Green Thai Kratom Everything You Need To Know About It


Thailand -located in the middle of the Indochinese peninsula- is known for its picturesque tropical beaches, royal palaces, and Buddhist temples. Another thing this country is popular for is one of its agricultural products belonging to the coffee family and widely known for Green Thai Kratom as well as its analgesic and stimulant properties, called Kratom.

However, even though Thailand is one of the largest producers of Kratom, the country has had a ban on the possession and trade of this evergreen plant for many past decades. The good thing is that the ban was lifted just earlier this year with an order to drop thousands of legal cases regarding Kratom possession.

In this article, we’ll be discussing a Thai strain that is quickly gaining immense popularity due to its high efficacy and strength, known as Green Thai Kratom.

Origin Of Green Thai Kratom

As we know already, Kratom is a herbal plant indigenous to Southeast Asian countries. The soil in which it is grown varies in its nutrients, humidity, and humus according to its respective countries. This is the reason that strains named after their countries of origin also have different health properties.

Kratom grown in Thailand is of high quality and is one of the most demanded blends in the US. The nutrient-rich and acidic soil of the country are perfect for the cultivation of Mitragyna in red kratom and green vein leaves. It greatly enables the high concentration of Kratom alkaloids like Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine.

The unique alkaloid profile of Green Thai makes it one of the most sought-after Kratom strains. This famous blend gets its color from the green veins of the leaves that are present in the middle of the tree canopy and gets a moderate amount of sunlight.

Moreover, it is milder in effects than its Red counterpart but more potent than White Thai Kratom. This makes Green Thai suitable for users looking for well-balanced and calming health effects with lesser negative outcomes.



Growth And Production 

Green Thai Kratom is usually cultivated in the central and southern areas of the country. It is grown in small farms or naturally grown in the wild, harvested by the local farmers. These farmers consume this herb themselves by chewing on the leaves while working or using it as a cash crop that is exported in exchange for fair trade compensation.

However, due to legislation issues, only those farmers having a license for trading can do so. Because of this, some US vendors have adopted the practice to export high-quality seeds from Thailand and then ship them to Indonesia to be grown there.

It is a costly method, as seeds can become inert in a matter of days, and a huge batch is needed to cultivate a substantial amount of Kratom trees that too take years to grow to full size to get harvested. Further, the Kratom then again needs to be shipped to the US, which can be expensive.

Next, the mature green vein leaves are harvested from the trees and then dried in a combination of sunlight and room without any light to make it the unique green strain.

The good news is that, with the recent decriminalization of Kratom in Thailand, now there is more relaxation in the import and export laws of the Speciosa plant. This new progress might lower the cost of Green Thai Kratom in the US.

How Can I Use Green Thai Kratom

Green Thai Kratom is available in various forms. You can either gulp down the powder with water and juice or enjoy the benefits of Kratom herbal tea.

Here are the common forms of this potent strain that the users most commonly appreciate:

  •   Powder: It is the most common and the most economical form of Green Thai. The most common method to use Kratom powder is to toss and wash with water or juice like orange and grapefruit juice.
  •   Capsules: Using capsules is the most convenient method of Kratom consumption. You get pre-measured doses this way and can effectively avoid the hassle of scooping up the powder.
  •   Leaves: Chewing leaves is an old method used by natives many decades ago. Nowadays, the bitter raw taste of leaves does not make it easy to keep them in the mouth longer than necessary.
  •   Liquid extracts: A liquid form of Green Thai Kratom is not commonly used. Though, the concentration of alkaloids is adjusted in this form.
  •   Tinctures: It is an extremely concentrated form of Kratom used by those users who prefer instant and prolonged effects.

What Do The Users Say

Green Thai is widely popular and utilized by Kratom devotees in abundance. They have a lot of positive things to say about this strain online.

According to a user on Reddit, Green Thai is a strong stimulant and fast in terms of effects. It is extremely helpful in staying alert and focused. Further, it took away back agony from the user effectively while without causing any side effects. The user dubbed it as “his favorite strain yet”.

Another seasoned Kratom user has shared his experience of using this blend for the first time. In his own words,

“Within 30 minutes, I was already feeling a tremendous amount of relief. Within an hour, my chronic back and knee agony disappeared and left me in a state of bliss accompanied by a terrific mood boost and some nice relaxed euphoria.”


Where To Find The Best Green Thai Kratom

Finding 100% pure, authentic and natural Mitragyna products might seem easy with dozens of suppliers present online. However, it might not be the case when you start looking for one.

If you want to buy good quality Green Thai Kratom, here are some pointers you should keep in mind:

  • Make sure to check the texture and smell of the Kratom powder before buying. It should be bright olive green with a loose texture. Additionally, the smell should be a bit tangy and similar to green tea. The powder that gives off a bad chemical smell can mean inadequately processed Kratom.
  • Find a vendor who can provide fresh products as close to the harvest date as possible. The reason for this is to ensure the best strength of the strain, as the active alkaloids start disintegrating with the passing time that can render the product useless.
  • Kratom suppliers having reliable and 24/7 available customer support should be considered. You can instantly connect to them in case of late delivery or wrong product.
  • Checking customer satisfaction rates by looking at ratings and reviews online can give you an idea of the quality of products sold by the seller.
  • Whether buying online or from a local vendor, always compare prices. This way, you can save some serious bucks.


Green Thai Kratom is considered a rare and expensive strain because of the legislative issues regarding the Kratom ban in its country of origin. Nonetheless, this might change because Kratom is now legal in Thailand to possess, sell, import, and export.

This potent strain is considered best for agony relief, mood boost, and staying focused by many users. If you are interested in trying out this strain, we’ll encourage you to do so for sure.

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