All You Need To Know About Kratom Infusion

Kratom, scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, is an evergreen tree that belongs to Rubeaceae or Coffee Family. Its history is ancient as it has been used for hundreds of years in Southeast Asia to solve many health problems. Its leaves are part of the interest and contain a rich alkaloid profile and chew. In the past two decades, it has gained much fame due to its potent alkaloid composition and sustainability with the body. As leaves have a bitter taste, experts are working and trying to find different ways to mask this sharp taste. Kratom infusion or tea is one of the consequences.

After its invention, it became popular among people who belong to the natural health community means they believe in honest and herbal remedies. The herbal kratom infusion or tea provides all the goodness of the compound in a single cup of tea. According to the expert’s precise methodology, the whole extract has been brewed when you prepare tea. Here we will briefly explain the necessary details about kratom infusion.

Kratom Infusion

What is kratom Infusion?

When people talk about making ketum tea, it’s actually about preparing kratom infusion. Infusion is the process of extracting biochemical and chemical substances or essence from any plant in a suitable solvent, including water, oil or ethanol. It allows the material to remain suspended in the solvent to squeeze the extract completely.

There are many ways to prepare kratom infusion or tea. Although many regular users know the various ways to prepare tea, if you are a beginner at this beautiful extraction, don’t worry; we will guide you about the right and best method. To brew tea rightly is an essential step for ketum users, especially when you want to get the full richness of the herb for wellness. Here we will tell you about two primary ways to make this miraculous tea, as this herb has an ancient history of use, so those old ways have been polished with new techniques, let’s have a look,

1: Kratom Tea Infusion: 

Generally, infusion refers to the herbal tea made in a cup instead of in a pot or container overheating. Infusions are used when delicate parts of plants have to be brewed for making tea, as the leaves or flowers. As there is a requirement to preserve complete organic contents profile unbroken, that’s why this delicate process has been evolved.

Steeping time of herbal tea is of much concern; when you steep it for a lesser time, you lose many alkaloid components. On the other hand, giving more time to the steeping step causes the extraction of unwanted flavonoids with other alkaloids. This enhances the bitterness of the tea to an unbearable level. Appropriate brewing time is a compulsion for making Speciosa tea because of the poor water solubility of Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy Mitragynine, non-polar organic compounds.

When you prepare Mitragyna tea, start your infusion by steeping the tea bags into a vacuum thermos, so it retains heat in it for the first 15 minutes. Then you can finish your tea recipe. For brewing herbal tea, the infusion is the best option.

2: Kratom tea Decoction:

A decoction is a pure Ayurveda extraction method. Most plant materials, including roots, stems, rhizomes and barks, boil at a high temperature in a suitable solvent (water, oil or alcohol) to cook at a high temperature in a suitable solvent (water, dissolve chemical and biochemical substances of the material. As far as kratom decoction is concerned, boiling fresh and mature leaves in water for a certain period to get a complete extract from leaves is known as kratom decoction.

Although it causes over-extraction, which is not desirable, it has a significant advantage; you can prepare a concentrated tea and add it to your favourite drink; in this way, you can get rid of its harsh taste.

Some Important Tips to Improve Your Brew: 

Tip # 1:

Do add ketum to the water before it starts to heat; before we explain the reason, let Sarah Farr explain it, she is a well-known Herbalist and tea sommelier, she said

” placed in a pot with cold water, covered and slowly brought to a boil. Placing the plants in the cold water is essential because more challenging plant parts are high in albumin, a protein, which ne that extract from of slowly as the water temperature increases. If you put these plants in hot water, the albuminous matter in the plant cells coagulate and prevent other constituents from leaving the plant cells, potentially limiting the extract.”

Tip # 2:

The decoction method can be used to make a concentrated tea; the slight difference between the two is of temperature as a decoction is carried on a higher temperature, is that above 205 Degree Fahrenheit. In this process, more water evaporates, and you are left with less liquid rich in organic ingredients at the end. As the alkaloids do not disappear, you can enjoy the full extract by adding this thick syrup into your juice, iced tea or other drink if you desire. This is the best method to mask the harsh taste of speciosa.

Tip # 3: 

You can boil your tea at any temperature, as primary alkaloids show no change upon heating. It may be made at less flame for some time to make kratom infusion or at high temperature for more time to make a decoction. Whatever method you choose will give you the best organic substance.

Is Kratom Infusion Safe?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved kratom infusion, tea or any product related to it for any medical purpose. Moreover, it has been listed as the drug of concern by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). It is only considered a food supplement and has been sold under the category of food supplements. In many European countries, including Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Romania and Poland, ketum possession and usage has been controlled.

Though it is legal in the United States, there have been rules and legislations about the consumption, distribution and possession of mitragyna. The FDA has no regulation or monitoring of mitragyna, so be careful before buying and using it.

How to Brew Ketum Tea Bags:

Many kratom manufacturers and experts have developed specific ways to brew the perfect speciosa tea; here are some points about what they do to make tea and why,

  • Always use the vacuum thermos of good company; this keeps the tea hot for longer.
  • Using the ketum tea bags make the process straightforward regardless of the method.
  • Adding apple cider vinegar, lime, grapefruit, or lemon helps to extract well, but don’t overdo it because mitragynine is sensitive to acid.
  • Add some flavours like honey or sugar, but add them to your tea for the last few minutes.
  • Please wait for 20 minutes; this is almost the perfect time for brewing as our required alkaloids can be fully extracted within this time at the temperature of boiling water; they can tolerate it well. You have to maintain a balance that you will have a total alkaloid pull in your brew and no extra flavonoids, which cause more bitterness to the tea.

Kratom Infusion

The Bottom Line:

Kratom infusion or tea is prepared from the freshly dried and mature leaves, which have been steeped in boiling water. Depending upon your desire, you can choose the process of infusion or decoction. Both will give you the natural lushness of this miraculous organic substance. But care is needed in the decoction process not to increase the herb’s bitterness. For more ketum infusion and tea recipes, you can go online and find out the recipe according to your taste.

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