Kratom Kaps – Worth Your Money Or Not?

Overview On Kratom Kaps 

Kratom Kaps is based in the US, and they indirectly sell Mitragyna. In other words, they are a wholesale vendor that works with resellers and retailers only. It is a headshop brand as most of its clients are head shops and vape shops. Mitragyna enthusiasts who are habitual of buying from headshops are aware of the popularity of the brand. This is why the vendor continues to grow in the industry.

Even if most people do not regard headshop Kratom brands, it is not wise to generalize. An expert Mitragyna consumer can find high-quality products from such platforms too.

Kratom Kaps 

Some users have complained about poor quality. Is this brand a substandard company, or are they worth your money? This review article will reveal all secrets of this brand to discover if it’s a worthy vendor.

What Products Do They Provide?

The product range of Kratom Kaps can be accessible from third-party vendors like headshops, gas stations, and smoke shops. The company primarily thrives in the capsule category, but its diversity is not big. Still, shoppers are happy with their limited range and affordable pricing.

But as you get what you pay for, do not expect the best quality from them, or you will end up being disappointed. Since their pricing structure is cheap, the standards are not high. The strain variety at Kratom Kaps is Riau, Borneo, Sumatra, Thai, Indo Supreme, Hulu Kapuas, Proprietary Blends, Golden Reserve Enhanced Mitragyna, Maeng Da, Vietnam, Malay, Bali, and Bentuangie.

This diversity is neither too big nor too limited, and this is common coming from a headshop. The restricted diversity is maintained to boost customer service, supply, and quality. The highest selling strains are Maeng Da, Malay, Indo, and Bali. By prioritizing these four strains the most, they can sell these in different increments.

All of these four strains are sold in powder and capsule forms. But as Mitragyna enthusiasts have their individual or favorite vein color, they will be let down to know that no information is presented in this aspect.

Maybe they chose this simple concept to make business easy for newcomers. However, there is a catch. As it is an indirect seller, it refrains from discussing vein colors. But if a customer is eager to know about the available vein color, they can directly ask the vendor.

Where Can You Get Their Products From

Most of the headshops feature their items from Kratom Kaps. However, many headshops sell inauthentic strains priced at a high cost. The expired Mitragyna Speciosa contains no value as its alkaloid percentage diminishes with time. In other words, as days pass, the quality of Mitragyna reduces. This is why everyone should only purchase fresh Mitragyna.

Other variables that affect this herb are temperature, light, and humidity. This is why the majority of companies sell Mitragyna products in dark and airtight packaging. This prevents light from getting in contact with the item and controls humidity as well.

Plus, few websites also sell products from this brand. The website of Kratom Kaps is difficult to access and has a complex interface. So, if you want to buy from them, it is better to purchase from various third-party platforms.

What Do I Have To Pay?

All Mitragyna connoisseurs know that the price of Mitragyna products is not linear. This is because many important variables guarantee this aspect. The headshop vendors especially have physical stores which require a costly rent to stay in business.

The pricing structure depends on the category of strain. Plus, the retailer factor also affects the cost. Even though the resellers and retailers are free to set the prices themselves, the brand recommends the retail cost for their items.

You can see the prices suggested by Kratom Kaps. This pricing structure is written from the lowest to highest increments:

Maeng Da capsules: 45-ct for $11.99 and 100-count for $17.99.

Maeng Da powder strains: 35 grams is sold at $7.49, and 100 grams is available at $16.99.

Bali capsules: A 45-ct bottle is sold for $12.49, and a 100-ct bottle is available for $19.99.

Bali Powder Strain: 35 grams is sold at $7.99, and 100 grams is available at $17.99.

Malay Capsules: A 45-ct bottle is priced at $12.49, and a 100-ct bottle is sold at $19.99.

Malay Powder Strain: 35 grams is given for $7.99, and 100 grams is sold at $17.99.

Indo Capsules: A 20-ct bottle is priced at $5.99, and a 40-ct bottle is priced at $10.99.

Indo Powder: 50 grams is available at $17.99.

Customer Reputation Of Kratom Kaps 

The brand refers to itself as “the highest quality available on the market.” Not only this, the company says that they only do business with Mitragyna Speciosa farmers who can follow their “strict, sustainable non-GMO standards.” However, all vendors make such exaggerated claims.

Kratom Kaps 

Speaking of their reputation, one will find mixed feedback. The users who never bought from trustworthy online vendors appreciate the brand. But the experienced Speciosa community on Reddit is not impressed with the vendor.

Can I Get Coupon Codes?

As the brand is a distributor and not a direct seller, it does business with other vendors. The clients of Kratom Kaps sell their items for them. Therefore, for all the shoppers hunting for a deal, discount, or coupon codes, they are advised to look for a vendor that offers these codes to decrease the overall price.

If you want to know where to buy their products, you can directly talk with the business through their Contact Us page. The company has mentioned a list of their registered distributors to eradicate the chance of counterfeit capsules.

No special deals are available as well because Kratom Kaps only does business with wholesale companies and retailers. But keep coming back to the website to gain discounts.

Refund Policy And Shipping Quality

The renowned brand is not a direct seller, and its items are only accessible from verified distributors. As they collaborate with other distributors for selling, the partnered seller controls their shipping rules. This is the same case for the return policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What Is Their Website Like?

Yes, they have their official website, but you can not buy from there as it is only a portal to be familiar with Kratom Kaps. The website is intuitive, and it showcases all the strains they boast in their range. Furthermore, they have explained how you can contact them.

Is Their Customer Service Satisfactory?

As Kratom Kaps does not directly talk or handle customers, nothing can be said about their customer service. But you can inquire about the volume of their supplies and average sales on each shop by the retailers.

What Are Some Pros Of This Vendor?

Kratom Kaps earned their solid reputation with affordable pricing, excellent quality, and premium packaging. According to them, they source Mitragyna from native Southeast Asian forests. Furthermore, they claim that all their items are tested in labs before introducing them to the market.

Summing It Up – Last Words On Kratom Kaps 

Summing it up, it is clear that Kratom Kaps is worth your money and attention. This headshop brand sets itself apart from the other substandard vendors with inferior quality and unexpectedly high costs.

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