Where To Buy Kratom In Europe? 5 Trustworthy Vendors You Must Try

If you are one of those folks who are looking for the best vendors to purchase kratom in Europe, I know what level of hassle you have been through. Finding a trustworthy speciosa vendor in Europe is a next-level of hard work since consistent potency and high-quality strains are pretty hard to find.

I have shortlisted the five best vendors you can trust for buying speciosa in Europe with extensive vendor research and user reviews about European Kratom vendors. So you can drop the burden off your shoulders now, as these vendors won’t let you regret it in any way.

So let’s get straight into this piece and spotlight the best vendors for your next M.Speciosa shot!

Kratom In Europe

Five Factors To Consider Before You Buy Kratom In Europe 

Before discussing the essential pluses of European Mitragyna Speciosa vendors, it is more important to discuss what factors you need to cross-check before you finalize your preferred vendor. Just note down these factors, and whenever you evaluate a vendor, you have to make sure they successfully meet all the requirements.

1. Sourced From Southeast Asia

Since Mitragyna is native to Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Borneo, and Thailand, you have to specify that the vendor sources its Mitragyna directly from its homeland. These countries have a unique temperate climate comprising enough humidity, rainfalls, and soil rich in nutrients and minerals, contributing to the growth of top-quality speciosa leaves with rich alkaloids and potency levels.

2. Lab-Tested And High-Quality

The second most important factor you have to check is whether your go-to European vendor conducts third-party lab tests for quality control. The lab-tested speciosa products are free from all sorts of contaminants, including E.coli, metals, pesticides, salmonella, flavonoids, and harmful bacteria. Moreover, you get to know the right ratio of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine alkaloids of Mitragyna responsible for the health-boosting benefits it provides to the users.

3. User Reviews

Mitragyna Speciosa is a hot topic to discuss over numerous online forums? Just visit Reddit, and you will find multiple subreddits with user reviews and comments about the vendors, strains, dosages, and whatnot.

Since these communities have thousands of active users that use Mitragyna, it can be an ideal spot to get firsthand knowledge about the best vendors and their top products. So once you finalize the European kratom vendor for buying kratom online, you must check Reddit or I Love Kratom for the user reviews. If the reviews are positive, it means you have got the green signal.

4. Unbeatable Prices

Have you ever bought kratom from headshop? You are charged extremely high for a minimal amount of speciosa, which is truly unfair, especially when purchasing kratom in an emergency. When you buy Mitragyna Speciosa online, you have multiple options to consider, and you can compare various vendors for prices. The online European Mitragyna Speciosa vendors have varying prices for similar strains, so make sure you get the best quality at a competitive rate.

5. Quick Shipping And Money-Back Guarantee

Imagine you have ordered Mitragyna online, and the shipping company sends your order after ages; that’s frustrating, not? Now, imagine again that the speciosa product you requested is not of superior quality and you want to return it and get refunded. Still, they do not have any money-back guarantee.

To save yourself from situations like these, it is essential to check the shipping method your vendor uses and how many days it would take to ship it. Make sure they have an option to track the order as well. Lastly, choose those vendors who offer a money-back guarantee so that you can return your order if it does not meet your expectations.

Pro-Tip: When you buy Kratom in Europe, you can look for coupon codes and discounted deals offered by various vendors to save a few bucks.

Top 5 authentic European Mitragyna Speciosa vendors to buy kratom in Europe 

Now you know about the evaluative factors you must look for before buying Mitragyna Speciosa in Europe. Next, we will spotlight the five top-of-the-line and trustworthy vendors who sell high-quality Speciosa products in Europe.

1. Mitragenie Kratom 

Mitragynine is a Europe-based specialized Speciosa supplier. If you are looking for the best vendor to buy kratom in the EU, Mitragenie will be your best bet. They source their speciosa directly from Indonesia and work firsthand with their seasoned and professional farmers in Borneo.

They have complete control over the quality and standard of their Mitragyna products and liaise with the American Kratom Association to be 100% sure that they are following GMP standards. Their Mitragyns products are 100% natural and free from contaminants. Hence, you can surely give them a shot.

From cultivation to production, they have physically reviewed all the growing speciosa and are certain about the ethical production and processing.  All the strains have unique taste and potency. So if you want farm-fresh M.Speciosa in Europe, give it a try to Mitragenie Kratom.

2. Nectar Leaf

Do you want to buy the highest-quality Mitragyna and premium teas in Europe? Look no further and try Nectar Leaf. They are passionate about advancing the therapeutic effects of herbs and source pharmaceutical-grade, affordable, and potent Speciosa products around the globe.

Their customer service is professional and friendly, providing you with the best shopping experience ever. Moreover, their support network will help you choose the right strain according to your needs, so do not worry if you are a beginner and confused about which speciosa strain would be best for you.

3. DeKRatom Shop

DeKratom Shop is another Europe-based vendor selling Mitragyna for years now and has a prominent yet positive reputation in the market. With their extensive product line, they are known to cater to the varying needs of potential customers.

They use premium quality Mitragyna leaves for producing top-quality Speciosa products. In addition, they follow all the GMP standards and provide various payment options like direct bank transfer, Maybank, giro pay, and bitcoins to make the payment procedure entirely convenient.

Whether you are looking for premium Red Riau or overpowering White vein speciosa strains, this Mitragyna shop in Europe has got you covered. Try their products and let us know about your experience.

Kratom In Europe

4. Gaiana

Gaiana is a Netherland-based vendor popular for selling new and potent trains in Europe. Apart from speciosa, this vendor also sells other ethnobotanicals, seeds, incense, tools, extracts, and unique herbs. With keeping a strong check that only lab-tested Mitragyna is sold online, Giana accepts returns and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you do not like their products.

Moreover, their prices are pretty reasonable if you compare them with other vendors. Hence, you won’t break your wallet here. They have a massive product line including Red, White, and Green strain and nice-smelling speciosa extracts for you to have a memorable and ever-lasting Mitragyna experience.

5. Kraatje

Karate is a herb shop in Soesterberg, Netherlands. With a Google rating of 4.9 stars and never-ending positive user reviews, this vendor would be your all-time reliable source to buy Kratom in Europe. They have a long list of repetitive customers, and the entire credit goes to their right pricing strategies, amazing customer service, and consistently high quality of speciosa products. In addition, Kraatje provides in-store and online shopping services, and if you want to get your Mitragyna delivered at home, they will happily serve you for that as well.

When it comes to shipping and payment options, Kraatje ensures that the product is shipped fast and the payment options are entirely hassle-free. So worry not, and order your speciosa here; this vendor is highly recommended to buy Mitragyna online.

Final Thoughts 

It is essential to do your homework to buy kratom in Europe without any hassles because you do not like things half-backed, right?

Make sure you buy kratom in Europe from an authentic vendor who sells lab-tested speciosa and is GMP-certified. Do not forget to look for reviews, pricing, and coupon codes before you proceed to the checkout option, and be 100% certain that your preferred speciosa vendor is worth your money.

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