How To Take Kratom?

Kratom has been used for centuries in treating various ailments. It originated in Southeast Asia with laborers for the stimulant and pain-relieving effects. It’s now more commonly used to treat addiction. There has been recent controversy over the years whether kratom is safe and works. Many people stand by the claim that it helps with their conditions or withdrawal symptoms. Research shows that it may help people but there are negative side effects and not much is known about the medical effects of kratom. Should you want to try kratom, there are tips and tricks to taking it. Much of this has been created by users of the plant through trial and error.

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Ways to Take Kratom

There are many methods of taking kratom. Some find it easier or more palatable to take it one way over another. There are pros and cons to each method and what works for one person may not be the best for you. Trial and error are usually needed for people that are just starting.

Toss n’ Wash

Toss and wash involve taking a spoonful of kratom in powder form and putting it in your mouth then washing it down with some type of liquid. Some people prefer taking it with iced tea and others with water. Kratom is known for being a diuretic and could cause dehydration if you don’t hydrate.

This method is particularly dehydrating and difficult but also considered the quickest. The strongest side effects are felt with the toss and wash. The only problem is kratom is drying, so coughing out the powder or gagging on it is common. It’s recommended to take small amounts at a time if using this method.


  • Get the strongest effects
  • Quicker action VS. other methods


  • Gagging and coughing the powder out is common
  • The method requires more hydration than others

Prepare As A Tea

Before preparing to take kratom as a tea, it should be noted that you shouldn’t use extracts. Use powdered leaves instead. Extracts, when used in hot water, break down the alkaloids leaving you no benefits and costing you money. This method is considered convenient, effective, and the most traditional way to take kratom.

Kratom Tea

How to Make a Tea:

  • First, you will boil two to four cups of water. It should be noted that the more water you use, the less strong the flavor will be. It won’t interfere with the effects provided you drink it all.
  • After the water is boiled, you take the kratom powder in a cup or container with a pouring lip.
  • Then, pour the water on top. Stir until it’s thoroughly mixed. This means no clumps of powder left. At this point, you can add your favorite sweeteners like Sugar, Honey, Lemon, Cinnamon, or Artificial Sugar.
  • Let it cool for around 15 minutes and stir occasionally. Once cooled, the powder will settle at the bottom. Pour the tea into a cup and enjoy!

If you are making a large volume of tea, it can be stored for up to five days in the fridge. Those wanting it to last longer can add 80 proof liquor to three parts of the tea. It will last for up to a few months. Be sure to warm the tea and stir before consuming it again.


  • Cheap
  • You can add ingredients to make it taste better
  • Easier on the stomach because you aren’t consuming the whole plant


  • Takes time to make
  • Depending on the strain, the flavor might be bitter even with added ingredients

Mix Kratom in Food

Kratom can be mixed into food if you can’t stomach drinking the tea or the Toss n’ Wash method. Kratom has a strong, bitter flavor and doesn’t mix the best with all foods. The efficacy isn’t affected by mixing with small amounts of food or certain ones. Some foods it works best with are

  • Yogurts
  • Apple Sauce
  • Ice Cream
  • Protein Shakes

Kratom Yogurt

The most common way to take kratom with food is with yogurt. Greek yogurt is the preferred type because of the thickness, and you can add extra ingredients. Many use Vanilla Flavor yogurt and add honey or lemon juice with a tablespoon of their powder.

Protein Shake/Milkshake

Protein shakes and milkshakes are a popular way to take kratom. The flavor of the protein powder mixed with the kratom makes it palatable. Chocolate flavoring or Chocolate milk masks the bitterness of kratom and keeps the kratom from settling to the bottom. When making a shake, but the dose of your kratom and protein power, or if just using milk, one to two tablespoons.

Stir the kratom mixture until the liquid is absorbed and forms into a paste. Add more tablespoons of your chosen milk and stir until there are no clumps. Add more milk (about one cup) and stir, then enjoy! Once you finish the glass, add a little more milk and stir and drink. This catches any leftover kratom that may have stuck to the glass.

  • Masks the taste
  • Easier on the stomach
  • Can add extra flavoring/ingredients
  • Same efficacy as other methods
  • Takes some time to make the mixture
  • Milk or protein powder can add extra calories you may not want or need

Capsule/Powder Form

Capsules are one of the most popular ways to take kratom. It’s efficient, cheap, and versatile. Capsules tend to be easier on the stomach and can be opened to use with food or drinks. The powder can be bought in bulk and is the cheapest method of buying kratom. Like the capsules can be opened, you can get your empty capsules and fill with the powder yourself. Many also prefer the capsule method because they can get them locally at headshots.


  • Versatile
  • Cheapest method
  • A most convenient way to consume


  • The plant matter is ingested
  • Fine powders are hard to measure and contain when making your capsules

Extract Form

There are three main ways to make extracts. Each extract has a different potency. Steeping is one way but the weakest, followed by water-based, and resin. Resin is the strongest but the most expensive and most difficult to make.


Tea is the simplest extraction process because all it requires is steeping the leaves with water to make tea. Tea isn’t very concentrated unless steeped for a very long time, but it still won’t be as potent as other methods. With extracts, using very hot water can break down the alkaloids.

Water-based Extracts:

Water-based Extracts require more work to make than tea but are more concentrated. Kratom leaves are dissolved in ethanol and water but you can water only. It’s recommended to add citric acid as a preservative and to make sure the extract has a pH around four. Shake the mixture and leave it in a dark place for up to two weeks for steeping. Then, you strain the mixture and half evaporates. The extract should be thick and kept in a dark bottle. Most liquid extracts are made this way with kratom.


Resins are semi-solid compared to the other two extractions. These are extremely concentrated but are expensive and difficult to make correctly. Time-wise, they are quicker than water-based extracts. To make it, add kratom powder and enough water to cover the powder.

Mix it and add

  • Lemon Juice
  • Lime Juice
  • Vinegar to make it acidic.

Steep overnight, then freeze the mixture. Once frozen, add to boiling water with lime or lemon juice and simmer until a quarter of the water is gone. Strain and cool the mixture. Evaporate half the water, then simmer the wet powder with water and lemon or lime juice. The powder can be filtered once more. Pour into an oven-safe dish and heat on 150-200 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the water is gone, the resin is left behind.

Extracts need to be carefully stored from light to avoid the alkaloids breaking down. If you don’t want to make your extracts, many online shops sell them.

  • More alkaloids meaning less is needed
  • Easiest intake method for some
  • Dissolves easily in liquids
  • Resin extract is the most potent form
  • Extracts don’t contain all alkaloids, so some effects may be missing
  • Making your own can be time-consuming and difficult

How to Dose Kratom

Dosage should be measured with a scale. A single dose of kratom depends on a few factors. Your weight, age, how long you’ve been taking it, and the method you’re using to take it. Measuring kratom can be a little tricky.

  • For Example, a teaspoon of finely powdered kratom weighs more than one teaspoon of crushed leaves. There are some baselines for measuring most kratom sold.
  • On average, one leveled teaspoon of finely powdered kratom equals about two grams (more closely 2.25 grams).
  • One leveled tablespoon of finely powdered kratom equals six to seven grams.
  • Depending on the potency, this dosage may be mid-sized for average potency, mild dosage for low-potency, and strong dosage for high-potency kratom.
  • On the other hand, coarse leaves average around 0.8 grams for a leveled teaspoon.

Kratom Dosage for Beginners

Kratom oral dosages vary based on the type. For example, premium quality, ultra-potent, and extracts will vary in their effects based on how much you take.

Premium Quality Kratom

Kratom dose guide

For Premium Quality Kratom, the

  • Threshold 2-4 grams
  • Mild is 3-5 grams
  • Moderate is 4-10 grams
  • Strong is 8-15 grams
  • Very Strong is 12-25 grams

Ultra-Potency Kratom

Ultra-potency kratom

  • The threshold is 1-3 grams
  • Mild is 2-4 grams
  • Moderate is 3-7 grams
  • Strong is 6-10
  • Very Strong is 8-16 grams


Extracts measure at

  • 1 gram for the Threshold
  • 1-2 grams for Mild
  • 2-4 grams for Moderate
  • 3-6 grams for Strong
  • 5-8 grams for Very Strong

Threshold means the effects are apparent but are more subtle. Mild produces stimulant-like effects. Moderate produces effects that are in between stimulant-like effects and

  • Sedative
  • Euphoric
  • Analgesic.

Strong also produces

  • Sedative
  • Euphoric
  • Analgesic

effects but are too strong for those that are sensitive. Very strong produces the same effects as strong but with a higher concentration and most can’t handle this dosage.

Precautions to Taking Kratom

Kratom affects everyone differently. Some are sensitive to low doses while others need stronger ones. Kratom also varies in potency depending on where you buy it from or the strain. Keep in mind that a dose for one strain or quality may be too weak or too strong with a different strain or source.

For first time users, they may not know the differences in strain potency or source potency. This makes it hard to dose. Through trial and error, it can be figured out. There are plenty of ways to take kratom should you want to try it and tips to making it more palatable. Anyone trying for the first time or even long-term users should be aware that there are precautions to taking it.

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