Kratom Dosage – The Best Way To Take In Kratom

Kratom powder is the next big thing in the recreational herb world. Part of what makes it exciting is its chameleon-like effect, depending on dosage and type, which is what you are here to learn about.

How Does Kratom Work?

The reality is kratom is just a tropical plant. Some people in the US want it to be more than a plant because they want to regulate it. It has been used in the Southeast Asia region by locals for a long time without much regulation. Some use it as a stimulant, the same way you would use coffee. Others use it to promote peace, and that’s just the start.

kratom capsules

Kratom can do all of these things because it contains mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. Both chemicals affect the mind in different ways depending on the dosage. This is why kratom can have positive effects on the body.

A person can simply chew on the kratom plant though that’ll be challenging if you don’t live where the plant grows. Thankfully, you can rely on things like kratom powder. You can mix it with a liquid, as long as the drink is sweet or strong enough. This is helpful because kratom is naturally bitter.

What You Need to Know About Dosing

Dosing is the next thing you have to learn about. There’s a lot to think about when you are trying to decide how much kratom you need. As a precautionary step, you want to take the bare minimum you can find. Taking the bare minimum will allow you to see how your body reacts. Ideally, you want to start taking kratom powder with the help of an herbalist. This person will help guide you through the use of kratom.

The following are some things that affect dosage:

Kratom Drinks

  • The Age of the person taking kratom
  • The General health of the person
  • Recommendation from a pharmacist or a physician

First all, tinctures and extracts aren’t recommended for beginners. Both are highly concentrated versions of kratom, so you don’t want that. Even the smallest amounts of extract or tincture could be too much.

As a beginner, you want to concentrate on kratom powder or kratom capsules. When it comes to the powder, you are going to be measuring

  1. Grams
  2. Teaspoons
  3. Tablespoons

One gram is the smallest amount of kratom powder you could choose though this amount is not used often.

The first level of kratom powder you can use is a teaspoon of kratom, and that is two grams of kratom. A tablespoon of kratom is about six to seven grams. The exact amount of grams varies depending on how fine the kratom was ground. A company that knows what it is doing will give you fine ground powder. A poor-quality powder is going to be a little coarse.

This is something to keep in mind as you search for your source. A tablespoon of kratom is considered a mid-size dose. Five, six, and seven grams are considered moderate. An experienced user may tell you to take a moderate amount of kratom to feel anything. You are a beginner. Try to stick with a smaller dosage to be safe.

  • The next thing you should be concerned with is capsule size.
  • The most common capsule contains 0.5 grams of kratom. This is perfect for those who want to be cautious.
  • The capsule size you want is the 00 capsule, which is exactly 0.5 grams.
  • The problem is most experienced users will tell you that 00 capsules won’t do much for you.
  • Most users will say you need about five grams if you want to feel anything. This means you’ll need to take about 10 of these kratom powders to get what you want.

This is your personal experience with the product; you don’t have to listen to anyone. As a beginner, it is always better to be safe, so take it slow and be patient. You could ask your herbalist to see what he or she thinks you should do.

Capsule Sizes

  1. You will notice capsule sizes from 000 to 5.
  2. These other capsule sizes are not as common, but they are out there.
  3. The smallest capsule is the 5 capsule, so try to keep that in mind as you are shopping.

There are two types of capsules. One of them is gelatin-based and the other is vegan. Most of the time, the vendor will tell you what kind of capsules they have. Some might not provide this information, so it’s best to ask if this matters to you.

The following are common dosage specifics you should learn about if you are thinking of trying kratom for yourself:

Average Powder Leaf

  • One gram or 0.035 ounces
  • 50 grams or 1.75 ounces
  • 100 grams or 3.5 ounces

Crushed Leaf

  • One tablespoon or 2.7 grams
  • One teaspoon or .9 grams

Bali Powder

  • One tablespoon or 6.2 grams
  • One teaspoon or 2.3 grams

Maeng Da Powder

  • One tablespoon or 7 grams
  • One teaspoon or 2.6 grams

Green Malay Powder

  • One tablespoon or 6.9 grams
  • One teaspoon or 2.4 grams

Keep in mind the aforementioned strains, like the Green Malay strain and others, are just some of the ones available. There’s a lot of strains. Each strain does different things for you. The key is to learn what each is for so that you can use kratom properly.

Kratom Capsules

Understanding Effects a Little Deeper

Here is where things can get a little confusing for beginners. The reality is no one can answer this. Each strain can have different effects on you depending on how much you take. Just because you have a mild effect with a gram of one strain, doesn’t mean that’s going to be the case with another strain. Accepting this should make it easier to understand the effects of each strain according to the dosage given to you.

The following are some commonly used strains and the effects associated with each:


Bali is a common strain of kratom. Some people experience euphoric sensations, which could help ease the pain.

Maeng Da

This red strain does have pain-killing abilities if that’s what you are hoping for.

Red Vein Kali

The Red Vein Kali is a mild strain that many beginners love.  Most people don’t go beyond three teaspoons unless you are hoping to relieve pain.

Red Indo

The Red Indo is a traditional strain that is quite mild. People hoping to just relax should definitely give the Red Indo a shot.

Green Indo

One thing that makes the Green Indo stand out is the alkaloids. There’s a significant amount present, and it helps make the Green Indo’s effects last longer than other strains.

Green Vein Kali

The Green Vein Kali is a stimulating strain. This is one you should take with caution as a beginner.

White Vein Kali

Those hoping to feel a more euphoric sensation are going to have to go with the White Vein Kali. It does have some energizing properties, but they are milder than some of the aforementioned strains.

White Vein Thai

What it can do is act as a natural stimulant, like when you need to concentrate or improve your physical endurance.

White Vein Indo

Those who don’t want to feel that general calm can use the White Vein Indo. This won’t get you as drowsy as some of the strains might. You’ll get a euphoric feeling that’ll keep you going.

Super Green Malaysian

This is one of the most long-lasting strains of kratom out there even if you take half a teaspoon.

There are reasons why people love this strain, like how smooth it is. Other strains have a surprise element to them. They won’t warn you that the effects are about to start. You can take up to three teaspoons, but you won’t need that much at first. Remember that it takes kratom powder about 20 minutes to work its magic. Don’t think you should take more if the effects haven’t kicked in yet, or you might end up taking too much at a time.

Kratom Benefits

Tips to Keep in Mind When Taking Kratom

An important tip to remember when taking kratom is that if you’ve taken too much you’ll feel uncomfortable. Start small so that you are safe. You should make sure you take the kratom powder when your stomach is empty. No one is saying you can’t eat kratom with food if that’s what you prefer, but you’ll be consuming more kratom than needed. You’ll need less kratom on an empty stomach. This prevents you from buying more kratom prematurely.

You can always take a little more kratom but only after 45 minutes have passed since you took your first amount. This should give you enough time to figure out if you need more to get your desired results. Make sure to write down your experiences with each strain you try and the amounts you consumed. This is going to be a little tedious, but it’ll be worth it. Taking notes of your personal experiences should help you figure out which strains and kratom dosage work best for you.

Drink a lot of water while you consume kratom. This little plant can dehydrate you in a short period. A lot of folks don’t drink enough water. You have to make it a priority to drink enough water if you are going to be using kratom.

On top of everything mentioned here, you need to make sure you get your kratom from a reliable source. Low-quality kratom may not give you the effects you are hoping to get. It might hurt your wallet a bit, but this is your health, and investing in your health is always smart.

This is a lot to take in. Try to be patient with yourself because it’ll take a while before you get the hang of this world. Talk to experienced users or maybe even your online vendors. These individuals can help you make sense of all this by answering your questions.

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