Is Sunstone Organics Worth Your Money?

Sunstone Organics Vendor Review 

The duration of business is a great indication of a vendor’s credibility. If a vendor has been established and running for many years, it speaks volumes about their dedication and reliability.

Only experts and professionals can stay in the industry, and Sunstone Organics is an example of such a vendor. Based in Pleasant Hill, Oregon, this company boasts a competitive rank in the market.

But why is Sunstone Organics recognized for its top quality? Kratom enthusiasts founded the brand, and thus, they know what a Kratom vendor should be like. The founders wanted to offer nothing less than the best. Plus, the reviews directed at the company are mostly positive.

Sunstone Organics aims to provide a big collection of Kratom strains for all the Mitragyna lovers at low prices. The founders want everyone to enjoy their flavorful ethnobotanicals. They are popular due to their unbeatable consistency instead of dishonest and unreliable vendors that show irregular quality.

Sunstone Organics

The brand guarantees a continuous supply of pure Kratom, which is why their loyal customers are head over heels for them. To achieve the trust of users, there is nothing the vendor won’t do. To retain their standards, they greatly prioritize the processing process to ensure that contaminants are removed.

This means that the buyer’s health won’t be at risk. Their customer base claims that their Kratom strains are always genuine and authentic. Another important thing to know about Sunstone Organics is that they do not compromise on their set principles. They always fulfill their promises and meet all the expectations of consumers. They strive to do everything in the best way possible.

What is Offered in Their Product Line?

Does the company boast a great number of Kratom strains? The stores that feature limited options do not cast a good impression. This is because most Kratom buyers like to hunt and discover new stuff. Plus, they are impressed with vendors that sell many types of Kratom strains.

This is why Sunstone Organics is an exceptional vendor. They display a wide variety to their customers. Both capsules and powder forms are readily available. One of their hottest items is Maeng Da Kratom. Other strains present are White Vein Kratom, White Maeng Da Kratom, Green Vein Kratom, and Red Vein Kratom.

Their items undergo a sequence of lab tests and are verified to ensure they do not contain any metals, contaminants, narcotics, or pollutants. Plus, they guarantee that there is no percentage of opium in the end products.

Their dedication to purity is the main reason why people feel comfortable with doing business with the vendor.

Sunstone Organics is an ideal place to try various Kratom strains for new people to the Kratom industry. Their display of sample packs achieves this. The sample packs are made by filling out a sample form on their official website.

They usually present these sample forms on Fridays. When a customer completes the form, the company then delivers a sample pack to their home. This allows newcomers to try an array of strains before deciding what they will order in larger quantities the next time.

This saves money and time for so many people. Moreover, it prevents a buyer from purchasing something they won’t like in the end. This creative and flexible strategy allows the brand to build trust with its customer base. The sample packs include a 10-gram quantity with the chosen strains from the website.

What Are People Saying?

The consumer reputation of Sunstone Organics is a mixed one. Some people think that their prices are outrageous, whereas others are satisfied with the entire services of the brand.

The Pricing Guide of Sunstone Organics

Almost all users wish to know how affordable a brand is. While it’s crucial not to break your budget, you should also be careful of very cheap vendors. At Sunstone Organics, it is a pleasure to shop as their pricing system is attractive. They do not capitalize on their strains and pretend an excuse to set insane prices.

In a few bucks only, one can purchase a hundred grams of Kratom. Similarly, Kratom capsules belonging to the same vein are cheap too. At $30.99, you can get your hands on a hundred and fifty capsules. As for sample packs, they only cost $24. If you prefer buying in bulk orders, you will be happy to know that the store will offer special discounts.

This means that Kratom retailers also can buy in bulk and resell the stuff to earn significant profits. When it comes to accepted payment methods, there are many options to ease the buyers.

Some of the available payment methods are cryptocurrency, Google Pay, CashApp, and credit card. Plus, you can use checks and money orders.

The Shipping and Return Policies of Sunstone Organics

Shipping orders is something the company does not win at. The customers have almost no say in the shipping method and the carrier which will transport them. Sunstone Organics utilizes USPS Flat Rate without any upgrade of shipping.

If you are fortunate, your order might be delivered same-day, but still, there is no certainty that it will arrive in due time. They do not ship to the cities and states where Mitragyna Speciosa is banned by law.

Sunstone Organics

When it comes to guarantees, their refund policy is not satisfactory. If an order is of poor quality, the best you can do is fill out the return form and hope for a reply. The reasons for the refund are mentioned on the form: refunds are only possible if the order is faulty or incorrect.

Plus, the customer wanting a return has to specify whether the order is opened or unopened. If it is unopened, you might be eligible for a partial refund.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are the Pros and Cons of Sunstone Organics?

All vendors come with their good and unpleasant characteristics. The pros and cons of Sunstone Organics are mentioned below:


  • Accepts money orders and checks
  • Their Kratom strains are potent
  • It’s 100% legitimate


  • They do not offer expedited shipping
  • Their Kratom kilos are costly for some
  • They do not participate in GMP
  • They do not accept Bitcoin payments

Do They Offer Coupon Codes?

There are tons of customers who are interested in snatching the deal instead of paying the full price. Sunstone Organics is eager to offer coupon codes. Apart from their occasional promo codes and discount code for the buyers signed up to their newsletter, they also boast a reward program for returning loyal customers.

Another useful way to save money is by purchasing everything you need in one go. If you splurge a hundred dollars shopping for them, they will automatically offer free shipping at the checkout.

What is Their Customer Support Like?

It seems as if this brand is not eager to reply to their customers. Even though they display a contact form, a hotline, and a physical address mentioned on their website, their customer support team truly lacks professionalism. Therefore, do not expect too much support when you try to communicate with them. Their responses come late and are usually invaluable.

Final Verdict – Last Words on Sunstone Organics

Now that you have read the entire review, it is not difficult to decide whether they deserve your money or not. You are aware of their strong points: quick delivery, top-notch quality, impeccable customer service, budget-friendly pricing structure, and flexible payment methods.

And you are also aware of their negative points, such as insufficient Kratom strains and delivery with charges. Their cons are minimal, which is why so many people are okay with overlooking them. If you think you can ignore the few downsides, too, shop here!

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