Choice Kratom Vendor Review: Are They A Great Value For Money?

A Look At The Brand

There are thousands of Mitragyna sellers in the industry, but only a few of them can rival high-quality vendors like Choice Kratom. This is because not all sellers are equipped with the knowledge to maintain their business. Also known as Choice Botanicals, it was launched in 2010 by long-term friends William Cosgrove and Christopher Durbin. This means that they are one of the oldest and most established vendors present today.

Choice Kratom had a rough start due to the upheaval caused by FDA and DEA pressure to ban the herb, but they were able to score different suppliers in Southeast Asia with perseverance. Regardless of the controversy surrounding the all-natural herb, the company is a solid pioneer with a great reputation. It is one of the rare sellers who, apart from the online store, also get its items sold in gas stations, dispensaries, smoke shops, and vape shops.

The founders had the mission of offering an abundance of top-notch quality Mitragyna products in the market. And they have been successful in achieving this. Even the Reddit community verifies this claim. They have carefully added Kanna, nicotine salts, Blue Lotus, and CBD in the product range with time.

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They first gained fame due to the strong Maeng Da Kratom powder and have now upped their Kratom Extracts and shots level. It took them a decade to be at the top, and according to the public, it’s a slow but impressive crawl. The Mitragyna market has expanded quickly, considering that more than 10 million frequent shoppers of Kratom in the US alone. One vendor that decided to fulfill this high demand is none other than Choice Kratom.

But sadly, this company is also highly costly. Please scroll down to familiarize yourself with their business matters and product range.

A Sneak Peek To The Product Catalog

Throughout the years in the business, Choice Kratom has prioritized quality instead of quantity. This is why their limited product range is unable to meet the preferences of many people. Especially for the people who depend on a particular strain unavailable at this store, it becomes a deal-breaker.

The three major product forms – extracts, powders, and capsules are still available. These categories are further divided into the basic vein colors and different strains. This vendor is proud to present some of the best quality powders. Their Maeng Da is especially very potent. Different increments are provided, along with an option for bulk orders.

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Their best-seller is 20:1 Extract which is manufactured with little capsules and other strong ingredients. This Extract is made in vegetarian capsules, which are smaller than the standard ones.

Powders – Maeng Da

Capsules – Rising Phoenix, Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, and Bali, Borneo, and Maeng Da blend.

Extracts – Maeng Da and Green Apple Maeng Da.

According to reviews, newbies are advised not to try this brand as the potency is quite high. There is also no mention of the company conducting lab tests.

The Pricing Strategy Of Choice Kratom

Another cause of contention is the vendor’s high prices. Most prospects would purchase from somewhere else after knowing that 100 grams of powder are priced at $49. Similarly, 30 grams of Kratom powder can be purchased for $19.99, and if you want to buy a kg, it will cost you $399.99.

Moreover, one 15 ml bottle of Kratom tincture extract is available for $20.99, and the cost goes up to $29.99 for a 30 ml bottle. When it comes to capsules, a bottle including 100 capsules is sold at $69.99. No one is ready to splurge such a big amount on an average product that they might or might not like. But if you have some extra money to waste somewhere, you should try their Red Vein Extracts as it is praised so much.

Shipping And Refund Policies 

The faster the package arrives, the happier a shopper will be! This is why Choice Kratom aims to ship Kratom as soon as possible to their loyal customers. The vendor uses the USPS service for the shipping of all orders.

Although their website does not say anything regarding the other shipping options available, they regularly expedite orders. A distinct aspect of the company is that they do not accept returns within 30 days of the package arrival. But if you have purchased something from one of their sales, you have the right to send it back.

It is unknown how much time they need to deliver products because they have said nothing about this.

Customer Support Team

Choice Kratom does not hesitate to engage with its customer base. If a user has any questions or there is something you don’t like about the order, you can directly send them an email or call them. The vendor promises to respond promptly.

All the testimonials that are posted regarding the experiences with the customer support team are satisfactory. This means that whoever had an issue with the company or their package had all their concerns solved professionally. This is a practice that other vendors should adopt because most of them do not properly interact with their shoppers.

User Opinions On The Vendor

Since Choice Kratom has been operating for a decade now, you will find many verified reviews posted on various online forums. This is the only foolproof method of judging a company’s credibility. Both brand reviews and customer feedback are available.

For Choice Kratom, both types of reviews are satisfactory. This shows that their quality is decent. This is because they prioritize sourcing fresh Kratom leaves from the Southeast Asian forests only. Plus, the brand and customer feedback claim that they seriously take all the services, including manufacturing, processing, and shipping. The only issue you can face is dissatisfaction with the quality or if your desired strain is out of stock.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Available Payment Methods?

Different vendors provide a number of payment options. Various alternative methods are crucial to facilitate customers. Choice Kratom is no different from such kratom vendors as they allow numerous payment options such as,

  • Cashier check
  • Wire Transfer
  • Money order
  • AMX credit card
  • Zelle
  • Gift cards

What Is Rising Phoenix?

These are vegetarian capsules, including no animal ingredients. Each capsule is 500 mg and is made with a 20:1 extract mixture.

What Is Green Apple Maeng Da?

This particular strain is made of genetically modified trees available in Thailand. The added green apple flavor disguises the naturally bitter taste of Kratom. Green Apple Maeng Da Kratom is exceptionally potent due to its high alkaloid concentration.

Our Verdict On This Brand

Possessing expertise in a niche does not equate to fine quality. This truth relates the most with Choice Kratom. Their pricing structure is just too high, while their offerings are too average. Even if some items are of high quality, this is not the same for all shoppers.

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