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Herbal RVA is a popular vendor of everything kratom and beyond. This site might be popular, but that doesn’t mean everyone knows about it. The following review will help you learn more about Herbal RVA.

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Quick Herbal RVA Overview

Part of what makes Herbal RVA special is that you can find all sorts of herbs there. At first glance, the site seems like a regular site, but if you pay attention, you’ll notice a lot.

Some people might notice the quality is pretty good compared to other sites. Others might notice the prices and variety of products. It’s good to shop where you know you won’t get cheated. You’d be surprised how expensive some of the products Herbal RVA carries could be elsewhere.

What Kind of Stuff Can You Find at Herbal RVA?

To get to know this site, you should know what kind of items you can get there. The following are a few things you can find:

Herbal RVA Product


The site has many kratom strains to choose from. To find it, you’ll have to search under “speciosa.” This is kratom’s more scientific name. The following are some popular kratom strains you can find on this site:

  • White Kutai herbal tea
  • Yellow JongKong herbal tea
  • White BigBang herbal tea

Kratom is sold by the gram.

  • The site ships anywhere between 100 g to 1 kg.
  • The price starts from $9 but can rise to $69 depending on how much is shipped.
  • The site’s kratom options are pretty impressive.
  • These are only three strains, but there are more to choose from. You can try different ones to see which ones you like.

Honeybush Tea

One product you’ll find at Herbal RVA is none other than Honeybush tea. This is sometimes called bergtree and Heuningbos by locals. The herbal tea blend originates from the heart of South Africa. Folks who use this herb make it by taking honeybush leaves and boiling it for some time.

The reason many folks have heard of honeybush tea is because of its unique properties. A lot of what it can do deals with its antioxidant content. Most folks know antioxidants are known to fight cellular damage. This includes skin cell damage, which could lead to premature aging.

Matcha Green Tea

Everyone is hooked on coffee, and that’s okay, but there are alternatives. A good alternative to coffee is tea. Coffee is just one flavor, but there are a lot of teas to choose from. You can see this by checking out the teas on Herbal RVA.

Part of the reason this tea has risen in popularity is that it contains a lot of antioxidants. You already know what an ingredient like that could do for the body, except this tea tastes different from the other tea just mentioned.

Organic Assam Tea

Assam tea is another tea you can find on this site. The name might not sound familiar to folks, but they still might have come across it. This herb is used to make black tea.

One thing that makes this tea special is because it contains antioxidants. On top of that, this herb also seems to contain a high amount of caffeine. Folks who love coffee may want to try Assam tea. The taste of the herb and tea is quite interesting, so it’s a tea worth trying.

Herbal RVA offers

Rooibos Tea

You will also find rooibos tea on this site. Here is another herb many people fall in love with. It contains a lot of antioxidants, but something else makes it special.

What people love about rooibos is it does not contain caffeine. There’s a good chunk of people out there looking for an alternative to caffeine. Maybe the ingredient is a little strong, or maybe the ingredient makes them feel unpleasant feelings. Folks like that turn to rooibos tea and Herbal RVA has it for you.

White Peach Tea

White peach tea may not be the most popular tea out there, but it has a lot going for it. This tea contains a good amount of antioxidants along with other things. You’ll find calcium, fluoride, and other minerals in one little tea.

The taste is pleasant and mild. Folks can take this tea with nearly anything or enjoy it as is. Maybe they can pour this nice tea on a cold morning or night to warm themselves up. It seems like the tea might contain some antibacterial properties. That’s benefit wellness fans always like to hear.


Another item that can be found on this site is moringa. This comes in powdered form, which makes it pretty versatile. Folks have added the powder to various drinks, so it’s up to your imagination. Part of what makes this powder special is its properties.

It contains minerals and vitamins. One mineral that can be found in the powder is calcium. It also seems to have antibacterial properties.

Sarsaparilla Tea

Sarsaparilla tea contains anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation can be found in many chronic diseases, such as arthritis or people dealing with general pain.

The root makes a tea similar to root beer tea. Some folks have made a fermented drink out of this specific herb, and it tastes like root beer. It used to be popular in the United States at one point, but that’s no longer the case. Sure, it can still be found in specialty stores at high prices. It’s better for folks to just get it from this site and do it themselves.

These are some of the products that can be found on the site. There are many more to choose from or experiment with. This site is exciting because it carries a good variety of items.

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Pricing, Shipping, and Customer Service

The prices for items on this site vary from product to product. You already know what to expect for kratom, but there’s more to learn.

For example

  •  Four ounces of honeybush tea can cost about $22.
  • On the other hand, white peach tea could cost anywhere between $15 to $44, depending on how many ounces you want.

The other thing people worry about when it comes to shopping online is the shipping. On this site, shipping prices are reasonable.

It’s not great because great would be free, but at least you aren’t paying too much. The shipping weight of a few ounces can be shipped for about $7.40, but that could change if you decide to get a bigger package.

  • It should be pointed out that the site offers express shipping. A few ounces will be $23.75, which is pretty high, but you do get your package in two days. For folks who need their package as soon as possible, that’s a relatively good price. Keep in mind that some online stores don’t offer express shipping. Having it available is a good thing even if it can seem pricey.

The other thing that has to be addressed is customer service. This part of the website is sort of lacking. Currently, the site doesn’t have live chat support, but it does give customers a lot of alternatives. Folks can email the site and talk to a live person. Folks can also mail something to the company. A person could also simply just call the company to talk to someone who lives about a particular issue or to ask something. The number is 804-543-9461.

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