Cali Botanicals Kratom Review: Is It A Reliable Vendor?

The History Of The Vendor

Cali Botanicals Kratom is a well-respected company which is situated Northeast of Sacramento in the cozy Rancho Cordova. In short, you can consider them a premium vendor in Northcentral. The vendor has accumulated thousands of good reviews along with shiny 5-star ratings and Google feedback.

Here, you can find anything like Nano Powder, Mitragyna Extracts, Capsules, and more. From their special inventory, the Signature Premium Powder Mix is a potent blend that is a best-seller.

But all this success story was not easy to achieve for the company. The CEO named Justin Martinez got a warning letter from the FDA Center of Drug Evaluation and Research in 2019. The letter stated that the vendor and its inventory had violated different FDA regulations, like a false portrayal of Kratom.

Cali Botanicals Kratom

As the company experienced unpleasant encounters with authority, lots of prospects turned away from the brand. But luckily, Cali Botanicals Kratom positively took this letter and worked on themselves. The proof is that the founder and team have been religiously following the instructions dictated by the letter within the last few years.

To put into words what they did – the vendor searched and illuminated the actual reason why violations occurred. Afterward, they strived their hardest to prevent the same mistakes from happening again. Today, they are a specific brand that follows a practical but simple framework for marketing their extraordinary products.

Praiseworthy Characteristics Of Cali Botanicals Kratom

This company was founded more than six years ago, and ever since its inception, they have been working hard to offer premium quality. The vendor prides itself on selling the finest quality Kratom that is safe for consumption and organic.

The extraction and cultivation processes of the company have maximized their status in the market. However, there are lots of other attributes you should be aware of. These qualities are mentioned below:

● Lab Tests

Cali Botanicals Kratom expertly conducts independent third-party lab tests on all the product batches to ensure they can be consumed safely. Plus, the products are devoid of heavy metals, contaminants, alkaloids, salmonella, toxins, chemicals, and other harmful impurities. The team carefully eradicates germs and pathogens from the product batches.

● Excellent Work Ethics

Shoppers of this vendor feel the best convenience because it is certain that all items are tested, safe, legal, and follow the regulations set by the FDA. Moreover, they never make any inaccurate medical claims on the website.

What Are The Product Offerings?

Cali Botanicals Kratom presents an ever-thriving collection of exotic Mitragyna strains and fine Mitragyna powders. They have added all types of Kratom strains so that all preferences and needs are fulfilled. The skilled team makes everything by extraction and cultivation. But if this huge collection makes you confused about what to purchase, you can always get the sample packs.

● High-end Kratom Powders

If you are a DIY enthusiast, the raw Mitragyna powders should belong in your stock. These premium powders are finely micronized so that they can be included in food, drinks, or even teas. Lots of users add these fine powders into smoothies or hot chocolate. However, other customers do the old “toss ‘n wash” technique of drinking Mitragyna tea and then follow-up water or juice.

But whatever method of ingestion you opt for, you will be delighted to view the biggest portfolio of powders at this online seller. Some of their impressive powder strains are listed below:

  • Netflix Red Vein Premium
  • WildCraft Red Vein
  • Premium Green Vein Mantra
  • Foglifter Powder
  • Red Kalimantan
  • White Lightning
  • Green Vein Thai
  • Ganesh Kratom
  • Red Rifat
  • White Hulu Kapuas
  • Green Sumatra
  • Green Vein Baliitra
  • Superior Red Dragon
  • White Vein Horn
  • Green Malay
  • Green Hulu Kapuas
  • Ultra Enhanced White Vein
  • White Vein Borneo
  • Green Vein Indo

Each micronized powder is manufactured by sourcing high-quality Mitragyna Speciosa from West Kalimantan in Indonesian forests. The company works with a prominent Indonesian farm where the purest Kratom with a high alkaloid percentage is grown. This superior Mitragyna Speciosa is devoid of contaminants and heavy metals.

● Mitragyna Speciosa Strains

One of the best-sellers is Red Vein Maeng Da which is an old example of Horned Leaf. This name is derived from the horn-like tree leaves of the plant. This physical attribute is showcased when the herbal tree begins to mature.

Maeng Da is famously known as an Old Growth strain. This means that Maeng Da becomes old before harvesting. The title of “mightiest of Kratom strains” is given to Red Vein Maeng Da, emitting a prominent fragrance.

● Superior Capsules

Encapsulated Kratom will always be the best choice for busy people as no utensils are needed to consume capsules. The capsules at Cali Botanicals Kratom are a secret weapon. Green Vein Rifat and Private Reserve Maeng Da are the hot-selling strains from this category.

Cali Botanicals Kratom

● Top-tier Mitragyna Extracts

If you are not a fan of plain leaf, you can buy Extracts instead to enjoy an extra potent experience. Mitragyna extracts are generally made via manual extraction. This is a tough process that utilizes a water solution or alcohol. These extracts are packed in milliliter bottles, and their concentration of Mitragynine is high. A few extracts are mentioned below:

  • 30x Mitragyna Extract Powder
  • Ultra Enhanced Mitragyna Powder
  • Super Enhanced Mitragyna Powder
  • Full Spectrum 50x Tincture
  • And some more Enhanced variants are available.


This product category is stocked in many stores because it is sought-after. Cali Botanicals Kratom presents CBD Gummies, CBD Bath Bombs, 80% Phytocannabinoids, and more.

The Industry-low Costs Of Products

The diversity of this company’s gigantic product inventory is coupled with affordable pricing. Both of these factors play a crucial role in customer satisfaction.

First coming to the powders, they have an initial price of $8 for a single ounce, two ounces are priced at $15, four ounces can be purchased at $25, eight ounces are available for $44, 500 grams are priced at $75, and lastly, one kg can be purchased in $110.

When it comes to Capsules, the initial price is $7 for a 30-ct bottle. The prices of higher increments are:

  • A 50-ct bottle for $12
  • An 80-ct bottle is for $17
  • A 100-ct bottle for $20
  • A 200-ct bottle for $40

It is impressive that the brand allows you to bulk up capsules. Finally, the extracts have a starting price of $22.99 for a single ounce of shots. The 30x Mitragyna Extract Powder is available for $9.99.

Overall, the pricing system is highly affordable and reasonable. Other high-end companies have much more expensive rates.

What Are People Saying?

Customer reputation is crucial, but the brand does not need to worry as all users are happy with their services. You will only find good reviews, which creates more prospects and interested buyers.

The customer support representatives are active all the time for effortless communication. A 24/7 live chat service is visible on the bottom left of the website. Other modes of communication are calling on their phone number or email. Since they are present on major social media platforms, you can text them there as well.

Shipping And Return Policies

Shoppers are given the freedom to choose the delivery method, which is USPS and UPS. The latter is a better choice. More options are offered, such as First Class Mail, 3-Day Select, Priority Express, UPS Ground, and Priority Mail.

If you placed your order before 3 PM EST, you would benefit from same-day shipping, which means you will get your package in a few working days. Plus, no shipping charges are needed if the order totals $50 and above.

As Cali Botanicals Kratom aims to satisfy shoppers at every step of the way, a 30-day money-back guarantee is ensured. This means that you are given three weeks to request an exchange or a refund. If anyone is dissatisfied with the product, they can contact the company to get a complete return. No questions will be asked. However, the user will have to pay for the shipping charges.

Exciting Deals Available

Do you still want coupon codes and discount deals even with such a cheap price range? Then you’re in luck because all military veterans and bulk orders are given exclusive discounts. If you do not fall in any of these categories, you can avail the usual gift cards and coupon codes.

Furthermore, if you sign up for the Rewards Program, you will be offered Kratom coins. This program is dedicated to repeating customers only. Hence, the more they shop, the more money they will save.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is This Vendor So Special?

Not many vendors provide such versatility in the product range. Even the premium Mitragyna powders of Cali Botanicals Kratom are presented with loads of options. Plus, they were one of the first online sellers to accept payments made from cryptocurrency.

Not only this, but their products are safe for consumption, the website is customer-friendly, and the team is highly skilled. All these highlights make the clients thrilled.

Why Should We Buy From Cali Botanicals Kratom?

This vendor is a master of satisfying customers in all matters like freshness, affordability, and standards. They source premium Mitragyna leaves from Thailand and Malaysia, deveined, rinsed and dried naturally. Lastly, they test and screen all product batches.

How Can I Pay Them?

You can pay via literally anything as their payment methods are diverse too. Choose cryptocurrency, cash on delivery, E-checks, Zelle, or money orders. If you select the first option, you can enjoy a flat 20% discount at the checkout.

Wrapping It Up

This excellent seller is a winner in all aspects, which could be possible with years of commitment and professionalism. Their ever-growing customer base reflects the high standards which are maintained. Even if Cali Botanicals Kratom had an unpleasant past, they have beautifully evolved. Anyone can make this a permanent go-to solution for all Kratom needs due to sufficient offerings, happy feedback, and affordability.

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