GNC And Kratom: Can You Buy Kratom At The GNC Near Me?

GNC carries all sorts of healthful items. If you are into wellness and are looking for supplements, you go to GNC. Protein shakes, Vitamin pills, Smoothie mixes, and all sorts of things can be found there. It makes sense that folks looking for kratom might wonder if GNC carries it. The truth is they do not carry it.

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It Doesn’t Make Sense

There are a lot of reasons kratom should be at GNC. It makes sense you are worried about this. Being able to go to your local GNC to get kratom when you run out would be great. The following are some reasons this product should be there:

  • Athletes love the product and continue to buy it.
  • It seems wellness fans want to know about kratom.
  • The product continues to rise in popularity.
  • It comes in common forms found at GNC. You can find kratom in tincture, powder, and capsule form.

If you want to talk to GNC about this natural substance, now you know what to say. Customer demand can change things, so you aren’t powerless. Even if things don’t change right away, that doesn’t mean you or others shouldn’t try.

Why Won’t GNC Carry Kratom?

You are wondering why GNC doesn’t carry kratom. The company knows it’s popular, and they know they’ll make money if they sell it. The following are some things that could be stopping them:

The Credit Card Issue

One problem kratom has dealt with credit cards. Large companies have a lot more power than you think. Most folks think they can use their credit cards wherever they want, but that’s not true. Credit card companies can refuse to pay certain items. This is especially true if these companies consider those items “high risk.”

  • As you might have guessed, kratom is seen as a “high risk” item. GNC is one of many companies that don’t want to deal with this problem. Other big-box stores like Walmart, Walgreens, and Rite Aid don’t want to get involved either.
  • These larger companies, including GNC, want the money. They just don’t know what to do. Certain states in the US continue to try to regulate kratom. Those who care need to pay attention to changes in the law about this evergreen plant.

If a vendor like GNC or any of the other local big-box stores were to process a kratom payment, they could get in trouble. The credit card company could close the company’s entire credit card processing account. Credit card companies may not pay outstanding amounts owed to a company. This could happen to a company that dares to sell kratom.

The Law and Kratom

The US is trying to regulate kratom. This truth should scare fans because it’ll make it harder to get your hands on kratom.

  • The good thing is kratom isn’t really illegal. It’s legal in most states, which is the reason many online stores can still sell kratom. This is why stores like the Golden Monk continue to thrive.
  • Just because kratom is legal in most states, doesn’t mean the federal government is behind it. The FDA continues to investigate kratom. The agency is deciding what to do with this natural substance. This agency even investigates kratom packages of large quantities.
  • GNC usually buys things in bulk. It’ll be hard for the FDA to allow companies to buy kratom in large quantities. This is another obstacle for big-box companies. The government would even be suspicious if a regular person bought a lot of kratoms.
  • If the government feels something is wrong with a shipment of kratom, then they might seize it. GNC won’t take that kind of risk because they could end up losing millions. At the moment, only smaller companies are taking these types of risks to provide kratom to those who want it. Small vendors are taking big risks for their customers. This is pretty rare among businesses.

Buy Kratom At The GNC

It’s sad when people complain about the prices of kratom products. Those prices not only reflect the hard work kratom farmers do but also the risk vendors are taking.

Liability is an Issue

GNC and other big-box stores are also worried about lawsuits. Some people can’t wait to sue large companies like GNC. Most of the time, the folks suing these companies have a good reason to do so. Sadly, that’s not always the case.

  • Kratom capsules, tinctures, and powders are new. A lot is unknown about these items. This scares companies like GNC. This company doesn’t want to get in trouble for selling kratom to anyone. People don’t always know how to use kratom responsibly, and that could put them at risk.
  • A person who doesn’t know any better might go after GNC for anything that happens when they take kratom. Some people might not believe it, but GNC has had lawsuits brought against them. One lawsuit brought against the company deals with products that were not labeled right. It makes sense GNC is being cautious about this product.
  • The company depends on its reputation. Having many lawsuits brought against them can end up hurting the brand. A damaged brand can cost the company years of hard work. They simply don’t want to take that risk for just one item.

People are fighting back though, such as the fans online. Many fans go to sites like Reddit to talk about how to use kratom strains safely. Other fans go on social media platforms to talk about kratom. Some folks talk to friends, family members, and neighbors about kratom in person.

Does This Mean You Can’t Buy it Anywhere?

Many local stores sell kratom. It might be found in smoke shops. Some gasoline stations may carry kratom. The problem is their stock is usually quite limited. Folks who want variety are going to have to check out online stores.

Hopefully, one-day things change for kratom and kratom fans, but that day is not today. Still, it’s your voice and the voice of others like you who could bring about change, so value that.

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