Green Leaf Kratom: Is This Vendor Worth Your Investment

While looking to buy your kratom supply, you should be careful when choosing a supplier because many dubious providers sell fake products on the market. If you have never taken ketum before, we strongly recommend starting with smaller quantities and choosing one of the well-known providers. Today we will review the Green Leaf Kratom vendor for you and tell you all about them to decide if you want to buy from this vendor or not.

Introduction To The Vendor

Green Leaf Kratom is a vendor based in the United States who imports Ketum from Southeast Asia. This Korth supplier has ties to reputable Mitragyna producers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam and appears to adhere to strict quality standards.

The good thing about this vendor from California is that it imports Mitragyna Speciosa leaf rather than other processed Ketum goods. In contrast to other sellers on the market, Green Leaf kratom is very interested in adhering to top-notch standards and is unwilling to jeopardize its reputation by bringing in ready-made Mitragyna Speciosa effects.

This vendor represents considerable authority in Mitragyna Speciosa through reliable Ketum capsule cases and powders. Likewise, the organization works with affiliates and wholesalers, offering the best for consumers at a cost-effective price.

Green Leaf Kratom

Website Layout

It’s critical to think about aesthetics, user experience, and technological functionality while developing a website. The website of the Green Leaf Kratom Company excels in all of these categories. The website is straightforward to explore, with a green and white background having a little bit of black texture. It provides comprehensive information on the product’s composition and origin. In addition, every product comes with images to help you better understand what you’re getting.

Affiliation With The American Kratom Association (AKA)

The American Kratom Association doesn’t accredit Green Leaf Kratom. It doesn’t publish third-party lab findings on its website so that customers may verify the potency and purity of its products. Furthermore, the website doesn’t show the testing of the products available, which is quite disappointing for newbies as they don’t have much information regarding the authentic products.

As a result, the contamination of the products with chemicals, pesticides, or heavy metals can’t be checked and verified, and there’s no way of knowing if it’s potent enough to produce the intended benefits.

Lab Test Reports

Before buying Korth, lab testing is one of the essential requirements. It is because your health is your most valuable asset, and you should perform some study and examination before ingesting ketum items.

When it comes to Mitragyna, the vendor should perform tests to ensure the unavailability of heavy metals, toxins, viruses, or bacteria, such as salmonella. Test reports are required because the difficulties induced by these toxins can result in serious illnesses.

Green Leaf Kratom does not mention the lab researching its products on its official website. They haven’t talked about them on social media, indicating that their products are unlikely to be lab tested. It can raise a question regarding the nature of their products. Because the products haven’t been lab-tested, it’s clear that they haven’t undergone GMP certification.

Product Range

Because of its diverse range of products, this vendor has become well-known. They do have much experience with Green-vein Mitragyna Speciosa. That isn’t to say they don’t offer Red and White-vein strains. When you first visit their website, you’ll notice that they sell Korth powders in containers.

Various customer comments on the vendor’s claim of offering ‘House Blends’ or other Mitragyna Speciosa options. However, this is untrue, and they sell strains such as Asia Ketum and Horned Leaf Ketum, typically unavailable from different vendors. Additionally, Green-vein, White-vein, and Red-vein Mitragyna Speciosa are all available for purchase at this company.

Their most renowned products are:

Packaging And Price

The Korth container’s prices at Green leaf Kratom start at $49.99. The containers you’ll buy will contain 100 grams of Mitragyna Speciosa for this price. On the other hand, 100 grams of Ketum Powder costs only $22.99. For all powders, this is the starting price.

It is vital to recognize that a higher-quality item purchased for a few extra dollars is preferable to a low-cost one of poor quality. There are many weight options to consider, and the prices vary greatly.

Crushed fresh leaf containers cost $49.99 for 100g, $89.99 for 250g, $149.99 for 500g, and $199.99 for 1kilo.

Ketum Powders cost $22.99 for 100g, $52.99 for 250g, $95.99 for 500g, and $169.99 for 1kilo.

Although the prices are often high compared to other sellers, they are nevertheless acceptable if the nature of the things is promising.

Shipping And Return Options

The website of Green Leaf Kratom states that it will not ship to any cities or states where mitragyna is prohibited, and the checkout will not allow you to provide an address in these locations. It is encouraging and, at the very least, demonstrates that the corporation is not willing to defy the law openly. One satisfying thing for customers is the free delivery option, which helps save money.

Only things that have not been opened or used are eligible for return. Unfortunately, it means that Green Leaf kratom cannot guarantee your satisfaction with its product, and you will not be able to test it to determine if it works for you before deciding whether to retain or return it. Unfortunately, many online reviews state that the potency is lacking, so you may be stuck with an ineffective product.

It’s also worth noting that some unfavorable reviews claim the company’s customer service is unresponsive, so you might have trouble getting a refund even if you return unopened merchandise. You will be responsible for the shipping expenses if you return an unopened package, which is industry standard.

Discounts And Coupons

This ketum vendor is committed to making its customers happy, which is why the coupon code ‘LeafyDiscount’ is unrivaled. You can get an 8% discount on your order when using this coupon at checkout. This discount applies to all of the items listed on their website.

Customers who pay using Bitcoin receive a 25% discount on their order. There is no need to use a promo code. However, green Leaf Kratom promo codes are also available from time to time. We’ll post the most recent ones below, though they may no longer be valid when you read this.

GLK10 is a 10% discount code.

GLK20 gives you a 20% discount.

Customer Service

Because Green Leaf Ketum is so focused on maintaining favorable client reviews, they consistently provide high-quality Ketum and excellent customer service.

They are easy to reach because, unlike many Ketum businesses, they offer a phone number on their website. For example, +1-866-280-1212 is their toll-free number in the United States. However, according to some customers, customer care is very lousy and doesn’t cooperate with customers, which is quite annoying to handle.

Green Leaf Kratom

Consumer Reviews

Client surveys are an essential element of learning everything there is to know about a company. It is because having hands-on experience and talking about it is different. When clients contribute suggestions or receive necessary analyses, client audits aid in the brand’s growth. Positive feedback encourages the brand to keep moving forward. Clients have given Green Leaf Kratom a 4.6 out of 5 rating in their audits.

Green Leaf Kratom has a few excellent ratings on other vendor websites, but given that most customer evaluations are wrong, it’s likely that the company paid for these. Many korth users look to third-party sites like Reddit for assistance and honest reviews, and all of the reviews there are bad. Most people claim that the Kratom they received from Green Leaf was insufficiently potent to take their usual amount and that the expensive costs made it a waste of money.

According to one user, a more reputable source compared Green Leaf’s Maeng Da kratom to the same Kratom strain, and the difference was night and day. Green Leaf kratom had almost little impact; however, the other Kratom was potent at the same amount. Furthermore, several bad reviews say that delivery timeframes are longer than expected. Some customers never received tracking information and tried unsuccessfully to contact customer care.

Should You Buy From This Vendor

There are many red flags regarding this vendor, from lab test reports to customer reviews suggesting that you should not buy from them. Still, beginners might want to give this vendor a chance because of low potency strains. However, they might want to start with a small order to know if it is ok to buy from this vendor.

Recent concerns have also included late shipping, uneven quality, and lousy customer support. It’s always disappointing to learn that a former strong hitter has slipped in quality. Hopefully, this is only a short-term problem that will get resolved in the upcoming times.

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