Hill Country Kratom Review – Legit Or A Scam?

Hill Country Kratom is a business by HCK Wellness LLC, whose owner is a broad-minded person. You can also call the company HCK Wellness. Its founder thinks that all companies should profit from society and yield back to the community. The company does not allow people below the age of 21 to buy from them. An interesting fact about the founder is that he keeps all business dealings low-profile. Due to such a unique mindset, it is not a surprise that their quality is unrivaled.

However, the vendor has a checkered past due to an unpleasant incident that took place in 2016. Hill Country Kratom suffered a raid at the Texas brick-and-mortar store at the hands of higher authorities. This steered lots of unwanted attention towards them. They ended up losing a big amount of revenue as all the product range was stolen from them.

Hill Country Kratom

All seasoned Mitragyna consumers know about this notorious incident. But since the vendor is always working within the legal circle, it rebuilt from the ashes again and introduced the company for the second time.

But still, some prospects hesitate to deal with this vendor because another raid might occur. Other people have formed biased opinions about them. Should they be given another chance? This will be discussed soon.

The Celebrated Strains At The Brand

You should know about Hill Country Kratom that they buy fresh Mitragyna from selected Indonesian farmers. After sourcing from them, they donate a percentage of profits to the local Kratom community.

The company prides itself on working with a small Indonesian farming family. When one visits their website, one will see pictures of the authentic Kratom trees from where the company gets its products. Not only this, visitors can have a glimpse of cultivators and farmers through the various pictures sprawled out on the website.

Customers appreciate this personal touch which is hardly seen anywhere else these days. Since they are collaborating with this little family, you obviously won’t be entertained with a wide variety.

Even though Hill Country Kratom possesses the facilities and freedom to introduce more items to the line-up, they have decided to maintain and improve the standards of the current range instead. The two major strains of the online seller are Red Vein Kali and Super Green Borneo, both of which are sought-after.

The former strain was given the title of the Best Overall Strain in 2017. This vendor works hard to provide genuine leaf powder minus the stems and veins.

Excluding the two prominent powder strains, users can find live Kratom plants in this store as well. Unfortunately, they do not sell any encapsulated Mitragyna. Some non-Mitragyna products available are:

  • Calm – Natural Vitality
  • Moringa Leaf Powder
  • Shungite EMF Blocker

The first item is a blend of Magnesium and Calcium.

What Are People Saying?

Users rave about this brand’s products and appreciate the premium quality. But as always, some salty people have not moved on from the unpleasant business history. However, an entire Reddit thread talks positively about the company. A big percentage of feedback reports that the vendor achieves consistent quality and their items are worth every penny.

The Pricing System Of The Brand

Hill Country Kratom is not a budget-friendly seller, but the quality speaks for itself. Customers can buy 113 grams for $45, which jumps to $70 for 227 grams. If we compare these prices to the market standards, it is quite costly.

But what else can you expect from a top-tier brand? Since they produce a restricted selection, only two increments are available. If you want to know the costs of other prices, they are mentioned below:

  • Moringa Leaf Powder – $20
  • Shungite EMF Blocker – $20
  • Calm Plus Calcium – $30

Hill Country Kratom

How Do They Ship The Orders?

Hill Country Kratom ships all packages via UPS and USPS Priority Mail. As indicated by the users, the delivery speed is quick. Most of the boxes are shipped in two working days. This fast speed is because the shipments are processed immediately after the payment is finalized.

The company offers tracking numbers via email, and the shipping is free. If a customer wants to track the order, they can fill out the contact form or call the vendor.

Discount Deals And Coupon Codes

Shoppers at Hill Country Kratom are always blessed with tempting discounts and exciting offers. The brand is aware of how much the public loves freebies, so they don’t hold back. All the loyal customers are given huge discounts on bulk orders.

Another impressive characteristic about the vendor is that they give something on the birthdays of repeat customers. How does this work? If a loyal customer orders something on their birthday, a gift will be offered alongside.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do They Treat Their Customers?

Why wouldn’t the shoppers love this brand because of the discount deals and freebies freely given to everyone? Many Kratom admirers think that this vendor is the best resource out there. Moreover, another praiseworthy aspect of the company is that they send celebratory YouTube videos to customers completing their goals.

The committed customer support representatives are always there to solve all reservations and inquiries via phone number and email address. The users are guided to submit all the queries either by call or text message. Afterward, they are instructed to wait for some time to get a response.

All this indicates that the team behind Hill Country Kratom is efficient and experienced. Whether a user wishes to send a product back or refund a faulty item, it will be handled professionally. But other brands offer more communication methods. Therefore, the company should add more options to bridge the gap between the customer and the vendor. Plus, the high pricing system should be lowered down too.

How Can Users Pay Them?

Currently, Hill Country Kratom accepts payments made via cash on delivery, Western Union, Money Gram, SKRILL account, postal money order, Bitcoin, and personal checks.

Is There A Money-back Guarantee?

It is unsure whether customers can be entertained with a money-back guarantee since no information has been revealed on this matter. However, they encourage the users to contact them if they are dissatisfied with an item. They have stated on the website that they aim to resolve all concerns, including refunds.

What Are The Cons Of This Brand?

Hill Country Kratom is expensive, which turns many prospects away. But there are more downsides than throwing people off. For example, the brand does not carry independent third-party lab tests on the product batches after reaching the United States port.

Moreover, the product range is restricted, which means they can not meet the preferences of many people. Finally, their packaging quality is not decent, and it is clear that they do not put effort into this aspect.

Final Thoughts On The Vendor

Hill Country Kratom is a small family-friendly company collaborating with a Kratom farm operated by an Indonesian farming family. Unlike other hustling companies who are always trying to generate more revenue, the founder of this brand chose to do the opposite. But even with such unusual choices, their business is successful, and the customer base is ever-growing.

The vendor is famous for offering high-quality Mitragyna Speciosa products and great customer service. But their pricing structure does not sit well with the majority of interested buyers.

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