refunds to avoid reselling returned products and maintain costs as low as possible. The vendor advises new consumers to buy a limited quantity of a specific product to see if it meets their expectations.

If you still want to return your order, you can do so by contacting the relevant party via “Contact Us,” as long as it hasn’t been more than 30 days since your payment.

What about the customer service of Botanical Bunny?

This kratom company’s staff is attentive and helpful. They are constantly striving to satisfy their clients. Their customer service is unmatchable. They make every effort to provide excellent service to their consumers. They make every effort to reach out to clients who are experiencing difficulties.

They make every effort to keep their clients up to date on changes and vital news via social media posts. Other sellers, on the other hand, may take days to respond to clients.

Why Are They Distinctive Among Other Brands?

When they first started this company, they relied on a small number of devoted consumers, thanks in part to their strong social media presence and excellent customer service team.

This Botanical Bunny is also a company that offers free samples to customers who have indicated an interest in kratom or have expressed a preference for certain strains. This is also a fantastic strategy to expand a business. This resulted in their having a lot of satisfied consumers.


  • Other than kratom, there are a few important goods.
  • The seller is a genuine individual.
  • The kratom strain’s quality is excellent.
  • Some kratoms are more difficult to come by.
  • You can pay in whatever way you like.
  • The feedback from customers is quite positive.
  • The delivery service is quite quick.
  • They ship worldwide.


  • They do not provide product testing in a lab.
  • They do not provide free shipping.
  • They do not accept cash at the time of delivery.
  • There are no refunds available.
  • Capsules aren’t available to them.
  • They don’t sell extracts or mixtures.

What Do Their Clients Say About Them?

This set has received a lot of accolades for its cost and effectiveness. “I won a giveaway around the New Year and got a huge 250g pack of their Wild Green strain,” one Reddit user wrote. The fact that they did a giveaway demonstrates their generosity, but this strain was one I hadn’t tasted before, and I can’t suggest it highly enough.”

Others mirrored this feeling, with one user stating, “I love Botanical Bunny’s wild green… I took 2 grams and experienced a pleasant mood increase and really smooth and very good energy… I liked it so much that I got a much larger bag.” A reviewer comments elsewhere: “The website was practical and easy to navigate.” I was able to locate the strains that I decided to experience quickly…

Botanical Bunny

The Closing Words:

The Botanical Bunny appears to be a promising seller. It is a legitimate firm that sells the exact things that it advertises. The devoted consumers, or experienced customers, who trusted this vendor and used their strains may seem commonplace, but you can use this product to relieve aches and unease if you are new to this kratom vendor.

This kratom dealer may be able to provide you with a high-quality kratom strain at a low price. The costs of kratom merchants are too low for low-income people to afford. If you have any queries or are experiencing any difficulties, they would be delighted to assist you and will react to you in less than a minute.

Overall, this company is trustworthy and one of the easiest herbal cure vendors to suggest to newcomers. We can only hope that more kratom dealers will follow their lead when it comes to cost.

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