What Should I Know About DG Botanicals Kratom?

DG Botanicals Kratom is one of the exceptional kratom vendors that are based in Colorado. This business was started in the year 2016. They have been serving Kratom customers for a couple of years.

There are very few vendors that can survive for this much time. However, every Mitragyna user loves and trusts this vendor.

Furthermore, if you want to be their registered customer and make an account on their website, you have to send an account request. This requires all of your real information. Moreover, you have to be over 18 years old to place an order on their site.

DG Botanicals Kratom

How Many Types Of Products Do They Offer?

When you open their website, you will see three options in front of you:

  • Regular Menu Strains: It consists of 30 products. When you select this category, you will find five more options: Bali, Green Strains, Maeng Da, Red Strains, White Strains. By selecting any of these, you will be directed to specific products.
  • Premium Menu Strains: It has 15 products. In it, you will see the same categories mentioned above. However, keep in mind that these are the premium, high-quality ones. You can select any product of your choice from them.
  • You will find nine products in it. By clicking on this, you will directly see the products. You can get your favorite Maeng Da from this section.

Take Advantage of Bulk Kratom

This vendor does not suggest you take this tree leaf powder. They sell Mitragyna in bulk to manufacture such as abrasives, soap making, air fresheners, etc. Moreover, they do not sell Kratom in tincture, capsule, or extract because it is not for consumption. They only sell the powdered form of this tree leaf.

Does This Seller Make False Medical Claims?

No, They have given a disclaimer on their website about the usage of their products. They have mentioned that their products are not for diagnostic purposes. Furthermore, the purchaser has to agree to the disclaimer. Since the FDA has not evaluated Kratom, DG Botanicals Kratom does not make any false medical claims that its products will treat any disease. Their products are not meant for children or nursing mothers.

Since the FDA has not approved this tree leaf for human consumption, this vendor only sells Mitragyna for educational, horticultural, and scientific use. You can only buy from this website if you agree to this disclaimer. Additionally, they have mentioned that the buyer is responsible for following local laws.

How much do I have to pay for their products?

Well, as mentioned above, there are three categories from which you can buy Kratom. So, the prices differ from each other. The cost depends upon the type of Mitragyna you are buying and the weight of the powder. DG Botanicals Kratom usually has four options for Kratom: 15g, 28g, 125g, and 250g.

If you want to buy Regular Menu Strain, the price can range from $4.24 to $50.00. The price range of Premium Menu Strains starts from $7.00 to $50.00. Moreover, if you want to buy from Classic Maeng Da, the cost ranges from $8.50 to $64.00.

Are Their Products Lab-Tested?

It is extremely important to know whether or not the seller is testing their products. This is the best way to avoid getting any contaminated products. However, DG Botanicals Kratom does test their Kratom to ensure the quality of the product that they are selling. All of the tests they conduct allow their products to be free from fillers, heavy metals, preservatives, and other harmful substances.

This is why it is important to buy Kratom from a vendor conducting all the tests. Otherwise, it can harm your health.

What About Their Shipping Options?

This vendor uses USPS Express as well as USPS Priority for all of their orders. They do not use UPS and FedEx. If you want to get your Kratom on the same day, you have placed your order, and you have to make sure that you buy their products during business hours. This means that you have to buy the product before 1:30 PM.

However, they have mentioned that sometimes, they get many orders. Because of this, you have to wait for some days to get your Mitragyna. They try their best to send all the orders on the same day.

What are the customer’scustomer’s opinions?

According to the reviews, the customer service of this vendor is flawless. Their staff is highly professional in dealing with the users. They are helpful and are always ready to guide all their customers regarding their products. Most of the Mitragyna users are impressed by their services. The way the staff treats the customers is simply exceptional.

Kratom users are indeed afraid to purchase this herb from any vendor. However, many users were impressed when they received their order from this seller. They have praised this vendor for all the tests they conduct before selling them out. One of the users even said they are selling high-quality blends that are more powerful than plain tree leaves.

Other customers were amazed by the quality of the packaging. According to them, this vendor carefully packs the products. Furthermore, their packing style is simple, attractive, and airtight.

Due to this, there is no risk of impurity. Every Kratom user loves this aspect as the quality of the product is indicated by it. When buying any product online, you should always check the vendor’svendor’s packaging. It is one of the important parameters that will help you get the best quality of any product.

DG Botanicals Kratom

Final Thoughts

DG Botanicals Kratom has been selling its products for many years. It is important to buy Kratom from a reputable vendor. This seller is one of them. They are selling Mitragyna in powdered form, and you can select from 3 main categories.

Their customers are extremely satisfied with their services and the way they treat them. In today’stoday’s world, it is hard to find such an exceptional seller.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are their prices reasonable as compared to other similar brands?

According to the kratom users, the prices that DG Botanicals Kratom offers are very reasonable and fair compared to other vendors in the market.

Question: Are they available on social media?

Answer: This vendor is not available on any social media platforms. However, they are active on their official website to take orders and help their customers as much as possible.

Question: Do they offer Kratom alternatives?

Answer: They are not offering any Kratom alternatives. Their website only has the powder form of Kratom. This means that their entire focus is on Mitragyna.

Question: Is this vendor reliable?

Answer: Yes, you can completely trust this vendor. By looking at the customer’scustomer’s reviews, we can confidently say that this seller is providing the best quality product to Mitragyna enthusiasts. You can easily buy from this seller without giving a second thought. Good Luck!

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