Kratom Source USA Review – A Detailed Breakdown Of The Vendor 

A Brief Background Of Kratom Source USA 

Kratom Source USA entered the Mitragyna industry in November 2016, and since then, they have accumulated a steady supply of customers. Their mission statement is to provide high-quality products to all Mitragyna enthusiasts. This brand is recognized by strict quality control, which is maintained religiously.

To let you decide whether this brand is a trustworthy resource for Mitragyna Speciosa, let’s take a closer look at their services.

What Makes Them Upscale In The Industry?

Not only this, their prices are quite affordable. This is why many Kratom admirers find this company to be a premium source in terms of costs, standards, and more. Many factors prove them to be a reliable name in the market.

This popular vendor is an expert at selling great and genuine Kratom strains in great versatility. They have entered the market intending to maintain honesty and quality. They love to serve customers happily since they guarantee incredible all-natural herb, Mitragyna Speciosa, at the most reasonable prices throughout the country and the world.

Kratom Source USA

The brand chooses its farmers with great care. Their manufacturers are directly working in Indonesia and Malaysia. Kratom Source USA checks all the distributors to ensure that the standards of freshness and quality are met.

The website of this vendor presents a user-friendly and attractive interface. They have categorized the products concerning Strains, Vein Colors, Capsules, and Powders to boost convenience. Plus, all items are paired with eye-catching pictures of the brand’s real offerings.

The sophisticated themes and smooth templates provide ease to the users. Visitors can learn all about the items by reading the comprehensive product descriptions. They cater to wholesale customers and the general public. You can count on this vendor for never making a false claim. All these factors stand them apart from the rest of the players.

Products Offerings Of Kratom Source USA 

The best way to discover the complete catalog for items is by clicking on the Capsules or Powders category. They boast a long and diverse range of strains, especially for capsules. Encapsulated Kratom is more than powders! You can see the complete names of Strains for both categories below:

Powders – Green Bali, White Maeng Da, Red Bali, White Indo Elephant, Red Bentuangie, Bali Gold, Red Borneo, Red Maeng Da, White Horn, Super Green Malay, Red Hulu Kapuas, Green Maeng Da, Red Indo Elephant, Yellow Vietnam, Green Indo Elephant, Red Horn, White Malay, Green Kali, Red Malay, Green Hulu Kapuas, Green Sumatra, White Sumatra, Green Vietnam, Green Borneo, Red Vietnam, Yellow Sunda, White Vietnam, Green Horn, White Kali, White Hulu Kapuas, Red Sunda, White Bentuangie, Green Sunda, White Borneo, White Sunda, Red Kali, and Green Bentuangie.

Capsules – Green Bentuangie, Red Maeng Da, Red Bentuangie, White Maeng Da, White Bentuangie, Green Maeng, Red Sundra, Super Green Malay, Green Sundra, Red Malay, White Sundra, White Malay, Yellow Sunda, White Indo Elephant, White Kali, Green Indo Elephant, Red Kali, Red Indo Elephant, Green Kali, Red Horn, Green Sumatra, White Horn, Red Sumatra, Green Horn, White Sumatra, Bali Gold, Green Sumatra, Red Bali, Red Sumatra, Green Bali, White Sumatra, Green Hulu Kapuas, Green Vietnam, Red Hulu Kapuas, Red Vietnam, White Hulu Kapuas, White Vietnam, White Vietnam, Green Borneo, Yellow Vietnam, White Borneo, and Red Borneo.

● Sumatra Strains

This is one of their best-sellers on the online store. It is unique from the other strains and even more different from the Sumatra Strains offered by other vendors. Sumatra is given in all the vein colors. All hues are potent and fresh.

● Vietnam Strains

Similar to the Sumatra strain, the Vietnam strain can be bought in all the vein colors. The Vietnam strains from other vendors do not offer such a great aroma and taste. This is why so many customers love buying this particular strain.

● Bentuangie Strains

With the original aroma and absolute delight of Mitragyna Speciosa, Bentuangie Strains are long-lasting. Whether you want Bentuangie in the Red, Green, or White Vein, all are available.

● Indo Elephant

Indo Elephant is offered in both powder and capsule forms. The fresh leaves of this strain exude a delightful aroma which is felt as soon as you open the bag. This earthy fragrance will make you devour the Mitragyna instantly.

Kratom Source USA takes extra care of the whole processing and testing procedure. The brand knows that this natural herb is quick to latch on contaminants, molds, alkaloids, heavy metals, and more impurities. So, they dry and extract the strains to make sure only the freshest stuff is displayed. You will find no fungal growth in these products.

You will never find a stale Kratom strain at the shop. Only fresh and safe are displayed paired with exquisite taste and natural aroma. This extensive list of powders and capsules is without any impurities or mold. All the experienced Kratom connoisseurs can gouge the authenticity of this top-tier brand.

Is Their Pricing System Reasonable?

Kratom Source USA uses standard pricing, which everyone appreciates. This makes budgeting simpler and doesn’t allow unpleasant surprises.

Powders – Starting price is $20 for 100 grams, whereas five kg can be purchased for $425.

Capsules – Surprisingly, capsules are priced the same way.

Third-party Lab Tests And The AKA Approval

One of the best ways to the genuineness of a company is finding out whether they carry out independent third-party lab tests. At this online store, you can view comprehensive coverage about all items so that you can know everything there is to know.

Kratom Source USA

Kratom Source USA practices a 5-step procedure with which they guarantee potency and quality. It also checks whether any alkaloid, heavy metals, impurities, and other harmful particles are present. In the last step, they determine other factors. Lastly, the company proudly follows the GMP and American Kratom Association protocols.

Money-back Guarantee

Although customers rarely find any fault with the products, they still offer a flexible policy regarding refunds and exchanges. A 30-day money-back guarantee makes them look more reliable.

Shipping Procedure

Kratom Source USA takes care of the orders from shipping to delivery. Within the country, they strive to deliver within three days, which is fast and convenient. Free shipping is guaranteed for all orders totaling $150 and above.

Consumer Reputation

There has been mixed feedback on the standards of their stock and how they deal with customers. On Reddit, you can find both unhappy and satisfied customers.

When it comes to customer support, Kratom Source USA presents some unpleasant policies which are not customer-friendly.

Even though they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, users have to pay for shipping charges themselves. This policy is seen in many other vendors, too, but this brand has stated that they won’t be responsible for missing orders, items shipped to the wrong address, and any delay in delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are Their Coupon Codes?

Kratom Source USA holds routine sales, and loyal customers obtain lots of coupon codes.

Can I Find Them On Social Media?

Yes, you can see a massive following on all their social media accounts. Kratom Source USA actively interacts with the followers, customers, and enthusiasts on all pages and enjoys positive reviews.

How Can I Pay Them?

Since this is a customer-oriented vendor, they are always thinking of providing more ease to the users. One of those ways is giving many payment methods. This allows anyone to buy in bulk.

Accepted payment options are credit and debit cards, cash on delivery, bank transfer, and many more. Furthermore, you can avail of discounts if you choose to pay from their selected credit or debit cards.

Final Words: Should You Give Them A Try?

As evident from the authentic customer feedback posted on online forums, Kratom Source USA has an almost equal amount of detractors and fans. In short, you should be careful to shop here, but their cheap pricing structure encourages people to check them out.

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