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History Of Kratom K

Kratom K came into the Speciosa business around 10 years ago i.e., in 2011. It has been successfully serving the kratom community since then. A great thing associated with this vendor is it imports all the kratom from the independent growers living in Indonesia – the place where the natural growth of this magical herb takes place.

This brand has taken dedicated and qualified staff on board and trained them very well to promote overall wellness among the people around. Every one of them is playing a key role by helping out the ones who are struggling with Mitragyna.

This seller has never sourced kratom blindly just by trusting the manufacturers. But, it always verifies the quality of every single product and batch to ensure the good health of its customers. In addition, this vendor has made good relationships with the growers by paying a good amount for pure Kratom.


What Can I Get from This Platform?

Well, the complete variety is divided into two major categories – kratom powder and capsules. Want to purchase Mitragyna powder? You can choose any of the 37 different products available at this store. Kratom K benefits from the matured and dried leaves of the Mitragyna tree by passing them through a unique grinding process to obtain a fine powdered version of this herb.

Don’t you like the earthy smell of Speciosa? Find it unpleasant? Well, you can try taking capsules. This seller has 38 different options to choose from and it is quite a diverse product line indeed. It uses naturally prepared capsule shells and fills them precisely with the Mitragyna powder to make a calculated amount of doses for you.

You can find these products in three different vein colors e.g., white, green, and red veins. Apart from that, if you want to try some more strains, this seller provides you with an option to taste Vietnam, Thai, Sumatra, Malay, Maeng Da, Indo Supreme, Maeng Da Supreme, Indonesian, Borneo, Bali, and Bali Supreme.

Are The Products Tested by Independent Laboratories?

Never use a product you are doubtful about. Always ensure that the product you want to buy is safe for your health. A certificate of analysis plays a critical role in this scenario.

Kratom K is seriously concerned about the quality of Speciosa. Right after sourcing and before displaying any product on the official store, this vendor tests the whole stock for quality. It looks for impurities and harmful substances like preservatives, adulterants, heavy metals, and similar others.

Do They Offer Competitive Pricing?

You will not find this seller costly at all. The prices are highly affordable and all the products are manufactured with 100% pure kratom. This is one of the major factors that has played a critical role in giving a strong boost to the sales of this vendor.

If you want to get Speciosa powder, it is available in different packaging ranging from 28 grams to 456 grams. The smallest packet will cost you $21.95 whereas you can purchase the bigger one for $243.95.

Just like Mitragyna powder, capsules are also displayed in different packet sizes. The tiniest packet of capsules consists of 56 pieces and costs you $21.95. Whereas, the biggest packet consists of 456 pieces and you have to pay $195.95 if you want to get this one.

If you are a true Speciosa enthusiast, you will surely like the products, prices, and other services being provided by this merchant.

Can I Buy Bulk Kratom?

Kratom K has launched a wholesale program for the ones who are willing to start their own business. Are you the one who is looking to purchase bulk Mitragyna? Concerned about the prices and quality? You will not find any source with such services better than this store.

Want to benefit from this facility? You will have to purchase a minimum of 4.4 pounds or 2-kilo Speciosa. You can choose any strain, amount, and combination to place your wholesale order. All you need to do is to drop them an email at with your questions as well as order details.

Which Method Can I Choose to Pay?

You can choose from any of the below-mentioned payment methods.

  • Cashier checks
  • All major credit cards
  • Money orders

How Does This Seller Ship?

Once you clear your payment, most of the time, this seller ships your order the same day or at max, it can take 1 to 2 days and the parcel reaches your doorstep via USPS within 2 to 4 working days. Sometimes, due to the delays from the post office, your shipment may get delayed but it is very rare.

Note: If you are a resident of a state or a country where kratom is not allowed to consume, Kratom K will not deliver its products to such areas.

Can I Return My Item, If Not Satisfied?

Yes, this brand offers easy returns. If you are not pleased with the product you’ve ordered, you can return it back within one month of receiving your parcel. Always ensure that the item you are going to return is unopened. It will help you get your money back successfully.

In case, the returned product is not in its original form, unfortunately, you will not be able to get your cashback. Once you claim your refund, one of the representatives from the concerned department will approach you within a week with further details.

What Is So Special About Kratom K?

There are several factors (as listed below) that contribute to the credibility of this brand.

  • Largest product line
  • Authentic strains tested by independent third-party labs
  • Shipping for free
  • Shipping within 24 hours
  • Easy returns within 30 days
  • Get your money back if not satisfied with any product
  • Guaranteed satisfaction


How Do Their Customers React?

We have gone through many customer reviews about this brand on multiple platforms including Reddit and other digital media channels. Almost all the buyers were found pretty satisfied with both the services as well as the products. This brand has made a loyal community of buyers in the last 10 years of exposure to the kratom domain. Another great feature of this seller is it keeps on improving overall standards based on the buyers’ feedback.

Ending Note

Are you willing to buy kratom you really love? Kratom K is the greatest place to get what you love. Here at this platform, you will get all-natural Mitragyna products at highly competitive prices with premium packaging. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I order discreetly?

Answer: Well, this merchant delivers all the orders in either boxes or envelopes with labels saying “K-Botanicals”. It does not mention the word “kratom” on the labels making the packages discreet.

Question: I placed my order and cleared the payment a few hours ago but it is still pending. Why so?

Answer: Well, some orders require them to manually change the status. It may take some time (around a day or a bit more).

Question: Can I track my package? If yes, where can I do that?

Answer: Yes, you get your tracking number once your order gets shipped from the selling facility and you can track it from here.

Question: Is this seller trustworthy enough to share the details with?

Answer: Yes, it follows strict standards to protect your data whether it is your personal or payment information. It does not disclose the information thereby maintaining your confidentiality.

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