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About The Store

Kratom Spot claims to provide the highest quality Mitragyna strains around the globe. This brand is based in California and it had started its business in 2014. It is an AKA GMP qualified Mitragyna vendor. All the kratom is sourced directly from trustworthy farms in Southeast Asia.

When it started its operation, there were very limited competitors at that time; therefore, this store has become successful in making and maintaining its credibility. To facilitate the buyers with organic kratom, this seller does not allow any middleman to come in between the brand and the manufacturers.

The use of state-of-the-art technology has made this brand rule the market. In addition, this vendor never compromises on the product quality and always makes sure to provide you with highly potent and safe products.

Kratom Spot


What Does This Store Sell?

As far as the product line of this store is concerned, you can find 5 major categories of Speciosa products including kratom extracts, capsules, powder, shots, and leaves. Apart from that, it offers 3 main Kratom strains colors like Green, Red, and White Vein.

Furthermore, you can also buy other strains like Sumatra, Bali, Thai, Indo, Malay, and Maeng Da kratom.

If you love buying capsules, this brand has 15 different products to offer i.e., Red Thai, Ultimate White Vein Borneo, Super Green Indo, Indo White Vein, Green Malay, Red Vein Malay, Sumatra Red Vein, and others.

In case you like a powdered version of Speciosa, you have the option to choose from 22 different items like Ultra Borneo, Ultra Bali, Ultra Maeng Da, Red Thai, Green Thai, Indo White Vein, Bali White Vein, Red Vein Indo, and others.

Apart from the above-mentioned items, 3 types of kratom loose leaves including Red Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, and White Maeng Da are available at this online store. Seven different extracts are the top-selling products of this vendor. Interestingly, this seller is offering 9 amazing kratom deals to get the maximum out of them.

Can I Trust Their Products?

When buying different products, you must be very careful about their safety. If they are not safe for your health, never buy such things at any cost. Laboratory tests can help you determine the quality of products you are going to buy.
Every single product you find at this store is tested by an independent laboratory. These tests check for heavy metals, fillers, preservatives, adulterants, and other dangerous chemicals or substances.

How Much Should I Pay For Their Products?

The prices are a bit high but no one can question their quality. Once you buy their products, you will not care about the prices they charge. Buying loose kratom leaves will cost you somewhere between $12.00 to $44.99. If you are looking to purchase Mitragyna capsules, you will have to pay around $14.99 – $169.99 for that.

If you prefer taking Speciosa powder, it will cost you between $7.99 and $229.99. How about kratom shots? Would you like to purchase them? You can buy them by paying $7.99 to $94.99. When buying anything from this store, you can select the desired quantity you want to get to meet your requirements.


Kratom Spot keeps on offering amazing discounted rates for its premium-quality products. At the moment, you can get a great discount as given below.

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Buy Kratom In Bulk From Kratom Spot

Are you planning to start your own kratom brand? Or already running one? Kratom Spot has got you covered. This merchant has a brilliant track record of making a loyal customer community by providing them with safe and all-natural Speciosa at an extremely competitive pricing policy.

Do you want to buy this herb in bulk? All you need to do is to fill up a request form to get the best deals in town. The information they will ask you to provide includes your name, email address, business name, contact number, business address, and Tax ID.

Once your request form gets submitted, a specialist from the wholesale department will get in touch with you and will let you know more about the details.

Benefit From Affiliate Program

Do you love making some extra money sitting at your home? Well, Kratom Spot provides this golden opportunity to you. All you need to do is to apply for the affiliate program from the official website. Once they approve your application, they will provide you with a unique link to their website. This link will be purely yours.

You can post the given link anywhere you want (e.g., websites or other digital channels) and if any customer makes a purchase from your link, the seller will pay you a 25% commission on every sale.

Shipping & Return Policies

All the orders are shipped via USPS services and the seller informs you through email. If you want to get a same-day shipping facility, you will have to place an order before 12:00 pm PST.

If you have purchased any product directly from the official website and are not satisfied with that due to any reason e.g., bad quality, you can ask for a full refund any time you want. This offer remains valid for 30 days after your order gets shipped.

Are The Customers At Kratom Spot Happy?

To give a boost to any business, making the customers happy should be the topmost priority of any seller. Customers are the only asset that can generate more leads to make your business stable in the long run. All well-known vendors go the extra mile to create amazing opportunities for the buyers and to make their overall experience memorable.

Kratom Spot is one such seller that is associated directly with a number of customers and almost all of them are not only pleased with the services but also pretty satisfied with the products they are getting from this merchant.

Looking to purchase from this seller? Don’t forget to have a deeper look at their customer feedback to know about the real reputation of this vendor.

How Does This Brand Stand Out In Today’s Market?

The factors involved behind are:

  • Highest quality Speciosa goods
  • Independent lab-tested products
  • Fairtrade system
  • Wholesale and affiliate program to benefit from
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Phone support to instantly resolve your queries
  • Absolutely free shipping on every order worth more than $50
  • Safe payment methods
  • Outstanding support for customers

Final Thoughts

Have you just stepped into the kratom world? Searching for a credible merchant? Concerned about the reputation and services being provided by a particular seller? Well, Kratom Spot is an unmatchable platform to get wonderful strains of Mitragyna with top-notch support services for every buyer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do they offer discreet orders?

Answer: Yes. You can get this facility. In fact, they deliver all the parcels through USPS without marking anything on them to maintain your confidentiality.

Question: Why should I choose this brand to make my purchase?

Answer: This brand provides you with unmatched quality of Mitragyna products with intuitive support for buyers. Moreover, it imports all Speciosa from trustworthy farms without involving any middleman.

Question: Can I pay them securely?

Answer: They use a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to protect your payment information. In addition, AES-256 encryption is used to store your information. Furthermore, they use top-notch payment gateways to make your shopping experience enjoyable.

Question: Is it possible to track my order?

Answer: Yes. Once this seller ships your products, you get your tracking ID and you can track your order from here.

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