Kratom Infusion Vendor Review – A Brand That Redefines Potency

Kratom Infusion was established in 2001 and is based in New Orleans, Louisiana. This is the kind of vendor for only the serious Mitragyna consumers. Being a wholesaler, they have offered top-notch quality Kratom to multiple stores throughout the country, including but not limited to filling stations, smoke shops, botanical apothecaries, and headshops.

This company offers its brand items along with bulk Mitragyna Speciosa or off-brand. Both product ranges are sourced from reliable farmers with whom they have formed the latest scientific ways to modify the harvesting procedure. The vendor is proud to manufacture items that include a way greater alkaloid percentage, especially Mitragynine.

kratom infusion

They have also revealed their growing methods, disclosing their investment in generators and drying shelters that guarantee humidity can be obstructed. Kratom Infusion plants its trees at a considerable distance from rivers to prevent waterlogged roots in the monsoon.

This level of detail and peek honesty are the components of a reliable seller. With this supplier, one can determine that it is value for money. In this review article, we will scrutinize this company to judge if they can make products. Afterward, you can utilize our neutral opinion to decide whether you should do business with them.

Is Their Product Line-up Impressive?

Kratom Infusion frequently stocks Maeng Da, Red Bali, Red Indo Maeng Da, Green Malay, Indo Maeng Da, Thai Maeng Da, Red Vietnam, Green Cambodian, Red Thai, Sundra, Green Indo Maeng Da, White Indo Maeng Da, and White Sunda powders. Plus, capsules in bulk can be purchased too. For beginners or first-time shoppers who are unsure what to buy, sample packs are also available.

They invest a big chunk of money, time, efforts, and resources to grow their own unique Mitragyna plants cultivated and dried under ideal conditions. This is how they persuade their clients that they are selling the finest quality. Kratom Infusion claims that they only offer the finest quality powders, teas, and capsules. The feedback from former shoppers attests to this statement.

How Do They Price Their Products?

The pricing structure of Kratom Infusion is reasonable as it provides 28 grams for only $8.99, whereas a kg costs $150. These prices are not low, but they are average and wouldn’t throw off a prospect.

The Website Of Kratom Infusion 

When you first set your eyes on the website, it appears to be professional and impressive. But once you start to discover the website, you will see incomplete information on some sections, like return policy, shipping procedure, and privacy policy. On the About Us page, they keep claiming that they go above and beyond to guarantee that only the best Mitragyna are being sold.

There is also an Information Page that discusses various strains and different facts about Mitragyna Speciosa. Since no information is mentioned regarding the working hours, it might be possible that they are no longer operating. A lot of vendors ignore their websites, and multiple reasons could be the cause. For instance, they might be rebranding, making a new company, or simply being out of business.

User Opinions On The Vendor

Shoppers have been digging this vendor for years. The customers love their quality, but they also appreciate the amazing deals provided to them. One such deal is 100 grams of stem and vein for only $90. Apart from this, they have site-wide coupon codes available usually too.

The Customer Service Quality

No physical address is mentioned for Kratom Infusion, but they are located in New Orleans, Louisiana. A contact form and telephone number are disclosed on the website to communicate with the customer service department.

kratom infusion

Looking at the previous user opinions, they once boasted exceptional customer service because they did everything to ensure their shoppers were satisfied. But now, they either do not respond or revert late.

Shipping Procedure

Similar to other details, little information is given regarding the shipping process. They only state that because of an unexpected rise in orders, the shipping will be delayed. Another statement regarding the shipping is that they request the users not to inquire about the order’s progress as doing so will wait for it more. Further, they promise to deliver all packages as soon as possible. Kratom Infusion does not deliver to the following regions due to legality issues:

  • Vermont
  • Alabama
  • Wisconsin
  • Arkansas
  • Sarasota County
  • Indiana
  • Tennessee
  • Indiana

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do They Test Their Products At A Third-party Lab?

A trustworthy and high-end Mitragyna vendor indicates that they offer evidence regarding the lab tests. Many vendors in the marketplace conduct lab tests on their strains by a neutral third-party lab facility. This is done only to guarantee no toxic heavy metals or other contaminants in the product batches.

However, even if they state that they only sell pure and the best items, no statements are given regarding lab tests which makes the matters confusing. This lack of lab tests turns off many interested buyers.

Are They Affiliated With The AKA?

Another trademark of a trusted vendor is if they are affiliated with the AKA. This authority makes sure that all vendors are obeying the instructions by the Good Manufacturing Practices.

But sadly, no mention of the American Kratom Association is made on the website. They are also not present on the list of current affiliates, nor are they pending approval. This can be another deterrent for anyone who is thinking about making the next purchase here.

How Can We Pay Kratom Infusion?

Kratom Infusion accepts all major credit and debit cards having MasterCard or Visa logos on them. But sadly, they do not allow E-checks and Bitcoin.

Last Thoughts On Kratom Infusion 

This is an ideal supplier of authentic and 100% pure Mitragyna powders in Louisiana and beyond. Their items boast a rich content of alkaloids.

However, the facts that they do not conduct lab tests, have incomplete information on the official website, usually have their products out of stock, have not disclosed information regarding return policy, are not affiliated with the American Kratom Association, and provide no proof of the quality is enough to force interested buyers to look somewhere else.

But since their pricing structure is not expensive, you can still buy a bit from them as many vendors are available who conduct lab tests.

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