Club 13 Kratom Review: What Is This Vendor All About?

A Brief Overview Of This Brand

Club 13 Kratom was established in 1999 in St. Augustine. The physical address of the seller is 1715 Lakeside Avenue #4. In those days, Kratom was a lonely herb and was not known by many people. But with the awareness of Mitragyna Speciosa, it is one of the most renowned pioneers. The brand prides itself on possessing 10+ years of expertise. It is a unique headshop brand and an online seller.

If you wonder how they could survive in this cutthroat industry for so long, they could only do so with a very special secret ingredient called authenticity. Unlike inferior companies focused on short-term benefits only, this prestigious company is completely the opposite. They highly regard work ethics and pure intentions.

Club 13 Kratom

This is why their thriving and loyal customer base sings praises for their uncompromising standards. Club 13 Kratom is aware of how to build an unshakable trust with its clients. This is how they have constructed a powerful reputation in the past decades.

Even though the FDA approves them, nothing has been said about the affiliation with the AKA. This vendor sells Mitragyna Speciosa, nicotine, CBD, and a lot more. Plus, they have their merch along with drug testing kits. Now, let’s cover all the vital details of the brand.

What Strains And Forms Are Available On This Store?

Even though Club 13 Kratom sells lots of products, we will only discuss Mitragyna Speciosa, available in 40 strains. Affordable sample packs are also sold that weigh 3.75 grams.

These sample packs are ideal for newbies or anyone who wants to taste their Kratom. If a customer wishes to buy small pouches of strains, bundles are available too. This creative bundle item includes three pouches and three various strains.

How Are Their Products Priced?

You won’t find any affordability in the pricing structure of Club 13 Kratom. However, everyone agrees that this is justifiable because they exceed in quality and standards. Shoppers can blindly trust all items. But the brand has gone easy on sample packs so that newcomers can be relieved. Following are the costs of different entities belonging to different categories:


  • White Vein Extra Strength Indo Capsules are priced at $5.38
  • Connoisseur Blend is available for $5.40
  • Red Vein Ruby Alkaloid Enhancedis priced at $17
  • Extra Strength Connoisseur Blend Capsules are offered at $7.50
  • Mitragyna And CBD Capsules are available for $4.30
  • Extra Strength Kali Gold Capsules are available for $6.46
  • Three Leaf Maeng Da Green Capsules can be bought for $19.38
  • Kali GoldVitamin C is priced at $3.78
  • Jade Alkaloid Green Vein Enhanced can be purchased for $17.17


  • Jade Alkaloid Enhanced is priced at $17.17
  • Double Black Extract is priced at $12.94
  • Red Vein Maeng Da is priced at $6.13
  • Red Vein Bali is priced at $5.38
  • White Vein Maeng Da is priced at $6
  • Green Vein Malay is priced at $7
  • Green Vein Maeng Da is priced at $6.13
  • Horn is available for $8.10
  • Indo White Vein is available for $5.38


  • White Vein Classic Bundle is available for $125
  • Connoisseur Blend is available for $21.60
  • Red Vein Bali is available for $10
  • Kali GoldPowder is available for $16.18
  • Classic Green VeinBundle can be purchased for $125

Club 13 Kratom

The Lab Test Procedure Of Club 13 Kratom

This vendor puts much effort and investment into lab tests. An impressive fact about the company is that a separate section is present on their website where they display lab test reports upon requests made by customers who wish to see the proof. Very few vendors can do this since many do not even carry out tests in the first place.

This step shows the professionalism and prestige of Club 13 Kratom. Just fill out a simple contact form present on the website, and you will be given a lab test report within 24 to 72 hours. This is a foolproof method of building everlasting trust with users. They have also heightened their testing process after the misfortune Salmonella breakout.

What Is Their Customer Service Like?

This company does not add delays in responding to customers. To ask something or report anything, you can easily call them or shoot them an email. Their quick responses encourage shoppers to bring all reservations and inquiries to the table.

This outstanding seller boasts a great consumer reputation, and they have accumulated a gold mine of positive feedback. The public appreciates how they frankly feature lab test reports and how hard they work to determine consistent quality. Their Kratom Powders are the best-sellers on the online store. Plus, they enjoy a 3.5-star rating on Trustpilot.

Is There A Money-back Guarantee?

Even if very few users wish to return the excellent products by Club 13 Kratom, the brand is still generous enough to provide a money-back guarantee. Moreover, this guarantee also caters to opened packages. However, you have to request an exchange or a refund within 30 days. This allows many people to freely shop from the brand since they know they can return it if they don’t like anything.

What Is Their Shipping Procedure?

This is another area where the company shines. They ensure same-day deliveries, and their working hours are 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM EST throughout the weekdays. As reported from the customer reviews, they get their packages within five days maximum.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can Customers Pay?

This esteemed company accepts payments via cash on delivery, Bitcoin, and EFT. They do not allow credit and debit cards due to unfair regulations of the bank. All transactions are encrypted and reliable.

Do They Run A Blog?

Yes, you should check out the praiseworthy blog of Club 13 Kratom, where they share the latest research, updates, articles, and information on Mitragyna Speciosa. Plus, if you want to be extra familiar with Mitragyna Speciosa, their knowledgeable podcasts are a treasure trove.

Can We Get Coupon Codes?

The company usually presents promo codes, and they ensure free 3-day delivery on particular items. Learn more regarding this by viewing their official website and also by following their newsletter.

For all orders totaling $200 and more, customers can apply the promo code – “DAILYDEALS” to avail a 5% discount. Furthermore, by becoming a member of the brand’s website, you can enjoy special discount codes dedicated to repeating customers.

Do They Have A Social Media Following?

Yes, they are made accounts on Facebook and Twitter, showered with positive reviews. To communicate with the customer support team, email addresses and phone numbers are the only available choices. But their response time is quick.

Wrapping It Up – Should You Buy From Club 13 Kratom?

Club 13 Kratom is unquestionably not an affordable vendor. But no one can complain when their standards are undeniable and quality is perfect. Plus, there is something for everyone in their huge product inventory. These highlights cheer up all users, even the newcomers.

The versatility of the product range is not a joke because even the most expert Mitragyna consumers can be confused about what to buy. This means that their cons are minimal in front of so many pros. If you are still not persuaded, there are sample packs just for this purpose.

In other words, Club 13 Kratom is a dependable and successful headshop brand. They have achieved all this mammoth success solely with passion and hard work. One can find all types of products at this veteran brand. Everyone seems to be satisfied with their transparent business matters, quick delivery, finest quality, and all other aspects.

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