What Should You Know About Green Borneo Kratom?

Green Borneo Kratom is one of the most popular Kratom strains among Mitragyna users. There are many Mitragyna enthusiasts who love this variety of kratom.

However, as a beginner, it is important to have complete knowledge about all of the Korth strains or at least about the one you are going to take. Finding the right variety of Speciosa is crucial for achieving your desired results. You should be concerned about both the color and regional variety.

Green Borneo Kratom

Although the influence of this strain varies from person to person, there are many Korth users who prefer to use this over any other strain.

If you are planning to buy Green Borneo Kratom but are confused about the parameters that make it so special, and why the consumers prefer this particular strain, keep on reading to find out every aspect of this herb.

What Precisely Is Green Borneo Kratom?

It is a botanical substance and comes from a tree named Mitragyna Speciosa. This tree leaf belongs to a coffee family typically found in tropical regions. The farmers harvest this tree leaf in its natural environment.

This tree leaf has attracted many people in recent years. However, the local civilization has been using this herb for many centuries due to its amazing properties. The native farmers have been harvesting this strain and selling it to people who love herbal products.

Mitragyna Speciosa can grow up to 60-80 feet in prime climate conditions. Moreover, only those leaves that contain a higher concentration of alkaloids are used for herbal purposes. These Korth leaves are dried and then crushed into powdered form.

Green Borneo Kratom is one of the most famous varieties of Speciosa because of its amazing properties. This strain contains major alkaloids present in Korth. For instance, Speciogynine, Mitragynine, Mitraphylline, 9-Hydroxycorynantheidine, and 7-Hydroxymitragynine.

Why Is It Named As “Green”?

This Mitragyna strain is known as green because of the color of the vein from which it comes. There are three colors of Korth. In the start, it is white, then it changes to green, and at last red.

The color changes due to the change in the alkaloid profile of Speciosa. This is the reason why different Speciosa colors will have different influences on the user.

The farmers harvest the white color Mitragyna in the early lifecycle of this herb, red strains at the last, and green strains in the middle of the lifecycle of this herb. Due to this, the green strain has a middle influence on the users.

Where Does It Originate From?

This tree leaf originates in Borneo this is the reason why it is known as Borneo Mitragyna. Borneo is a giant island in the Malay Archipelago which is in Southeast Asia.

It is famous for its beaches and rainforest. It is a home to wildlife including the clouded leopard. Moreover, this place has around 15,000 different plant species including Green Borneo Kratom.

However, not all Borneo Kratom is grown in this place. Various farms across Southeast Asia use the soil as well as farming techniques of Borneo thereby creating a similar Korth strain that is grown in Borneo.  Many farms use this method to create regional strains that can be grown anywhere.

Just like the color of the strain, the place where it originates affects the content of the alkaloid. Thus, the influence varies. Nonetheless, the color of the strain has more impact on the influence than the region of origin.

What Is The Difference Between Green Borneo And Other Strains?

As mentioned above, there are three major Korth varieties available; white, red, and green veins. Korth leaves are harvested at the start when they are young, to make white vein Mitragyna. This variety of Speciosa does have a bitter taste that many users find unpleasant.

However, many people prefer to use this as a morning drink and replace their coffee with it. You can find that its price is higher than other strains because Mitragyna is sparse during the production of this variety.

The red vein Speciosa comes from the leaves of Mitragyna that have red veins. The farmers harvest this variety of Speciosa extensively. According to its consumers, this has a mild influence. Thus, it does not result in Mitragyna dependence.

Coming to the last Korth strains, it is the green vein. Farmers harvest this vein when the leaves are mild-level mature. At this stage, all the herbal qualities of the Korth reach their peak. The influence of Green Mitragyna is between the white and red strains. Owing to this, consumers desire this kind of Korth the most.

Green Borneo VS Green Malay

Many Korth consumers, as well as beginners, are confused between the Green Borneo and Green Malay. This is the most amazing fight in the Mitragyna club.

Green Borneo Kratom

However, many people have noticed a slightly higher influence of Green Malay than Green Borneo. But, you must keep in mind that both of them have a similar vein therefore, they both have a mild influence. Moreover, it varies from person to person.

Is Green Borneo Kratom Grabbing the Attention Of Korth Users?

Nowadays, many Kratom users are preferring this strain over any other. Many of the local civilized peoples including the farmers were using this herb for many centuries. However, the people of the United States have come to know about this herb recently.

Even though they have come to know about this plant recently, they are loving and showing their support for this herbal product. Borneo Mitragyna has become their favorite due to its mild influence.

How Much Green Borneo Kratom Should I Consume?

When you plan to use this variety of kratom, it is crucial to be certain about the amount you are going to consume. The quantity you are going to take determines the influence of Korth on you.

If you are using this herb for the first time, you should consult your doctor. He/she will prescribe you the exact amount of this strain you should consume. If you do so, you will be able to see your desired result fast.

However, if you are unable to do so, then you can start with a small amount and monitor the influence of this strain on you. In this way, you will be able to judge it rightly. After this, you can gradually increase the quantity to achieve your desired results.

Furthermore, you should not start with larger quantities at the start and do not trust the recommended dosage of this herb as everyone has different experiences with this tree leaf.

Where Can I Buy This Strain?

Since the popularity of this strain is increasing day by day, many vendors have emerged to sell this herb. You can easily find this herbal product locally near you. For instance, in smoke and head shops.

Moreover, you can buy it from gas filling stations too. However, this might not be the best option for you as these local shop owners sell contaminated Mitragyna products which can also negatively affect your health.

You can buy this herb from online vendors as they sell high-quality products. They make sure to test the Mitragyna before selling it to the customers. Moreover, they offer discounts on the products, and sometimes free shipping too.

Final Thoughts

Green Borneo Kratom has become a hot topic among Speciosa users. It has its origin in Borneo island. Many Korth users prefer this strain over others as the influence of this is between the red and white ones.

Moreover, if you want to consume this for the first time, then you should consult your doctor for the dosage or start with a little quantity and later increase it. You can buy this locally as well as from online vendors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Green Borneo illegal in the USA?

Answer: Mitragyna is legal in the USA at the federal level. You are free to use this herbal product for various purposes. Nonetheless, there are few states who have banned the use of the tree leaf. You have to check the legal status of kratom before using it in your state.

Question: Why should I buy this variety of Korth?

Answer: Many people love to use this product because it is completely herbal. You can get your desired results with this herb. However, it is important to know about its dosage as it varies from person to person.

Question: How does this strain behave with you?

Answer: The influence of this strain depends on the person’s age, weight, and medical condition. Thus, no one can tell you how this strain is going to behave with you unless you experience it yourself.

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