Green Maeng Da Kratom Origin – Uses – Benefits And Dosage Effects

Kratom has been around for over 180 years, with it first being recorded in 1836. There’s evidence to suggest it has been used even prior to that.  In the US, there’s a growing love and hate for the herbal supplement. Users of this plant and some companies come to its aid in fighting to keep it legal. While there isn’t much research on Kratom, the ones that have been conducted do show mixed results, leaning towards positive.

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There are many different types of Kratom, and some originate from different areas like Malaysia, Bali, and Thailand. Some species are native to certain locations. For all the types of Kratom that exist, it’s mostly broken down into three kinds:

  • Red Veined
  • White Veined
  • Green Veined.

If you are looking to try Kratom, it might be hard to know which variant is the right one for you. The good news is that most types are dependent on your wants and needs.

For example

  1. Many who experience Pain and just want relief for that tend to gravitate to the Red-veined types.
  2. Those who are looking for more Mood-boosting and Energy properties look for the White-veined.
  3. Lastly, those who want a Balance of Red and White without the sometimes-harsh side effects or sedation choose the green.
  4. Others that want a more Potent mix of the properties use a mixture of Red and White, Red and Green, White and Green, or all three.

Today, we discuss the most popular green-veined strain: Green Maeng Da and what it has to offer. We even included a handy comparison section and what to look for when buying any type of Kratom. Read on to see what this plant might potentially do for you.

What is Green Maeng Da Strain?

Maeng Da Kratom is considered to be the purest form and least tampered with of all the types of Kratom. Locals used to consume Kratom during festivals as part of their tradition. While many today use it for medicinal purposes.

The Maeng Da strain is made of lesser alkaline content making it easier to digest and with fewer side effects. The main reason that makes this strain so great is the higher quantities of mitragynine, 7 hydroxymitragynine, and mitraphylline compared to other types of Kratom. The green strain in particular is one of the most popular in the green-veined strains. It comes from Thai origins. This strain has higher alkaloid content than its counterparts (Red Maeng Da and White Maeng Da).

Where Does It Originate?

Kratom is an herbal substance found in tropical South East Asia, like Bali and Thailand.

  1. The Green Maeng Da strain originated from the farmworkers in Thailand. They desired a more potent form of Kratom that would last longer while giving pain relief and energy.
  2. Many of the pain-relieving strains create a sedative effect and isn’t conducive for long hours of manual labor.

Grafting involves taking two separate plants and cutting them between the roots and then binding the plants together with tape and wax. The plant will fuse and create a nub. This nub is where all the benefits of both plants are.

What Are the Main Uses of Green Maeng Da?

Green Maeng Da is used for many different reasons.

  • One of the main reasons is for increased energy.
  • It helps with improving concentration and productivity.

Note: Due to the energy-boosting effects, it’s not recommended to take this strain before bed unless you need the extra boost for work or activity.  Many users often take this strain in the morning when they wake up.

This strain is milder in side effects compared to others, making it ideal for the first time or new users. The stimulating effects are less potent than other strains.

What are the Benefits of Green Maeng Da?

Green Maeng Da kratom has many benefits. Many users report the followings

  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Mood
  • Moderate Relaxation
  • Mild Pain Relief
  • Self-Confidence Boost
  • Fewer Side Effects
  • Ideal For New Users of Kratom
  • A Clearer Mind

What is the Main Effect of Green Maeng Da Strain?

The main effect of Green Maeng Da has increased energy levels. Compared to other types of Kratom, it has higher energy levels but with fewer side effects.

What is the Right Dosage to Take?

Certain doses will deliver different effects.

Maeng Da Kratom Dose

  • If taking a quality, premium type then 3 to 5g will work with most strains effectively. Green Maeng Da is high in alkaloids.
  • It’s recommended to start with 1g for the Green Maeng Da strain if you are just starting on Kratom.
  • Those that need a light effect should take around 2 to 3g.
  • Moderate effects are felt around 3 to 5g.
  • Heavy effects are felt around 6 to 8g.
  • Dosages higher than 6 to 8g will deliver a heavy sedation effect.
  • The effects of this strain will kick in around 15 to 20 minutes of consumption and may last up to six hours.

What Are the Differences Between the Red, White, and Green Strain?

Red Maeng Da is the most popular of the three. It may produce

  • Muscle Relaxing
  • Antioxidant Properties
  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects.

Many that take the red report

  • Improved Mood
  • Mild Stimulation
  • Energy Boost
  • Analgesic Effects and that it relieves “Brain fog”.
  • It’s known for helping with insomnia and its calming effects.
  • Many opiate addicts seek out the red for preventing withdrawal symptoms.

The white strain is the least popular of the three.

  • White Maeng Da gives more energy and is more stimulating than red. Many reports using it as a pre-workout drink. Unlike the red, taking the white too late in the day can cause sleeplessness.
  • While green is milder than the white, the duration of the green is longer. It’s often praised for the energy levels but can sometimes cause the “jitters”.
  • Both the green strain and white strain help increase alertness and sociability. Users who are introverted or socially phobic report feeling more confident after consuming it. Some users report more of a balanced effect when combining white and red.

Green is the most balanced of the three.

  • It has mild energy-boosting effects. It helps with focusing and alertness but is more subtle than the other strains. The green can help with pain too and doesn’t lead to drowsiness like the red.
  • Users that like this strain like it for its social phobia help. They report feeling more friendly, cheery, and more talkative after consuming.

If you are torn between the three, most suppliers will have the option of sample packs for you to try. The effects you may feel will vary based not only on the strain but other factors too. It will depend on how it was harvested, the quality, how it was cared for, the location, and more.

Green Maeng Da Benefits

How to Buy the Green Maeng Da Strain?

Finding the right company to buy from may be difficult. You’ll want to make sure the Kratom you’re buying is of high quality and from a reliable source. A company that is constantly testing for impurities and making sure it’s safe to consume is a must. Buying from local

They don’t always have proper knowledge of how to care for it in storing or where they are getting it from. Buying online from trusted sites that include their 3rd party lab results or sticking to one supplier is a safer bet.

Final Thoughts

While we have given information on the Green Maeng Da , it’s always different to hear from people who have taken it. Some users will praise the red over the green or the white over the green. It all comes down to personal preference. Many users from online forums state that the green is their personal favorite. Others claim that they get the full benefits without having to take as much as you do with other strains. Some even claim that it helps with their bipolar disorder symptoms. When it comes down to it, there’s no denying that the green Maeng Da is a personal favorite for many users.

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