Green Vein Kratom Effects , Dosage And Popular Green Strains

In the botanical world, many people often heard about the green vein kratom plant. People often use it as a substitute for opium for euphoric purposes. It is available at the TGM store easily. But many people don’t know about the medicinal activities of the green vein kratom plant. With economic availability, it shows excellent results. Even the small amount of green vein kratom is enough for its benefits. This is because of the abundant presence of the active constituent in it.

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Chemical constituents of Green Vein Kratom plant:

The chemical constituents of green vein kratom plant include:

  • Mitragynine:

Mitragynine present in the kratom leaf is an alkaloid in nature. It is present at about 2- 3 percent in the kratom plant. It is insoluble in water and soluble in the other organic solvents like alcohol.

  • Hydroxy-mitragynine

This is present at about 0.5 to 0.7 % in the plant leaf.

  • Speciogynine
  • Speciociliatine, and Paynantheine

 This is present between a range of 0.2 to 0.5 %.

Do you know the amount of active constituent in kratom leaf?

The consuming part leaf of the green vein kratom plant weighs about 2 grams. Each leaf contains almost 2 to 3 % of Mitragynine. This amount of Mitragynine is present in the fresh leaf of the kratom plant. In the dry leaf of the green vein kratom plant, the Mitragynine usually ranges between 0.2 to 0.3%.


Green Vein Kratom

 Other Names Of Green Vein Kratom

The part of the Green vein kratom plant used for recreational or medicinal purposes is its leaves. The other names of the plant are Biak, Thang, Thom, and Ketum.

  • How to differentiate green vein kratom from other types of kratom?
  • Do you really need to differentiate the green vein kratom from the other type of kratom?

Green vein kratom does provide all benefits given above. But you should know that the green vein kratom is specified to create the alertness. It creates activeness. So it is the best thing for dull minds. It can be used during work. Try to use it during the early morning before going to work. You can also use it during the evening before going to bed.

In comparison, the other types of kratom, such as red vein kratom provide a more soothing effect. So, whenever you are under stress or exertion, it will help you.

Strains Of Green Vein Kratom Plant:

The green vein kratom plant has four types of strains. The activity of the plant may vary according to the strain. The strains of green vein kratom plant are:

Green Bali Kratom

The first type of strain of the green vein kratom plant is Green Bali kratom. The name is after its transportation through Bali Port.  This type of strain is usually native to Bali in Indonesia. 

Green Brunie Kratom

The second type of strain of the green vein kratom plant is the Green Brunei strain. The green Brunei strain is a refreshing agent. It relaxes and refreshes the nerves of a person. This strain of the green vein kratom plant is a combination of 80 % green kratom vein and 20 % white kratom vein.

Green Malay Kratom

The third type of strain of the kratom plant is green kratom Malay. This type of strain is dark green in color. This strain is usually found in Malaysia.

Maeng Da Kratom

The fourth type of strain of the green vein kratom plant is the Maeng Da strain. The Maeng Da strain produces stimulant activity.This type of strain is usually native to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. This strain has 3 colors. These 3 colors are reddish, green, and white. The Maeng da strain contains about 67 % to 68 % of Mitragynine in it.

Why Should You Know About The Dose Of Kratom Plant?

The intake of green vein kratom leaves should start from a low dose. The dose increases until it reaches a certain level of attaining desirable effects. The dose of the kratom plant also varies according to the age and health condition of an individual. Always try to take the kratom dose after accurate measurement. For safe use, the dose of the plant classifies into 3 types.

The first type is low to a moderate dose, which ranges between 1 to 5 grams.

The second type is the high dose, which ranges between 5 to 15 grams.

The third type of dosage is a very high dose, which is above 15 grams.

How You Can Consume The Green Vein Kratom Plant

You can consume the green vein kratom plant in different forms. You can consume it in raw form. The consuming part of the plant is its leaves. You can make a decoction of the green vein kratom plant. The taste of the kratom leaves is bitter. So you can sweeten it with honey. Many people add lemon in the tea or decoction of green vein kratom plant. Adding lemon can help to extract the alkaloid extract of the plant. You can also consume it in powdered form.

You can also consume it in the form of tablets or capsules. But the powder form of green vein kratom is best to use. Because the availability of the green vein kratom plant in powder form increases its shelf life.

How is green vein kratom powder made?

These are then dried under a salubrious environment. Then it grinds to its powder form, keeping the quality intact. Under the quality packaging, the leaves of green vein kratom plants become readily available to you.

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