Green Harmony Kratom Vendor Review – A Comprehensive Breakdown Of This Seller

Who Are They?

Green Harmony Kratom hails itself as the best kratom supplier in Indonesia. They basically export their strains worldwide. The company was founded in 2015. Since they are operating straight from Indonesia, they enjoy great popularity for selling Kratom directly from where it is grown.

And since they originate from Indonesia, you can expect their strains to be better than the average US-based vendors. They are recognized as a trustworthy supplier. This is an exceptional wholesale vendor that deals with local stores in some countries.

Green Harmony Kratom

They assure simple payment options, a competitive pricing structure, quick shipping, and fine quality. Plus, they have their own apps, which can be downloaded on iOS and Android phones.

Best About The Brands

Brief Details Of Their Website

In this digital age, making an online store is a crucial component of any e-commerce business. Keeping this in mind, the company presents a very serviceable website, with some pages playing auto music.

There is a FAQs page and a separate section to “Track Orders.” You can make an account on the website to enjoy the exclusive perks of being a loyal customer.

Terms And Conditions

Green Harmony Kratom only sells its strains to people under the age of 21. In order to guarantee that minors are not placing an order on the website, the orders might be subject to the requirement for any evidence of the shopper’s age or a signature. This verification of age mostly occurs before or on the delivery date.

The seller does not accept any refunds and exchanges. However, they are willing to redeliver the order in case it gets lost, or becomes damaged on the way. In such circumstances, make sure to email the company as soon as possible to initiate the return process.

Availability Of Coupon Codes

As the costs are already too reasonable, no one would complain if there were no coupon codes. But Green Harmony Kratom extends its generosity by sharing vouchers and coupon codes. Under the About Us page, click on the Promo Page, where you can see the newest promo offers in order to reduce the total amount.

If you are shopping for the first time, you can avail a welcome coupon code that deducts the final purchase by 10%. There are seasonal discounts occurring throughout the year, too, and remember to check the page during holidays.

Customer Service Quality

Shoppers and interested buyers can take assistance anytime via prompt 24/7 customer support. You can communicate with Green Harmony Kratom through email address, hotline, and a contact form.

If you reside in their country, you can visit their physical store for even smoother guidance and resolution. The only problem that might occur is due to the language barrier between the Indonesian customer support team and US buyers.

User Opinions

Green Harmony Kratom prides itself on selling the best wholesale Mitragyna to the world, and real-life testimonials from clients are also posted on the homepage.

Customers have appreciated the company in all aspects – premium packaging, surprisingly quick delivery even during the COVID-19, long-lasting strains, excellent customer support, and so much more! All customers have rated this high-quality vendor 5-stars.

In case you don’t want to do heavy research to discover authentic feedback, you should know that the seller utilizes the CusRev service to ensure that all the reviews they receive on the website are taken only from the people who have actually completed a transaction with the company.

However, there is one thing that annoys lots of customers – their refund policy. They only accept returns if the package got lost, if it was delivered to an incorrect address, or if it was snatched by the customs at the Indonesian border (this only happens for the orders that are delivered from the Indonesian warehouse).

In case the latter circumstance happens, the seller will redeliver the package as long as a different address is submitted by the shopper. And even if their website states that a Satisfaction Guarantee is provided, this refund policy and the FAQs page say something else.

What Are They Selling?

There is more to this brand’s success than the fact that they are based in Indonesia. Green Harmony Kratom stores some of the most top-rated strains in the whole industry. This is even approved by the Reddit platform, where tons of users have complimented the Mitragyna’s sold by this vendor.

Many customers have made this seller their only source for Mitragyna’s needs. This is because the potency and purity are unmatched.

Since they export the strains out of Indonesia and store them in the warehouses in the United States, they only sell products in lesser packages than one kg. This can be a hindrance for some customers who like to stock up larger quantities.

Green Harmony Kratom

The product categories on the website are Kratom Powder (Green Strains, Red Strains, White Strains, Yellow Strains, and Gold Strains), Kilo’s Pack (Green Strains Pack, Red Strains Pack, White Strains Pack, 2 Kilograms Pack, 3 Kilograms Pack, 5 Kilograms Pack, 10 Kilograms Pack, and Wholesale Pack), and Organic Product (Turmeric Powder, Moringa Powder, Blue Lotus, and Matcha Powder). Plus, there is a separate category for USA Warehouse as well. The strains included in the Powders category are listed below:

You will find all your favorites and classics here. However, some unusual strains are available, too, like Brown Harmony, Super Red Gold, and Yellow Sumatra. All strains are sold in increments of kilo bags, but you can buy bundles of 3 kilo, 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg, and even 100 kg.

This is not something that is offered by other suppliers. For people who want to taste more strains without having to buy too much, sample packs are a great choice. This comes in four varying kinds and weighs a kg.

They grow, harvest, and produce all strains naturally. The hired expert team is adept at handling the natural manufacturing process. All of their product batches are tested by the Ministry of Industry Indonesia Accredited Laboratory. The Mitragyna powders are made with 100% organic and raw leaves of the herbal plant.

What Can I Expect To Pay?

You might be thinking that since they only sell kilos, it is not possible to find affordable costs here. This is because the majority of sellers charge a hundred bucks for a kilo. But this is not the case with Green Harmony Kratom. Don’t turn your back on this brand yet.

There is some confusion regarding shopping here. On one hand, they have listed the strains as $20 each kg. This sounds like a total steal. However, the USA Warehouse category sells a kg at $80, but it is still an amazing price.

But it seems that the prices are low due to balancing out the high shipping charges. Since they directly export out of Indonesia, it is obvious that shipping charges will be high.

On average, the shipping rate is $79. However, if you buy from the USA Warehouse section, you can enjoy free shipping. This means that the latter choice is more affordable and it’s wise to shop from there. This affordability is reflected in the sample packs too, as they are priced at only $19.

At the bottom of the online store website, they encourage you to share your email in order to subscribe to the newsletter. This will give you early access to coupon codes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why Should We Buy From Green Harmony Kratom?

  • 100% reliable and easy payment through credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, and Maestro), Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, and PayPal.
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee regarding all services and products.
  • Secure delivery support.
  • A customer support team is available at all times.
  • The international warranty is offered to the countries where the products are exported.

2. What Are The Contact Details Mentioned On The Website?

The email address through which you can communicate concerns is Their headquarters are located in Pontianak, West Kalimantan 78381.

3. How Strong Is Their Social Media Presence?

Green Harmony Kratom probably boasts the best social media presence out of all the available vendors. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and Instagram.

4. Do They Have A Blog?

Yes! Green Harmony Kratom regularly publishes enticing content on the blog section in order to entertain and spread awareness. The topics for the blogs usually revolve around an insight on different strains and how to consume them. This dedication to post frequent blogs just for the sake of educating is very commendable.

Final Verdict

The products of Green Harmony Kratom are supported by certificates of analysis which are decorated on the website.

What’s more, they are approved by the Republic of Indonesia’s Ministry of Industry. And even if they’re based in Mitragyna’s origin country, they have been successful in presenting reasonable prices. This makes them the best option for buying bulk orders.

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