Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom – Are Their Kratom-Providing Services Reliable?

Most kratom dealers enter the market to benefit from other people’s necessities, not to aid the general public. That’s why only a few well-known kratom brands go out of their way to develop a personal relationship with their customers, reducing the entire experience to a business transaction.

Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom, on the other hand, claims that’s not what they’re offering. The firm was founded to assist individuals in improving their overall wellness by supplying them with high-quality items. The question now is how far they will go to realize that ambition.

Who Is Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom?

Brandon Bird, an author, and businessman with a real enthusiasm for the Ayurveda herb Mitragyna Speciosa and its alkaloids, launched Golden Rule in Arizona. Customers can buy Kratom regionally in Arizona at Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom’ Tempe, AZ, which is incredibly convenient. Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom has one of the largest kratom stocks of any online retailer.

Furthermore, the company distributes items quickly and accepts returns within two weeks after receipt. Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom will replace your package for free if the USPS loses it. Customers in Tempe, Arizona, can visit the in-person store, and contactless pickup is available for those who don’t want to go inside. Other botanical products, such as the Kratom-related Mitragyna hirsuta and merchandise, are available on the website.

Brand History

The Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom brand was founded in 2013 to reduce self-harm, improve mental health, and provide people with a natural self-care solution. Because they don’t aim to entice diverse customers, they emphasize that they don’t offer a vast range of products. Instead, they concentrate on the services that they have discovered to be most valuable to their customers.

Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom Rating

On Reddit, there are a lot of threads about Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom, but they’re not all that unattractive. While some comments suggest that the brand’s products and friendly customer service are quite excellent, others complain that its products and friendly behavior with clients are the only reason for their eminence.

Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom has 30 customer reviews on their Google Business Page, none of which have been validated as actual customers. Despite this, they give the brand a 5 out of 5-star rating, claiming that their items are among the best in Tempe, Arizona.

How Is Their Website Interface?

Golden Rule Botanical vendor’s website is simple to navigate and utilize. They have created a website that is both precise and fun to use. It has included every detail about the quality of their items and the location of their business, which may be valuable in supplying clients with useful information.

The Product Line At Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom

Thanks to their online store, Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom Red Bison has become a best-seller. However, that isn’t the only thing they have to offer. Split strain orders, bulk Kratom, bespoke blends, and much more are available from this merchant. This supplier, known for its exotic products and split kilos, currently has a variety of uncommon strains and blends in-store, including the following:

  • Blend (Green, Red & White)
  • Clone Maeng Da Blend (Green & White)
  • Doublemint Blend (Greens)
  • Father’s Helper Blend (Red & Green)
  • Green Bali
  • Green Bison Blend
  • Green Crush Leaf
  • Green Jaguar
  • Green Lyon
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Malay
  • Green MD Blend
  • Green Semar
  • Green Sumatra
  • Green Thai
  • Green Tiger
  • Kama Sutra Blend (Green, Red & White)
  • Math Blend (Green, White & Yellow)
  • Mother’s Helper Blend (Green & Red)
  • Murray’s Meow Mix Blend (Greens)
  • Old Tree Green Indo
  • Spearmint Blend (Green & White)
  • Spearmint # 2 (Inverse; Green & White)
  • Spearmint # 3 Blend
  • Thai-Fecta Blend (Green, Red & White)
  • Three King Blend, i.e., Green, Red & White
  • Three Wise Mend Blend (Green, Red & White)
  • This Blend (Green, Red & White)
  • Tig3rs Blend (Green, Red & White)
  • Waka Wali Green

They also sell Shilajit and other botanicals of comparable price and quality.

A Brief Description Of Their Kratom Blends

The blends, which include diverse strains, have names like Malang da and tigers. Malang da is a cross between Malay and maeng da, and tigers have three different colored tiger strains. There are numerous more combinations to choose from, so visit the website to learn more. The Kratom is not only inexpensive, but it is also of great quality.

The brand is aware of how consumers use Kratom and is, as a result, personalizing the products to guarantee they match their different needs rather than just selling them randomly because it understands that quality is what keeps a company thriving. Instead of selling a single strain kilo, it allows customers to choose from up to 36 distinct strains or different combinations of several pressures.

Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom Price Range

Would we call them inexpensive? Well, not quite. On the other hand, the brand claims that its rates are “intended to be sustainable and reflect the finest offerings and best quality available.” However, their 1oz packs are priced at $8, which is fair market value for that amount of goods. However, they sell their pounds for $148, which is more than double that other merchants can provide.

Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom frequently offers promo codes and discounts to help customers reduce their order totals. They also have a subscription option that allows you to save money on your purchases and have them delivered to you.

Because the pricing is set, you won’t have to worry about how much each strain will cost.

  • 1 ounce – $8
  • 2 ounce – $16
  • 4 ounce – $29
  • 8 ounce – $48
  • 12 ounce – $63
  • 1 pound – $78
  • 1 kilo – $148

Coupon Codes For Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom

You won’t have to look far to find this retailer’s coupon codes. They’re at the top of every page. With the code BIRD20, you can save 20%. Do you use an e-Check? Instead, use the code ECHECK25 to get a 25% discount. Finally, to save 30%, consider signing up for a regular Bird Box subscription. It’s always a good idea to seek a deal before purchasing Kratom, and you will not have to go far to do it here.

Shipping Policy By Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom

All purchases are processed within 24 hours and dispatched via USPS Ground. Every order includes tracking information, so you’ll never be left wondering where your package is or when it will arrive. Same-day shipping is automatically applied to orders ordered before 3 p.m. MST Monday through Friday.

Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom Consumers’ Reputation

“I have been a repeat customer, and I am always very impressed with their quality goods, shipping dates, and polite approach,” writes one of the positive reviews. GRB is and always will be my go-to!” “This company and their products have altered my life!” commented another satisfied client. Also, some solid review statistics have been compiled. “Excellent products and excellent service, seriously…we live in a time when customer service appears to be a fading art, but GRB not only does it well, they take it to new heights!”

What About The Customer Service of Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom?

So, with all those nice product reviews, they must offer excellent customer service, right? Fortunately, that is correct in this circumstance! First, they promise to return things within 14 days if there is 90% or more of the item remaining. Although this may appear to be a small percentage, most vendors will not take Kratom that has been opened.

Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom Kratom has you handled when it comes to client satisfaction. Just notice what people are conversating.

“In terms of goods and customer service, this is the best shop.” They consistently exceed expectations and are simply amazing in every way!”

“Friendly and knowledgable personnel, spotless facility, and excellent staff!” GRB comes highly recommended, so make sure you order ahead of time.”

“In terms of customer service and shipment time, they’re unrivaled.”

The Bottom Line

We all appreciate a company committed to providing customers with high-quality products that promote mental health and wellness. While the Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom brand embodies that narrative, there are a few areas where we’d all like to see the company improve, such as its prices and discount options.

Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom appears to be the industry leader in kratom selling. Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom provides many options for clients wishing to buy Kratom, including various strains, blends, and discounts. The website also explains how to pay, ship, and return items in easy terms. Of all, what works for one person may not work for another when purchasing Kratom. Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom is worth a look at the very least.

Nonetheless, since they have earned the trust and loyalty of a large number of customers, as well as extensive evaluations demonstrating their dependability as a seller, there is little risk in trying their items.

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