Kraoma Vendor Review  – Is It a Brand You Can Trust?

If you just got introduced to the Kratom world, the first question you must have in mind is, “From where can I buy safe and high-quality Kratom?”. Since the laws surrounding the selling and manufacturing of Mitragyna Speciosa are confusing and ever-changing, any beginner can get lost.

Kraoma Vendor

Even if some Kratom stores are available in your local area or online vendors are based nearby, it is difficult to determine the purity and standards of the stuff they are selling. So, to erase your worries, we have reviewed a great online Kratom vendor by the name of Kraoma in this article. By the end of this review, you will be convinced that they sell fresh Mitragyna from the source.

Kraoma tests all the batches of Mitragyna leaves. Afterward, the batches are processed into powder form. This tedious procedure of procurement, processing and packaging guarantees Kraoma‘s aim of offering the purest products to its loyal customer base.

Who Are They?

Kraoma is a Nevada-based online store that excels at bulk Mitragyna powder or discount bundles, in other words. It was founded in 2014 by an avid Kratom enthusiast and entrepreneur. In those times, Mitragyna products were costly, featured poor quality, and took too long to reach the customers.

The brand’s owner got sick of this, and he wanted all Kratom consumers to enjoy a flawless experience, so he initiated the company. His aim was to offer the most potent and consistent quality Mitragyna that would reach customers as soon as possible, and all this for a cost that is budget-friendly for most buyers.

Therefore, the founder formed direct relationships with farmers and harvesters who were professional in growing Mitragyna Speciosa. This action ended up saving lots of money because there was no third party between their farmers and the brand. Currently, Kraoma imports Mitragyna Speciosa from Indonesian farmers and occasionally from Malaysia.

It is a truth that any brand can be successful if they truly value its customers. Initially, the company received meager orders, but with time, they have expanded considerably. Their growth is due to fast delivery, high quality, attractive discounts, and more.

The vendor is proud of its devotion to guarantee permanent sustainability, third-party lab tests, and conscious quality inspection. They thoroughly check their products for impurities and contaminants. Plus, they promise that all of their items are free from adulterants and harmful chemicals. The company also keeps restocking their powders which means they bear no compromise on in-storage.

The Product Catalogue of Kraoma

The brand offers various strains in green, red, yellow, and white veins. Some examples are White Horned Leaf, Red Kalimantan, and Green Maeng Da. It seems as if they are aware that consumers approach Kratom for different reasons.

This is why they have dedicated individual names to all the different powder strains. All their items are vibrant and smooth and are characterized by the purpose of consumption.

Their best-sellers are listed below:

The Pricing Structure of Kraoma

The costs range from $14.99 to $19.99 for 60 grams. Since the powder strains are available with unique labels, their pricing differs too. The cost depends on how difficult it is for the brand to source the item.

If any user wishes to buy in bulk, Las Vegas Kratom kilos are available too. The starting cost of bulk is $129, which is neither costly nor affordable.

Online Reputation

It is crucial to read reviews left by previous users before buying from any new shop. The users of Kraoma are satisfied with their customer service. Their contact form is fast and simple to fill out. Their staff members promptly reply to the customer’s questions. A reply or answer is definitely offered within a day.

The Free Samples and Discount Bundles Offered by Kraoma

This highly esteemed company provides exciting discount bundle deals from which customers can avail a mix and match of any two chosen powder strains at a decreased cost.

The first-time shoppers can also enjoy a great 25% discount on their first purchase. Moreover, whenever a customer subscribes to their newsletter, they can avail themselves of a 10% discount on their purchases. These tempting discount bundle deals are a fine way of trying new Mitragyna strains while not breaking the budget.

All of their deals can give you a discount varying from 9 to 21%, not to mention that it is a fun and simple way to get your hands on new items. These bundle deals include four 250 grams pouches (Solo Kilo), or two 250 grams pouches (500 grams bundle), or two 60 grams pouches (120 grams). The bundle consist of the following items:

  • Split Kilo (Top Shelf)
  • 120 grams Mix and Match (Premium)
  • 500 grams Mix and Match (Top Shelf)
  • 120 grams Mix and Match (Top Shelf)
  • 500 grams Mix and Match (Premium)

Kraoma Vendor

Any customer can enjoy these fun discounts on Kraoma. In case you want free samples, you just have to pay for the delivery and shipping charges to consume their desirable products.

What Payment Methods Do They Offer?

The most preferred mode of payment for buying Kratom is E-check or Zelle. The use of debit or credit cards is not easy because particular financial and banking services restrict transactions for Kratom purchases. But Zelle and E-checks are highly convenient for all Kratom consumers.

But there is a downside of using the latter payment mode. If you use an E-check, you should not hope for same-day delivery. However, if you have been a frequent user and three or more of your E-checks have been collected without bouncing, then this online vendor will be able to send your order on the same day.

Apart from all this, cryptocurrency is also an easy way to handle Kratom-related financial transactions. If you want more choices for payment, the brand accepts Ripple, Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, and Ethereum. The surprising thing is that if you pay via these methods, customers can avail of a 20% discount on their orders.

Shipping and Delivery

Kraoma guarantees same-day delivery for all orders placed before 7 PM ET, excluding Sundays. The orders placed after this time, they’re shipped the next day. The normal delivery time for all orders varies from two to three days.

Deliveries are possible for all cities and states where Mitragyna Speciosa is legal. This means that the brand does not deliver to the states of Wisconsin, Arkansas, Vermont, Alabama, Rhode Island, and more. Similarly, the cities that have banned Kratom are listed below:

  • Sarasota County
  • Jerseyville
  • San Diego
  • Tishomingo County
  • Union County
  • Alcorn County
  • Columbus City
  • Itawamba County
  • Lowndes County
  • Monroe County

Refund and Exchange Policy

The brand accepts refunds for orders within the 30-days limit. As for exchanges, they are not allowed unless a wrong order was sent.

Where Does Kraoma Source its Products From?

The brand sources Mitragyna leaves from either Indonesia or Malaysia. Indonesia is very popular for growing Kratom, and it is believed that the purest strains are found there.

As mentioned earlier, the vendor personally knows their farmers, and they are assigned specific guidelines to determine the top-notch crop growth. The cultivated Mitragyna Speciosa is dried and shipped out in secure packaging to their headquarters for further processing.

How Do They Carry Lab Tests?

Kraoma certainly does not go easy on themselves when it comes to lab tests. Their team carefully conducts various tests on their items to ensure everything is fresh, pure, and high-quality. When the company purchases raw leaves, they conduct initial lab tests to judge their quality.

These early tests involve the filtration of the healthy leaves, which are then processed in powder form. The brand still does not rest and tests its products again. If they find out that a leaf or blend is contaminated or impure, they discard it immediately. Their independent third-party laboratories are responsible for testing their items. These labs strictly obey the GLP, ISO9001, or cGMP standards.

After the notorious salmonella breakout occurred in 2018, the brand has implemented more care in their testing and utilization of pure Kratom on a consistent basis. The end products of the brand are free from salmonella, bacteria, E.Coli, and viruses.

Moreover, the percentage of mold and yeast is also quite less. If you want to satisfy your concerns regarding their lab test practice, you can see their evidence on their website.

The Most Attractive and Appealing Feature of Kraoma

The unrivaled quality of the company’s powder strains is guaranteed by their fresh, green color and natural fragrance. This brand only ships to the states where the consumption, possession, and buying of Mitragyna Speciosa is allowed and is not forbidden by law.

Hence, even if a customer is unaware of the Kratom laws in his local area, it can be known by their shipping destinations mentioned on the website. This clears out the confusion of all customers and prevents any complications.

If you reside in an area where Mitragyna Speciosa is restricted by law, this online vendor will inform you. Their official website is honest and affordable as they do not engage in the illegal practice of processing inferior Mitragyna and posing a threat to their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Their Packaging Process?

Kraoma packs its products with great care in sealed bags to retain freshness and to guarantee the purity of powder strains. Their vacuum bags are available in 60 grams to 1-kilo quantities. Only the kilo bag is not a zip-lock one. It is instead a sealed and double secured bag. This is how they ensure the freshness of all their items.

How Do They Grind Their Kratom Products?

The vendor utilizes a highly professional machine to grind the Mitragyna Speciosa leaves into a soft and fine powder. The end product smells organic and put. Afterward, this Kratom powder is processed under safe conditions to determine the freshness until it is delivered to the customers.

Do They Offer Discount Coupons?

Kraoma is adept at offering excellent discounts without any complications. Their users only have to apply various coupon codes. It is straightforward to gain the benefit of their fantastic offers by adding the codes, such as “Kraomadeal” or “Kraoma10off”. Moreover, on all big occasions, customers can avail special discounts to enjoy along with the celebrations.

What Are the Advantages of Buying from Kraoma?

You can enjoy the following amazing perks by being a customer of this brand:

  • Freedom of choosing any payment methods from a plethora of options
  • Fully assured high-quality products
  • You can avail any two test samples for free
  • Fast delivery in the promised time
  • Affordable pricing structure
  • Exciting offers
  • Great customer service

Last Thoughts on Kraoma

Kraoma is a credible vendor boasting a decent product lineup. Their pricing structure lies in the range between expensive and affordable. This mid-level pricing is perfect for buyers who want to try new strains from an established vendor.

Among so many online Kratom vendors, this one is exceptional and stands out due to a number of reasons. Their quick delivery, valuable customer service, and a great standard of products are the qualities that made them earn a credible reputation.

The brand boasts a big collection of items such as Red Bali, White Maeng Da, and many more. For all the new shoppers, free sample tests are offered to decide what strains they want to order.

Moreover, discount bundle deals are available for customers who want to purchase in bulk and save some money. The brand is legal, and all their strains are tested in labs then verified. Lots of returning customers recommend this online store.

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