Edens Ethnos Kratom Vendor Review – What Every Buyer Should Know 

About The Company

Edens Ethnos Kratom is based in San Francisco which is directly involved with the agricultural sector. The vendor has been a part of TradeKey since 2016. TradeKey is one of the largest trade outlets in the world. The seller is managed by a company known as Nine2Five LLC, situated in San Francisco, California.

The business claims to sell ethnobotanicals which include Mitragyna Speciosa, CBD, herbs, and more. They deal with lots of different Kratom brands and act as a reseller.

Edens Ethnos Kratom

The Product Diversity Of Edens Ethnos Kratom 

Edens Ethnos Kratom is an ethnobotanical business which is why they present a plethora of herbs. Their framework reflects Amazon’s as they blend different concentrates, brands, leaves, reviews on one page. This means buyers can shop everything simultaneously from the same place. Apart from Kratom, the other available herbs are Salvia, Kava, Ayahuasca, and Moe.

Even the Kratom range is diverse, which means all customers can stock their favorite strains. Users love the different options and how they can easily get all items in one store. Their various famous kratom strains available in all vein colors are listed below:

The available Kratom blends are – 20x Pitch, Ultra Enhanced Indo, Golden Reserve. Kratom tea packs are also available.

As far as the product standards are concerned, all sellers take it seriously, and they consistently try to prove that they boast high-quality products. This is done by displaying certificates of analysis or lab test reports. These documents solidify the standards, purity, safety, and composition of the items. However, you will find no such evidence on this store’s website.

Is Their Pricing System Appropriate?

To start, you need to know that their prices are higher than the industry average. But it is justifiable since they boast one of the widest product lineups in the market. Many users think that their costs are average if you compare them to other vendors.

Opposite to this, the sellers that set low prices are usually thought to have a bad reputation. This is why most users are not bothered with the prices. Their payment methods are easy, and refund policies are flexible, which adds some convenience. All the returns are accepted free of cost, which is why no hesitation occurs in placing the order.

If you visit their official website, you will see no prices along with the items. This means that you can only find out the costs at the checkout. The costs probably depend on the brand and type of product, whether ethnobotanical or something else.

How Do They Treat The Customers?

There is no email address given to the customers. All you have is an online contact form on which you have to write your complaint and then wait for the seller to approach you. This is quite unprofessional and strange.

However, if you read the reviews left by the public, you will be surprised to know that they quickly respond to the buyers and ensure to settle disputes and answer inquiries. This means they are vague only due to the possible ban on Kratom.

But if you research the matter, you will see that there is no impending ban. The DEA and other authorities have not decided to ban the all-natural herb.

How Does Their Website Look?

One of the best ways to guarantee the genuineness of a seller is to view their website. Online payments are very risky because no one knows whether the products you will receive are high quality and whether you will receive them soon. If the online vendor refuses to send you the parcel after sending the money, what can you possibly do except regret it?

The trustworthy online stores are aware of this trust issue, so they keep trying to assure the public. A website is the online representation of a company, so reliable sellers keep adding value to their websites. This crucial step makes them gain the trust of their customer base.

But if the website is shady, it indicates a seller who is not serious about their business. A high-end website loads quickly, are intuitive, and provide all necessary information to the users.

A valuable website strives to assist the customers throughout the shopping experience. The rivals of Edens Ethnos Kratom are all active on social media, which is also something this vendor does not do.

This is where the Edens Ethnos Kratom goes all wrong, unfortunately. They lack professionalism in the website, which makes the customers annoyed. First of all, they only state the products they sell. This is it. No product description, educational information on the items, extra details, or such essential stuff is displayed.

This isn’t very clear because it is common for all buyers to look into the additional information, and they require it to decide whether or not they should purchase this product. Even the Contact Us page is devoid of shipping charges and packaging policies. Instead, their Contact Us page includes an online contact form where the customer fills in their name, email, and a short text regarding their inquiry or concern.

If this isn’t enough, they have not even mentioned the costs of the product range. This is something to be furious about because how can anyone know whether they afford something or not?

While other sellers are competing against each other to ensure the Mitragyna buyers that their products are the best, this particular vendor does not care.

User Opinions On Edens Ethnos Kratom 

The brand gains different types of feedback from the public. While some are negative reviews, other users have complimented some aspects of the company. For instance, many shoppers dislike the high prices of Edens Ethnos Kratom, whereas some like their top-tier customer service.

The majority of shoppers report positive reviews, top-notch quality, and exceptional customer service. But there are many cons if you decide to do business with them. These are the types of downsides that can not be ignored.

Edens Ethnos Kratom

Most users are not impressed with the disorganized and dysfunctional website of Edens Ethnos Kratom. Everyone knows that to be a successful Kratom vendor, it is crucial to present a modern, stylish, and user-friendly website. The website should be easy-to-use so that everyone can place their orders easily.

They do not make up for it even with their customer service. This is because only one unusual way is given to communicate with their customer support team. Only an online contact form is present to read the vendor. But thankfully, the customer service representatives quickly respond to all customers with a friendly and helpful attitude.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Payment Methods Do They Offer?

The customers can pay via Bitcoin and E-checks.

Why is Edens Ethnos Kratom A Good Vendor?

One of the indications for a genuine Kratom seller is that they present a huge product inventory. This shows the commitment and professionalism of the vendor and how much they want to fulfill the needs of customers. It also indicates that they are well-versed in the Mitragyna Speciosa field.

What Is Their Shipping Quality?

The seller guarantees free shipping for all orders above $75, and Bitcoin makes the initial payment. The users quickly get their orders due to fast delivery.

Wrapping Up The Review

Edens Ethnos Kratom enjoys a good reputation, but its lack of business transparency is a cause of concern. Transparency is a vital factor to possess for all online sellers to seem reliable to the public. Since they gain many negative reviews and many people question their validity, it is not suggested to buy from them.

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