Klarity Kratom Vendor Review – A Comprehensive Breakdown Of This Brand

What Is Klarity Kratom?

Klarity Kratom is located in Los Angeles, California, and they possess the expertise of some years. This company enjoys a good reputation, and they are unique because they don’t have a website where users can interact or place orders. This is only because they are a wholesale vendor and their clients include online stores or local physical shops that place bulk orders.

Klarity Kratom has achieved to make its name in the Mitragyna market. They are committed to always fighting the vape shop stereotypes with hard work and marketing efforts. But what else have they done to battle this misconception? We will discuss this later.

Klarity Kratom

As it is strictly a vape shop, it’s incapable of competing with top-tier vendors. Nevertheless, many Kratom enthusiasts have claimed that if there were one local head shop, they could trust blindly, it would be this one. However, these claims do not mean that the company is reasonable.

As reported by previous users, the company’s quality is inconsistent. Even if there are best-sellers like any other brand, inferior quality lurks here and there usually. Not to mention that their costs are four to five times higher than the market standard. Let’s cover other important information.

What Products Are Offered Here?

Klarity Kratom boasts two major product categories – Powders and Capsules. These are the same categories found in the majority of sellers. Customers can freely pick what they want to purchase from the huge product inventory. The company knows that each shopper comes with individual preferences and requirements. As for the Powder category, the following increments are available:

  • Half ounce
  • One pound
  • 30 grams
  • 60 grams
  • 90 grams
  • 150 grams
  • 200 grams

Lots of increment options are available, which is appreciated by customers. Even though there is considerable flexibility of quantities, you won’t find any other Kratom forms such as Extracts, Tinctures, Teas, or Shots. This is a lack and even a deal-breaker for people looking to stock and try various forms.


The company frequently stocks Maeng Da, Bali, and Borneo in all colors, excluding Gold. A few strains belong to the affiliates of Green Vein Borneo, Pure Zen-like Red Vein Bali, and White Vein Maeng Da. Lots of powder strains are displayed for sales like Green Malay, White Thai, and Gold Vein.

The Green Vein Maeng Da is a best-seller with a 5-star rating and tons of satisfying reviews. Moreover, Klarity Kratom has freestyled with the legendary Trainwreck Blend, which adds two Red Veins and one White Vein.

Hot Selling Strains

Even if the Trainwreck Blend gathers the most limelight, the feedback suggests that this item will not suit everyone. So, to buy a mild strain, the Red Bali is a flavorful option. Even though its name contains Red, it is a subtle green color. Plus, you can make great tea with it due to its earthy aroma.


Busy professionals are fond of consuming encapsulated Mitragyna Speciosa. Not only can they be swallowed easily, but their storage is simple too. Another reason to prefer this form is that you won’t taste the natural unpleasant taste of Kratom. When it comes to increments of capsule bottles, the following options are available:

  • 8 Capsules
  • 40 Capsules
  • 75 Capsules
  • 100 Capsules
  • 150 capsules
  • 300 capsules
  • 500 capsules

This diversity of increments allows freedom to choose. For example, the newcomers can initiate with the lowest increment, whereas the seasoned consumers can opt for the high amounts.

How Do They Package The Orders?

The packaging of Klarity Kratom is straightforward yet aesthetic. While making packaging for the capsules, they utilize plastic sealed bags and plastic bottles. Generally, only white and green colors are incorporated in the packaging. On top of the package, necessary information about the product is mentioned. If they have to deliver Mitragyna powder in small increments, only plastic sealed bags are utilized.

But if large quantities of powder have to be delivered, plastic bottles are used. This material is used in the packaging because this material protects Mitragyna Speciosa from contamination. Furthermore, this material allows safe delivery and swift delivery of items.

The Standards Of The Products

Klarity Kratom has stated that they are committed to providing the finest quality. However, this claim should not be taken seriously because the AKA does not approve them, nor do they give attention to lab tests. But when you look at the general feedback on all blogs and social media platforms, a different story is narrated. The reviews hardly criticize the standards and quality of their products. This means that the vendor achieved its goals.

Is Their Pricing System Reasonable?

The initial cost of a 150-gram powder is $39.99, which jumps to $89 for 500 grams. If you want an increment in the middle, you can spend $59.99 to get 200 grams. These prices are anything but reasonable, especially if we look at the market standards. As for the capsules, $89.99 will offer you a 500-gram bottle. At this price, you could get double the quantity from high-end companies.

Klarity Kratom

The Reputation Of This Brand

This might come as a surprise to you, but many Reddit users have said that Klarity Kratom is the best headshop brand out there. The vendor also enjoys a massive cult following on all the social media platforms. Their posts are flooded with hundreds of likes and thousands of comments.

Not only this, everyone who signs for their newsletter will be blessed with an influx of coupon codes. These coupon codes will offer high discounts such as 30% on the checkout. They also directly mention the deals on the website.

Shipping Quality And Return Policy

There is nothing to learn about the shipping process as no online website is present, but they must be using USPS like all other stores. Speaking of return policy, a money-back guarantee is provided to boost the comfort of users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can We Pay Them?

Klarity Kratom is okay with MasterCard, direct bank transfer, American Express, Zelle, VISA, Discover, and Venmo.

Do They Carry Lab Tests?

Nothing is stated regarding this matter. Likewise, nothing has been said about affiliation with GMP protocols. But no response is a response in itself which means they do not conduct lab tests. This raises lots of concerns for clients.

How Is Their Customer Service?

Shoppers have the communication methods of a contact form, email address, and phone number. Almost all users have had pleasant interactions with the customer support team. The relevant representatives are active and well-trained who respond to all concerns and queries quickly.

Furthermore, you can find them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, which boast a high following. On these accounts, the company introduces the latest deals and new items.

Is This An Ethical Brand?

From the information presented to us, it does look like it’s an ethical brand. They have an active blog where they regularly post info on Mitragyna Speciosa, make no inaccurate medical claims, and are trying to legalize Mitragyna Speciosa everywhere.

Last Words On Klarity Kratom 

Even if Klarity Kratom cannot compete with big players, they are killing it even as a headshop brand. Their marketing skills have given them a distinct edge, and they regularly post interesting information on Mitragyna Speciosa. The company is recognized for displaying tempting wholesale deals.

Plus, the way they make packaging is a unique trait. It looks like their narrow concept of offering restricted product categories and limited items in each one has paved their way. Flaunting 5-star ratings and tons of good reviews, this company is known by all experienced Mitragyna patrons.

If we forget the inconsistent quality and insane prices, the brand is a suitable option for fast solutions to Mitragyna’s needs before your actual favorite stock arrives. However, if your budget is tight and you need a permanent go-to place, this is not the vendor for you.

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