How To Make Kratom Drinks ? 10 Recipes You Must Try

Did you hear kratom drinks? If you have been testing the same old toss n’ wash method, you have something entirely interesting here. This powerful South East Asian herb is packed with numerous health-boosting benefits. Since it has a bit of an unpleasant taste, it is not a surprise that users are looking forward to innovative and delicious kratom drinks.

In this piece, you will get your hands on superbly-flavorful kratom drinks that will take your kratom experience to a whole new level. Are you drooling already? Don’t worry! We have lots of interesting combos waiting for you. Let’s get started then!

How Does Kratom Taste? 

Without a doubt, Ketum has gained enough fame lately, but its bitter taste is still a huge challenge for even frequent users. Every strain varies when it comes to the bitter taste. Some strains are strongly painful, like Borneo and Indo strains, while others are sweeter, like JongKong and Sumatra Speciosa. So if you are also among those users who want a bit of twist with their kratom’s taste, our recipes have got you covered.

Kratom Drinks

How Can We Mask The Bitter Taste Of Kratom?

Do you want to render an exceptionally luscious yet delicious taste with Ketum? Yes, you can do that! You can relish all the exclusive benefits of these herbal leaves and keep that not-so-pleasing smell and taste at bay. You can swallow down your dose without any hesitation and wait for those million-dollar effects to kick in. Moreover, the medicinal impact of this botanical remedy is also enhanced when it is mixed with beverages, juices, and smoothies.

 Ten Best Kratom Drinks That You Must Try

Here’s the much-awaited part! Get to know about each Ketum drink in detail, and by the end, you will be able to decide which one you are going to try next. So let’s get straight into it, folks!

  • Kratom With Chocolate

Do you love the sweet taste of chocolate? Well, if that’s a yes, you know a crazy yet superbly amazing recipe is waiting for you, and I bet you will love this chocolate and kratom combo.

You can use your favorite chocolate bar, melt it down, and add it to the blend of cold icy milk, with cocoa powder, chocolate syrup, chocolate ice cream, a bit of maple syrup followed by nuts, and your favorite kratom strain. Blend it all, and your kratom combined in chocolate flavor is ready! You would love the rich and delicious taste of this ever-lasting kratom drink.

  • Kratom With Mango Juice

Let us bring another well textured and tempting kratom drink to the table for you. The fibrous and juicy tropical fruit, mango, would be the main ingredient. All you need is one cup of mango cubes, a few ice cubes, some sugar, and your regular kratom dose. Blend it away and Tada! Moreover, this recipe evenly distributes the kratom powder, and the chalky texture is easily eliminated.

  • Kratom With Coconut Water

For all those loyal vegans out there, we have got something exciting for you! Take your exotic kratom drink to the whole next level and enjoy it with a flavor of fresh coconut water. Nothing is better than the creamy coconut milk to kill that bitter taste of kratom; what do you say? To enjoy this richly new and even textured kratom drink, you need to get your hands on fresh coconut water, coconut milk, some sugar, your kratom dose, and blend it away! Sounds appealing, no? Try this Coconut and kratom combo, and let us know if you like this kratom drink.

  • Kratom With Grapefruit Juice

Have you ever combined Ketum with grapefruit juice? The grapefruit juice potentiates the potency of Ketum and gives it a nice citrusy twist, overpowering the whole experience. I am sure you will get marveled at the health-boosting effects this kratom drink would bring along.

This drink is ideal for those who have not developed kratom’s taste yet and want to have a rich shot of antioxidants along. Since grapefruit has a bitter-sweet taste, it is best for masking the sour and bitter taste of Ketum. You need to mix your dose in freshly extracted grapefruit juice and add some honey to give it a nice sweeter tone.

  • Kratom With Lemonade

Do you want to enjoy a more refreshing kratom drink? What is better than combining it with lemonade? With the acidic nature of lemon, you don’t have to worry about the sour taste of kratom. To enjoy this ever revitalizing and ultra-stimulating drink, you have to squeeze the juice of 3 lemons in one glass of water add a pinch of salt and sugar as required. Next, you have to add your regular kratom dose and a few ice cubes for a whole cool experience. Finally, blend it away ad sip it away!

  • Kratom Tea

Are you a fan of the organic taste of herbs? Well, if that’s true, we have got an amazing kratom-based hot beverage that you would truly love – Kratom tea. Yes, folks, it is the best yet calming way to take your Korth dose, and it is pretty easy to make as well. All you need to do is follow these easy three steps, and Tada and your kratom tea are ready!

  1. Boil 2 cups of water and lower down the flame as kratom’s full effect can be killed by hot boiling water.
  2. Now simmer your required dosage for 5-8minutes, and you will notice the color-changing to a yellowish-green tone.
  • Strain the tea and add lemon and honey to give it a nice sweet taste.
  • Kratom Shakes

Do you want to try kratom other than in combination with chocolate, citrus fruits, juices, or tea? Worry not! We have another recipe here for you, Ketum with shakes. Yes, that sounds fascinating, no?

You can get as creative as you can, add your kratom dosage to your favorite juice, play with nuts, berries, and whatever comes on your list. Blend all of your favorite ingredients, and your healthy and nutritionally-full Korth shake will be ready to hit your taste buds.

  • Kratom And Coffee

Do you prefer coffee over tea? If coffee is the rising star of your mornings, then you are totally lucky enough. Mitragya Speciosa blends well with coffee and makes a stronger drink having a killing aroma. Numerous user reviews over Reddit also suggest that kratom and coffee produce more potent ad stimulating effects together and coffee is one of the best ways to potentiate kratom.

Make sure you do not use hot boiling water while preparing the drink, as it can kill the useful alkaloids of kratom.

  • Kratom And Smoothies

It is high time to take out your entire favorite food combo and add the immense nutritional value-packed with Ketum in a blender. Yes, you are guessing that right; the cocktail flavor with kratom will go best for masking the unpleasant taste. Your taste buds deserve to be wrapped in that overpowering taste of delicious fruits with hints of the earthy flavor of kratom, and I bet you would love it. So try making this easiest kratom drink and cherish the wholesomeness.

Kratom Drinks

  • Kratom And Mint Tea

Do you know numerous folks consume kratom with mint tea? The overpowering and strong flavor of mint combines well with Korth and takes its sourness away. All you need to do is prepare mint tea by simmering mint in boiling water, then lower down the flame before you add kratom, so the alkaloids remain preserved. Now simmer for another 5-7minutes and strain the tea. You can add lemon and honey for a refreshing taste too.

The Bottom Line

All the Ketum drinks we have just discussed vary considering their flavors, best consumption time, and temperatures. However, each Ketum drink has unique benefits and would be a great addition to your healthy lifestyle. Let us know which drink you liked and how your recipe turned out.

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