Is Kratom Legal In USA? Learn About Kratom Legality

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Kratom is legal in most of the countries around the globe. However, there are countries where it is prohibited for example; the United Kingdom, Thailand, and Malaysia.

In some European nations kratom is a controlled substance (Australia and New Zealand). That means that some limitations are placed on imports, buying and selling though it is not illegal.

In the US, kratom is legal in some states while it is illegal in others. The US has more law enforcement agencies than other countries hence the legality of kratom is complicated.

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Kratom Legality in the USA

Kratom has several benefits unto the user. Some of these benefits include;

  1. Kratom can boost an individual’s energy level as well as stimulation. At low doses, kratom gives stimulating effects. Kratom can be used to promote energy especially when an individual is fatigued.
  2. People suffering from physical and chronic pain can use kratom to reduce their suffering. A dose of 3-6 grams acts as an analgesic (painkiller).
  3.  Kratom is used by people facing opiate withdrawal to help them overcome the withdrawal effects.
  4. Kratom improves the cognitive ability of an individual. Kratom can aid the releasing of additional quantities of acetylcholine in the body to increase mental sharpness.
  5. Kratom helps individuals overcome stress and depression. Kratom brings the feelings of peace, well-being and physical relaxation.
  6. People suffering from sleep-related issues like insomnia or parasomnia can use kratom to get proper sleep.
  7. Kratom acts as an anti-inflammation. It can reduce swelling and pain hence giving the body time to heal.

However, the problem with kratom is that it lacks evidence to back it up around the effects and health benefits as well as its’ dangers.

  • Kratom is not an opioid, but it has similar effects to opioids, for instance, euphoria.
  • Kratom is marketed as a substance that can help individuals facing withdrawal effects of drugs like heroin to get out of them.

Therefore, authorities view kratom to have the same potential as these opiates, i.e., heroin. This information is untrue hence there is a battle that has confused many about the legality of kratom.

Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Kratom

  • In 2016, the DEA pushed to have the active ingredients of kratom added to schedule 1 drugs, and this would have put kratom in the same category as heroin.

However, advocates of kratom pointed out the benefits of kratom and its effects. They wanted the DEA to take note that schedule 1 drugs are those that have a high probability of abuse and that they have no benefits.

  • The DEA stepped back by noting that the alleged benefits were unscientifically proven.
  • Studies started in 2017, and the FDA issued a public health advisory that shown kratom has ‘deadly risks.’
  • They gave information about 36 deaths in the US but did not state the time of the ends or the circumstances that led to the conclusions. The information provided was uninvestigated hence it was termed untrue.
  • Such misconceptions made kratom users unite and even demonstrate over them.

Current Legal Status of Kratom in the USA

Kratom is legal in some states while illegal in others. The following are states where kratom is unlawful; Alabama, Indiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Vermont, Wisconsin.

Additionally, it is illegal for members of the armed forces of USA to use kratom.

Laws governing kratom sales in different countries


In the US it is legal to buy, possess and use kratom. However, there a few states where kratom is illegal and regulations are placed to control the sale of kratom.

Users are advised to consult local authorities to get the latest information to avoid being on the wrong side of the law.

United Kingdom

In the UK, there is no requirement by the law to have a prescription to buy kratom. The government has not scheduled it nor has it placed restrictions on kratom.

Users can buy kratom from local vendors. Kratom sold here is in the form of powder and capsules. However, it is expensive compared to the prices in North America.


Use of kratom products in Australia has been outlawed. In 2005, the Australian national drugs and poisons schedule committee recommended that kratom is classified under schedule 9 since it’s approval by the legislature it became law.

These regulations made it illegal to buy, sell, distribute, or use kratom in Australia. The members of the committee admitted that they had no evidence of any abuse of kratom in Australia. They also acknowledged that the World Health Organization (WHO) had not banned kratom.


Kratom is legal throughout Canada. There are no limits or restrictions on buying or consumption of kratom. Kratom is therefore legal to grow, purchase, and sell in Canada.


Indonesia is the leading producer and exporter of kratom. Most of the kratom strains originate from Indonesia for example; re.d indo kratom. Most of the kratom sold in North America is sourced from this southeast Asia country.


Mitragyna speciose tree or kratom trees originates from Thailand. Kratom is widely used in the country, and it has been used for many centuries. Traditionally, kratom was used as a medicine. The leaves of the kratom were crushed into powder, and it would be consumed in tea.

The government of Thailand has classified kratom as a level 5 narcotic; this makes it illegal to grow the kratom tree, possess kratom and sell or purchase it. Thai kratom that is sold online comes from Indonesia and surrounding countries.



  • Kratom is legal in Austria. There are no legal restrictions placed on kratom products.
  • Kratom consumers can, therefore buy, possess, and grow kratom.


Long ago it was legal to import kratom without any restrictions. However, the German government classified kratom as an unlicensed medicine. These restrictions made it impossible to import kratom. If you are caught trying to bring kratom into the country, you will be subjected to the law.


There are no legal restrictions on kratom in Greece. Kratom is not a controlled substance in the country. That makes it possible for users to buy, possess, and use kratom in the country.


There are no legal restrictions on kratom in Brazil. Local vendors can, therefore, sell kratom without worry. Kratom consumers are free to buy, possess, and use kratom.


In Denmark, there are restrictions on the use and purchase of kratom since it is categorized as a controlled substance. Before 2009, kratom was legal to buy and possess without any legal penalties.

South Korea

Reports indicate that kratom is illegal, and the government regulates it. Importation of kratom is unlawful, and anyone caught importing kratom may face criminal penalties and punishment.


Kratom is illegal for human consumption in Hungary. However, it is legal to buy and sell kratom leaves as incense. You can purchase these leaves from head shops throughout the country.


Kratom is legal in Ireland, and it is locally available. There are no regulations set that limit its use by the Irish statute or the misuse of drugs act.


In Finland, you may need a prescription to buy and use kratom products. Imports on kratom products are not allowed. If you import kratom in Finland, your shipment will be confiscated at the border.

New Zealand

In New Zealand, you need a prescription to purchase or use kratom products. Selling kratom without a prescription is against the law.


Kratom is legal in the Netherlands, and there are no restrictions placed on it. It is permissible to buy, sell, and use kratom in this country. The Netherlands is the leading supplier of kratom to Europe. Kratom can be purchased from local smart shops and online vendors.


Kratom was banned in Romania in the year 2010. It is illegal to buy, possess, use, or sell kratom in Romania.


In summary, kratom is a substance that has a lot of controversy regarding its legality. Despite having benefits, some governments still insist that kratom is illegal and not safe for human consumption. You can use the content above to help you know the countries where kratom is legal or illegal. In countries where kratom is legitimate, you can purchase it from local dealers or online shopping malls.

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