Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom – A Complete Truth Revisited 

Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom  – The Company At A Glance

Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom is located in Vancouver, Washington. This company aims to deliver top-notch quality Mitragyna Speciosa and other herbal products, such as lotus seeds and mushroom extracts. Plus, there is a complete line of organic jewelry too. The owner’s name is Jason Orr.

According to the founder of the brand, they are very proud of their Mitragyna products. They claim only to sell the stuff in which they are completely confident. Not only this, they are dedicated to informing the public about Speciosa. Beneath the About Us page, you will see a link to a Facebook Chat group and their official website.

Carpo's Botanicals Kratom

In this Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom review article, we will zoom in on this vendor and offer an unbiased yet professional opinion. This will allow the reader to make a conscious decision whether they should do business with this brand.

What Do They Have For You?

As for now, Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom sells Green and Red Kratom strains primarily. Their powder collection includes White Sumatra, Indo, Green Indo, Red Kali, and Maeng Da. It is not known whether they will stock up more items. Their product range is very limited, especially when compared to many other kratom vendors boasting an extensive collection.

It is a deal-breaker for anyone hunting for different Kratom forms such as Extracts, Capsules, Tinctures, and more. But even with the unimpressive product catalog, many returning customers have exclaimed that these strains are extraordinary. They state that it is of the finest quality and is worth every penny.

The owner has sufficient confidence in himself as the company offers free samples to anyone buying from them. Free samples allow consumers to have a feel of their products before deciding what they should purchase.

If we look at non-Kratom herbals and organics, some products include Resins, Body Herbs, Mind Herbs, Red Lotus Seeds, Wood Jewelry, Mohawk Tobacco Seeds, Fungus, and Mushroom Extracts.

All the items are made by following rigorous standards, ethics, and regulations. It appears that they used to boast a big range but have now restricted the collection. Both the Kratom products and herbs boast excellent quality and are processed by experts.

How Affordable Is The Brand?

Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom presents three varying costs for three different increments. The powder amounts and their prices are mentioned below:

  • One ounce is sold between $6 to $10.
  • ¼ of a kg is priced between $20 to $38.
  • ⅛ of a kg is available between $34 to $68.
  • One kilo is sold for $110.

Carpo's Botanicals Kratom

Return And Shipping Policies

The brand is truly professional as they guarantee a 30-day return policy. But refunds are only eligible if the item is expired or an order is missing. All the exchanges and refunds are handled case by case.

This promising refund policy is an added layer of trust for the interested buyers. If you want to request a refund or an exchange, you should communicate with them by filling out the contact form available on the website.

Many shoppers have placed complaints due to their disorganized refund procedure. Some shoppers have even said that they resell items from other companies at a high rate. Similarly, other users had reported that they never got a response when they attempted to reach the vendor regarding the 30-day guarantee.

Currently, the company does not deliver to the states where Mitragyna Speciosa is banned or ship to foreign countries. Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom does not deliver orders on Sundays and sometimes not on Saturdays either.

But usually, the delivery time is one to three business days, which is fast. The USPS Priority Mail is used along with other methods to deliver orders. Some states in the US are offered free shipping.

Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom Website

The official website of Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom is not as professional as the rivals, but it is intuitive and to the point. A few links within the site are broken, which need repair. However, the policies are mentioned, and all basic information is displayed like the email address, store address, and more. The vendor likes to handle all business matters online. This can erase a personal touch.

Throughout the product range, relevant details are laid out. The brand mentions insight into items like Lion’s Mane, Nootropics, Kanna, and Rhodiola Rosea. Customers can be enlightened about things by reading the product descriptions. This advantage can make you forget about the old-fashioned website.

Plus, terms and conditions, along with shipping and return policies, are mentioned. However, working hours and the telephone number are not mentioned.

How Do They Treat The Customers?

All brands need to have a productive customer support structure to solve all reservations that shoppers might have. Apart from questions about the products, the users can also gain advice and insight about Mitragyna and its intake.

The vendor is recognized for prioritizing the needs of the customers. Any interaction you have with this company will be pleasant and perfectly tailored to fulfill your needs. This helpful attitude has earned them an unrivaled reputation and boosted their rating in the industry.

Because of this, they have gained good reviews on all online platforms. Users have expressed praise for this brand’s services. You will hear many people saying that their Kratom strains are the best. This shows that their reputation is excellent.

Users can communicate with the vendor via their email address, and they respond timely. As an alternative, customers can fill the contact form under the Customer Service Section on the website.

The owner of Carpo’s Botanicals, Kratom, has stated that he does not reply to emails on Sundays or holidays. As in the working days, he tries his best to respond within a day.

As for the customer reputation, there are mixed reviews on the internet. While many customers appreciate the brand for its outstanding quality and satisfactory customer service, some say that the pricing structure is high and the quality is inconsistent. Nevertheless, their reputation is solid.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom Lab Test Their Products?

There is no proof of lab tests nor any statement regarding the purity of products on the website. This can be a red flag for many Kratom users as third-party lab tests are considered a must in this industry.

No other factor ensures the safety and purity of products more than these tests. The lab tests especially focus on removing contaminants and heavy metals. So, this negligence and deficiency from the brand’s side should be kept in mind.

Can Customers Get Coupon Codes?

There is no information regarding coupon codes on their website and online forums.

What Are The Accepted Payment Methods?

This vendor only accepts payments made via money orders, cash on delivery, and personal checks. But in the future, you will be able to pay through more options.

Are They Affiliated With The American Kratom Association?

No, Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom is not affiliated with the AKA, nor are they a participant for approval. Most Kratom consumers only buy from AKA-approved vendors as it ensures that there are no impurities.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of This Brand?


  • There are quite a few things to appreciate about this company. It is one of the brands popular for selling the best quality Kratom. They rigorously process their items by a qualified team before displaying them.
  • The users receive products free from impurities, contaminants, alkaloids, salmonella, and heavy metals.
  • The Kratom Strains sold at this platform are one-of-a-kind. They are popular for being potent and fresh.


  • There is absolutely no proof regarding lab tests.
  • Many vendors exist out there who ensure great quality, but their pricing structure is quite affordable too. This makes the vendor’s costs overpriced. Since many customers prefer to save their money, this aspect influences them in a bad way.
  • Their lack of variety is off-putting because people live for diversity these days.
  • Even with the three payment options, many feel as if it is not sufficient. They do not accept credit and debit cards and cryptocurrency as well.

Closing Thoughts On Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom 

If we scrutinize this brand from a neutral perspective, there are many credible Kratom sellers from where top-notch quality and naturally sourced products can be purchased. The lack of AKA approval, lab tests, and considerable negative feedback make one think that the owner is not as serious about the industry and progress as they claim to be. Therefore, be careful if you do decide to purchase from Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom.

However, the company has been active in the market for some years and has accumulated enough expertise and reputation to succeed in the industry. Even with the negative reviews, their customer base is thriving, and they have the skills to go further.

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