Pump Up Your Energy With Green Elephant Kratom

Long workdays require a little boost to compete. Ok, sometimes they require a more substantial boost to complete. Whether you engage in backbreaking work or work indoors, the second half of the day can seem like a never-ending march. Trying to go it on your own makes no sense. Many turn to coffee to make it through. Some choose the super caffeinated and high sugar energy drinks to avoid the crash. Most likely, you have used one of these two, and on more than one occasion. Of course, the effects of caffeine stay with you far into the night. You want a quick energy boost while still falling asleep easily.

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Green Elephant Kratom provides a substantial energy boost in a short-acting form. Wearing off in as little as four hours, you can use it to push through your day. At night, you can fall asleep without the heart racing effects of high caffeine drinks.

Why Is It Called Green Elephant Kratom?

Green Elephant takes its name from the large size of the leaves at harvest. The leaves at times resemble an elephant’s ear, another reason why local farmers named it elephant Kratom.

Where is Green Elephant Kratom From?

Green Elephant Kratom is grown in the northwest corner of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. There, the growing conditions allow the strain the extra time it needs to grow its large leaves.

What Should I Expect from Green Elephant Kratom?

Remember, everyone has a different experience with different Kratom strains. Your body chemistry and Kratom history impact the benefits you receive. However, users report the following effects the most.

Energy Boost

Many people report a pleasant uptick in energy after consuming Green Elephant. They report that it provides the juice needed to make it through the day. They also report that Green Elephant wears off in 4 hours or less, meaning that you can take it after lunch without worrying about keeping you awake.


Some people reported a robust euphoric feeling from Green Elephant. Many people claim that it reduced their anxiety and depression. Some felt as though they could socialize more openly, especially those ordinarily shy or introverted.

Mood Enhancing

A broad sampling of people uses Green Elephant to increase their motivation and positive energy. They find that 20-30 minutes after consuming Green Elephant, they possess more spirit and drive.

Increased Mental Ability

Many find that the Green Elephant helps keep them on task. Normal distractions fade away, increasing productivity. Along with the enhanced energy and mood, Green Elephant’s focus sharpening makes it the perfect workday companion.

Pain Relief

Like most other Kratom strains, many people still use the Green Elephant for pain relief. However, of the reported effects, pain relief ranks low on the scale. If your primary motivation for using Kratom is to reduce pain, you should use a different strain, such as a red vein Bali.

How Much Green Elephant Should I Take?

No established dosing formula for Kratom exists. How much you need to feel the effects depends on many factors. The best way to determine your ideal level is to start with smaller doses, adding a little more each time until you find your sweet spot. As with most Kratom, the best energy-boosting effects likely result from lower doses.

What Makes Green Elephant Kratom Work So Well?

The main alkaloid driving the effects of Green Elephant is Mitragynine. Mitragynine increasingly receives press for its energy-boosting effects in addition to the more well-known pain relief impact.

Is Green Elephant Kratom Widely Used?

Green Elephant lacks the popularity of some Bali and Maeng Da strains. However, as more people learn about the energy-boosting and mind sharpening effects of Green Elephant, its following increases. Your vendor may run out from time to time as Elephant Kratom takes longer to grow and occupies less land than other strains.

Where Can I Buy Green Elephant Kratom?

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If you need an energy boost, you can find Green Elephant Kratom at several reputable online vendors. Prices range from $6.00 for 30g to $125 for 1kg. Make sure that any Green Elephant you buy underwent lab testing for purity and alkaloids. You should always look at the lab report before consuming any Kratom.

What’s Reddit’s Verdict on Green Elephant?

Redditors rave about Green Elephant. Some provided in-depth reports on energy lifting and mind-enhancing effects. Others reported that, despite many claiming that Green Elephant wore off more quickly, they found that it had “long legs.” Because Kratom impacts different people in different ways, Green Elephant’s longer-lasting effects on some people come as no surprise.

Should I Take Capsules or Powder?

A- Capsules provide a more exact dose and a more convenient delivery method. Powder allows for a wider variety of experiences. You can add the powder to smoothies, brew it as tea, or just toss it in your mouth and wash it down with water. Whether you decide to use capsules or powder largely depends on the experience you want as you ingest your Kratom.

Is Green Elephant The Same As Other Green Veins?

A- Green Elephant appears to provide more energy boost and less painkilling impact as compared to other green veins, especially Green Indo. Other green veins offer longer-lasting effects than the Green Elephant.

How Does Green Elephant Compare to Maeng Da?

A- Both the Green Elephant and Maeng Da offer higher alkaloid concentrations. Maeng Da benefits from the grafting process designed to produce a more potent Kratom strain. Green Elephant leaves, due to their larger size and growing time, also contain higher levels of alkaloids. Green Elephant may provide more energy than Maeng Da, but remember that everybody has a different experience.

What is Green Horn Kratom?

A- Green Horn Kratom takes its name from the shape of its leaves, which appear to have horns at the top. Green Horn offers similar energy-boosting properties to the Green Elephant. However, people seem to use Green Horn earlier in the day.

What is Green Malay Kratom?

A- Green Malay, a Malaysian strain, reportedly provides more pain-relieving effects than Green Elephant. However, many people find that it provides less of the mind-enhancing benefits of Green Elephant.

Final Thoughts

Green Elephant may increase your energy, allowing you to pack more into your day. If you need help fighting the afternoon crash, Green Elephant may help pull you through.

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