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Canopy Botanicals started as Canopy Kratom. They changed their name after broadening the product offerings beyond Kratom. They describe themselves as an “East Coast purveyor of fine teas, spices, seasonings, and soap bars.” Despite seemingly upscale product offerings, Canopy Botanicals maintains very low prices.

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What Type of Kratom Does Canopy Sell?

Canopy offers 20 strains of Kratom. They feature a wide variety of strains sure to appeal to almost anyone’s desires. Although the site states that the Kratom is not for human consumption, this merely keeps Canopy out of trouble with the FDA.

Gold Bali

Canopy offers a Gold Bali for $3.80 for 25g up to $79 for 1kg. They offer it in powder form.

Green Asia

Canopy’s Green Asia rolls out at the same price as its Gold Bali. It also arrives in powder form.

Green Borneo

Canopy sells a Green Borneo powder for $3.80 per 25g and $79 per kilogram. The $79 price represents a serious discount over smaller quantities, as 250g cost $25.

Green Hulu Kapuas

A rare strain with extra alkaloids, Canopy sells Green Hulu in powder form. The low price beats the price of Green Hulu in most other places.

Green Maeng Da

A premium strain known for its high alkaloid levels, Canopy sells Green Maen Da for a decidedly non-premium price. It starts at $3.80 for 25g and goes to $79 for 1kg.

Green Malay

A strain prized for its painkilling effects and mild cognitive enhancements is offered by Canopy in powder form. It starts at $3.80 for 25g and goes to $79 for 1kg.

Green Remahan Maeng Da

Canopy Botanicals Products

A crushed leaf form of Green Maeng Da, many prizes this strain for its energizing effects. The price ranges between $3.80 for 25 grams and $35 for 500 grams.

Pink Elephant Blend

The elephant Kratom strains take their names from the large leaves shaped like elephant ears. Canopy sells the blend for $20.00 for 250g or $70 for 1kg.

Red Bali

A strain prized by many for its ability to reduce pain sells for $3.80 for 25g and $79 for 1kg at Canopy Botanicals.

Red Hulu Kapuas

Canopy sells Red Hulu for $3.80 for 25g and $79 for 1kg, an excellent price for such a rare strain.

Red Jongkong

One of the more scarce strains of Kratom, Red Jongkong reportedly boosts energy and offers a pleasant euphoric effect. Canopy sells it for $3.80 per 35g and $79 per kg.

Red Maeng Da

A strain created to enhance alkaloid levels, Red Maeng Da remains the favorite of many aficionados. Canopy sells it for the low prices of $3.80 per 25g and $79 per kg.

Red Thai

Many people use this strain to help relax and achieve higher quality sleep. Canopy sells the powder for $3.80 per 25g and $79 per 1kg.

Special Green

This appears to be a Canopy blend. It comes in 125g and 250g sizes, priced at $15 and $25, respectively.

Stargazer Blend

Canopy crafts Stargazer in house. They sell Stargazer in 250g and 1kg sizes, priced at $20 and $70, respectively.

Super Green Jongkong

Another rare strain offered to its customers by Canopy. Prices range from $3.80 for 25g to $79 for 1kg.

White Elephant

Users report that this strain provides relaxing and anti-anxiety properties. Canopy sells it for $25 per 25g or $79 per kg.

White Hulu Kapuas

Canopy offers several rare strains, including this one from the Hulu forest. They sell it for their standard $3.80 per 25g or $79 per kg.

White Maeng Da

Canopy offers this premium blend in its standard price ranges, a break over other vendors. Prices range from $3.80 for 25g to $79 for 1kg.

Wild White

The final strain is a Canopy blend named Wild White. Prices range from $3.80 for 25g to $79 for 1kg.

Which Strain Is The Best?

People appear to like the white strains the best, especially the White Maeng Da and White Elephant. Other strains have their devotees, but these two receive the most consistent mentions.

What Else Do They Sell?

Canopy offers far more than Kratom. They offer several loose leaf teas, including chamomile and oolong. They offer spices and seasonings, including

  • Applewood Smoked Sea Salt
  • Cayenne Powder
  • Turmeric Powder

They offer flavored ginger chews, useful for helping settle your stomach.nThey also sell several handcrafted soaps, including a Honey Almond blend. Like the Kratom, the soaps benefit from excellent price points.

Do They Offer Coupons?

Canopy regularly emails coupons to its customers for 10% discounts. In the past, they have also offered discounts on shipping. First-time buyers should email for discounts and samples. At present, because of COVID, they are not offering samples.

Customer Service

Reddit users raved about the customer service. One user reported that Canopy accepted a return of an unopened package several months after its purchase. He rated their service 11/10. Customers also reported fast processing and shipping of orders.

Is Kratom From Canopy Botanicals Legal?

At the federal level, Kratom remains legal. A few states have outlawed it. Canopy states that they do not ship to

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin.

Where Can I Find Canopy On Social Media?

Canopy maintains a Facebook page and a private group on Facebook. The private group allows customers and other Kratom users to discuss their experiences. They advertise a twitter feed. However, Canopy has yet to issue a tweet.

The Good, Bad, And the Ugly of Canopy Botanicals

On the pro side, Canopy offers a wide range of hard to find strains. They also offer specialty items beyond Kratom. While not quite one-stop shopping, you can fill several needs at once.

On the con side, Canopy provides no description of its products. Their custom blends do not disclose which strains went into the blends. Unlike other Kratom vendors, the site fails to offer a place to leave or read customer reviews.

What Do People Think About Canopy?

Redditors love Canopy. Typically, Reddit gives a mix of good and bad reviews for each vendor. Very few detractors exist, with users praising the quality of the strain, the fast shipping times, and excellent customer service.

Final Thoughts

Canopy appears to possess a devoted customer base. Their prices merit consideration when purchasing Kratom. Given the excellent reputation among online users, you will likely have a satisfying experience.

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