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About The Brand

Kratom Country entered the Mitragyna industry in 2009. Since its birth, it has boomed into one of the best sources of top-notch quality Kratom. They decided not to add any other herbs to their product inventory.

This allows them to focus only on Mitragyna Speciosa, tend to the customers better, and determine the quality of strains. They offer plenty of tempting discounts for both loyal and first-time customers. This is how they have earned huge patronage throughout the years.

The issue with small Kratom start-ups is that they hardly add a feedback verifier on the official website. They usually source an abundance of reviews from services such as Google Business Page, which makes it difficult to understand what real customers are saying about the products.

But this is not the case for Kratom Country because they utilize Yotpo. This service verifies all feedback to guarantee that only those people who have bought from them are writing a review. And due to tons of consumer-generated content on the website, it is a breeze to see what the remarks of people about the vendor are.

Kratom Country

What Do They Sell?

An important thing about Kratom Country is that they do not pile up stocks as they source Kratom depending on the requirements. This ensures that no compromise on quality is made. The seller does not bother with the fancy botanicals, accessories, and other stuff found at different places just for the sake of variety.

Instead, the supplier has made three product categories – capsules (Maeng Da and Bali), powders (Maeng Da, Bali, and Thai), and Leaves (Bali and Maeng Da).

Afterward, all categories are segmented into white, red, and green veins. In the powder collection, you will find Red Premium Thai, Green Vein Kali Maeng Da, and a simple White Vein powder. Some of the most loved strains are listed below:

  • Vietnam Capsules
  • Premium Bali
  • Ultra Blend Bali Capsules
  • Vietnam Kratom
  • Thai Crushed Leaves
  • Green Vein Malay
  • Indo Kratom
  • Kali Maeng Da

All these powders include amazing Mitragyna, and they undergo lab tests to determine the natural composition. As for the increments, the entry-level bag size is one ounce. More options include two ounces, four ounces, 8+1 ounces, 16+2 ounces, and 32+4 ounces. The capsules have the same increment choices, with around 48 capsules per ounce.

But the best offering is perhaps the Variety Pack, through which you can try different strains simultaneously without having to spend too much money. You can have Variety Pack in both capsules and powders form, with one ounce of all best-selling strains.

Kratom Country sources the finest Mitragyna leaves from Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and India in order to manufacture a top-rated array of Kratom powders. Their offerings are gone through a 5-step test procedure.

They invest efforts into packaging so that everything is delivered safely with a written date, strain, and batch code. The results of third-party lab tests can be viewed on the website. On every order of $10, free samples are given.

Is This An Affordable Vendor?

Kratom Country is unfortunately not the cheapest vendor, but their costs are appropriate. The starting price of powder is $6.99 per ounce. Similar to all other vendors, prices reduce if you keep buying more. The biggest pack weighs 36 ounces (with four ounces being free), and it is priced at $99.99. This decreases each ounce to only $2.77.

Coming to the capsules, they are sold at $14 per ounce or $249 for the 36 ounces deal. If this pricing structure does not bother you, you will be happy to know that they present many different discount offers for the customers.

First of all, all orders get free shipping without any minimum amount threshold. Orders that are above $200 will be delivered by free overnight shipping, whereas orders totalling above $75 are given free priority delivery.

What’s more, they also offer free ounces on specific order sizes. For instance, eight ounces will receive one additional ounce, sixteen ounces will get two more ounces, and 32 ounces will get four extra ounces.

The accepted payment methods are E-checks, MasterCard, and VISA. They do not take payments from Venmo, cryptocurrency, or Bitcoin.

Lab Tests

Kratom Country prioritizes its quality which is why they go above and beyond to protect the wellbeing of customers. They conduct a 5-step testing procedure which monitors the following:

  • To ascertain the species, identity, origin, and strain of Mitragyna Speciosa.
  • Test for alkaloids to make sure they are not enhanced or changed.
  • Test for any unknown adulterants to maximize the purity.
  • Test for heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, mercury, and cadmium makes sure that the item is not harmful.
  • All batches are tested to avoid the contamination of yeast, Salmonella, staphylococcus, mold, and E.Coli.

Along with the lab test results displayed on the website, they have mentioned the date, strain, and batch code at the back of the packaging to ensure that they fulfill the standards. The batch code makes it easy to handle the expiration date and record of manufacturing.

How the Packages Are Sent To the Customers?

Kratom Country delivers the orders throughout the United States, excluding some cities, via FedEx and USPS Priority Mail. Free shipping is guaranteed on all orders. If you finalize an order before 3 PM, it will be delivered on the same day, but after this threshold, it will be delivered the next working day.

All orders are delivered within three to five business days. In order to expedite the order, you will have to pay for the shipping. Tracking numbers are provided.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are There Any Coupon Codes?

One perk of shopping from Kratom Country is that you will never face a shortage of coupon codes. A variety of vouchers are always flashing on the official website through which you can cut down the original amount. But if someone wants to avail more discounts, they are free to subscribe to their newsletter. Furthermore, there is a Loyalty Program through which you can earn points on each order you place.

One dollar equals one loyalty point. However, loyalty points are also given if you make other interactions, such as referring a friend, subscribing to their newsletter, or buying four orders worth $500 each.

You can utilize these points on future purchases or instead get freebies. Moreover, weekly and monthly deals are available through which you can enjoy deep discounts regularly. No other vendor is so generous with discounts.

2. What Is Their Customer Reputation?

The majority of buyers only have good things to say about this company. Kratom Country is a magnetic force for all types of Mitragyna admirers due to a diverse variety, generous discounts, lots of freebies, impressive costs, and free shipping.

Plus, they go the extra mile by ensuring the longest satisfaction guarantee for 60-days within which a customer can return their packages. They promise to return the whole payment along with shipping charges. No other vendor prioritizes their clientele this much.

3. Is Their Customer Service Team Good?

If you want to reach out to the seller, go through their FAQ section first, which answers the common questions customers usually have regarding their services. But if your particular question is not answered there, you can submit your query via the contact form. The other ways to reach out are the office address for US residents, a hotline for US and EU buyers, and an email address.

Last Words on The Company

It’s not a common occurrence to find a supplier that presents very affordable costs, freebies on a frequent basis, tons of discounts and promotions, and a loyalty program. No buyer is at risk while purchasing from Kratom Country due to a stellar satisfaction guarantee.

But if you are still not persuaded, it helps to know that Kratom Country displays a wealth of consumer-generated content to assist you with deciding. Everyone gets impressed by reading a sea of 5-star reviews, and this is why they are so enticing to the thirsty Mitragyna industry.

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