Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom – Dosage & Effects Of Unique Strain

What Is Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom

Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom is a proud member of the clean veined Kratom family. Within the Kratom plant species, there are three different vein color combinations present in the leaves of the plant. These color variations are used to classify each of the types of strains of this plant. Green Hulu Kratom has been in use for many years and is originally from the riverbanks of River Kapuas.

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Where Does This Strain Of Kratom Come From?

The parents of this particular strain’s lineage can be traced back to the island nation of Borneo. On Borneo island, there is a river called Kapuas. It was on these banks of that river that this variety of Kratom was first discovered.

What Makes This A Unique Strain Of Kratom?

This is a strain related to the Hulu strains of the plant rather than the Indo strains of the plant.  Most versions of Kratom are originally from Malaysia and not from this part of Southeast Asia that green Hulu Kratom is from. It is unique for the balanced profile that it has amongst almost all factors you could consider when evaluating Kratom’s strain.

How Rare Of A Strain Of Kratom Is This Strain?

This is a particularly rare strain of Kratom because the place that it is found is fairly isolated. Cultivars have not known the specifics of this strain for as long as many of the other more popular strains have been farmed more extensively. This means that there is less supply for this strain, then there are for many other strains.

What Are The Key Alkaloid Components Found Within The Leaves Of This Plant?

Two alkaloids are found in high concentrations in the leaves of this strain of Kratom that contribute to this plant’s pharmacological profile. Those two alkaloids are as follows:


  • This alkaloid acted primarily as an analgesic and modulated through its mechanism of effect by activating the mu-opioid receptors.


  • This is another analgesic alkaloid in an even more potent agonist of the mu-opioid receptors than the previous alkaloid.

What Are The Effects Of This Strain Of Kratom?

This strain of Kratom has been described as being fairly balanced. It can be compared to a cup of coffee. It is like a clear summer day without the breeze that tends to disrupt things. It is one of the more subtle strains of Kratom and is typically a good option for those that are looking for a more mild experience. It is not useful for treating any type of medical condition and is not a pharmaceutical health supplement.

What Are The Doses Of The Strain Of Kratom?

Caution needs to be exercised regarding the dosage of this strain of Kratom. Lower doses will always be recommended because they possess fewer risks. Naïve users should always start with the lowest effective dose possible before gradually titrating their dosages up.

How Popular Is This Strain Of Kratom

This is a popular strain of Kratom, although it is more difficult to find than some of Kratom’s other strains. Because it is not related to the more popular Indo varieties of Kratom while the user base is still substantial, there are far fewer members that belong to the fan base of this strain than many other strains available.

How Much Does This Strain Of Kratom Cost

The cost for these strands of Kratom will depend on which vendor you decide to use. The quantity that you decide to purchase will also affect the end price. Most vendors will offer a discount if you decide to go with a larger order. The most extensive prices will be for the smallest quantities. Check with the vendors to see if they have any specials on the strain.

The Top Three Vendors To Get This Strain Of Kratom

Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom Vendor

Although it is difficult to find a vendor that has a solid source for this strain of Kratom, it is possible to find a few of them on the Internet. Below are the three best vendors to use when trying to source this strain of Kratom.

The GoldenMonk Green Hulu Kapuas

This is a vendor that has more user reviews than almost any other vendor in the Kratom industry. They have a huge reputation for providing excellent customer service and are a reputable vendor to work with, especially when sourcing green Hulu Kratom.


Earth Kratom has not been around for as long as some of the other vendors but that does not make them any less useful. They have some of the best prices available for encapsulated Kratom powder. They are worth giving a shot if you are looking for the encapsulated version of this strain.


krabot stands out the fact about this fender is that they have some of the most phenomenal prices that you will find for this strain. They do not have a certificate of analysis with their Kratom powder, but they do have a good reputation for providing high-quality products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q#1- What Are Some Similar Strains Of Kratom To Green Hulu Kratom?

A- Pretty much any of the other strains of Kratom that belong to the green-veined Kratom family will be similar to the green Hulu Kratom strain. Most members of the green color vein family will be more balanced than members of the red or white vein colored families.

Q#2- What Makes People Want To Choose Green Hulu Kratom?

A- The biggest reason is that this is a strain that is known for providing consistent results. It is balanced overall and in its profile and is unlikely to lead to an overwhelming experience for beginning users as long as they exercise caution.

Q#3- Why Is It Difficult To Source This Strain Of Kratom

A- The most popular varieties of Kratom all belong to the same family of strains. They almost all belong to the Indo family of strains. The Indo family of strains is originally from Indonesia.

Green Hulu comes from the island of Borneo, which is from a different part of Southeast Asia. Because this strain is not as popular as some of the other strains it can be more difficult to find a source because there are fewer people who are cultivating it specifically.

Q#4- What Is The Difference Between Kratom Powder And Kratom Capsules?

A- Typically with most strains of great if you can find it available for purchase in one of two forms.

  • You can find either the powder form, which is the raw leaf that has been dried out, and then broken down into a powder or find the encapsulated form. The encapsulated form is the same exact thing as the powder form, except the powder, which has been placed inside of gelatin capsules.
  • Gelatin capsules are useful because they allow you to have a premeasured dose, so you do not need to carry any additional equipment to accurately way out doses. It will be normally more expensive to purchase the same volume of Kratom if it has already been pre-encapsulated.

Final Thoughts Regarding Green Hulu Kratom

This is a unique strain of Kratom because it does not come from the same place that most of Kratom’s other most popular strains come from. The island of Borneo has created a unique alkaloid profile within the leaves of this plant. It is an incredibly balanced experience and is very similar to a good cup of coffee.

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