Kratom Spot Review – Why Buy Speciosa From Them?

Kratom Spot Review? Well, that’s what you exactly needed to read, no? So whether you are a beginner and searching around the web for the best Mitragyna vendor or an old hand trying to shift to a new vendor, Kratom Spot would be your best bet.


This review will spot all those pluses that make Kratom Spot worth a shot for Speciosa enthusiasts. So without further ado, let us see what makes Kratom Spot standout in the Mitragyna Speciosa market.


Who Is Behind Kratom Spot? 


Before we dig deeper into the leading pros of Kratom Spot, let us have a look at their origin and who is behind their professional yet hard-working team. Kratom Spot is a California-based kratom vendor that debuted in the Mitragyna Speciosa market in 2014. But, gosh, they have been in the industry for solid eight years!


They strive to provide the highest quality Kratom to their worthy customers and ensure the product is all-natural and premium, including White, Green, Red Kratom and exclusive capsules and extracts. They are known for the top-notch quality and transparency in the Kratom industry and continue to take their game to a whole new level.

Kratom Spot Review


Why Buy Kratom From Kratom Spot? 


Now is the time to dig a bit deeper into our honest Kratom Spot review. With extensive research about this kratom vendor, this review will help you save your time, and you can decide by the end of this piece if they are worth your hard-earned cash. 


Excellent Product Line


We all want a variety when it comes to kratom powders. Obviously, you will surely step back if the vendor is only offering two or three strains. At Kratom Spot, you get to relish the extensive yet top-of-the-line products. They have five product categories:

1. Powders

2. Extracts

3. Capsules

4. leaves

5. Shots

Well, the excitement does not end here! 

 Do you know at Kratom Spot, you can explore around thirty unique strains directly sourced from their native lands – Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand? So no matter if you are a fan of white, green, or red strains, Kratom Spot is your one-stop-shop for all things Mitragyna Speciosa.



Aka Member


What makes Kratom Spot a truly authentic Mitragyna vendor in California? Being a leading member of the American Kratom Association, you can expect reliability, transparency, and honesty as their prominent moral values. Since being AKA’s GMP-certified vendor includes meeting numerous standards set forth by AKA for safe use of Mitragyna Speciosa, Kratom Spot turns out to be a legit vendor with its AKA GMP-certification. 



Lab-Tested Kratom


If you are a regular kratom user, you must have this idea of how crucial lab-testing is in the world of Kratom. If the vendor has an authentic stamp of lab-tested products, you can trust them for the best quality in the world. At Kratom Spot, all the Mitragyna Speciosa products are lab-tested in state-of-the-art laboratories to ensure that none contain fillers, contaminants, flavonoids, pesticides, or E.Coli. 


Competitive Prices


All the products at Kratom spots are available at unbeatable prices. This vendor knows how to deliver value instead of looking forward to an unstoppable cash flow. Here’s a quick breakdown of the costs, have a look, and you won’t stop drooling!

Powders ($7.99 – $89.99)

Capsules ($7.99 – $74.99)

Shots ($2.99 – $19.99)

Extracts ($9.99 – $169.99)

Leaves ($9.99 – $34.99)


Whoa! These prices are too reasonable for all-natural and top-quality Mitragyna Speciosa.


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Do you want to shop with sureness? The 30-day money-back guarantee at Kratom Spot has got you covered! You can get your product refunded for its original price within thirty days after you have purchased it. Make sure you have not opened the product, and it has all the original labels and tags attached to it. 


Safe And Secure Payment


At Kratom Spot, all of your personal information is kept secured and confidential. They ensure it is not misused, lost, or inappropriately accessed and disclosed. When you enter your credit card information, the SSL (Socket Layer Technology) immediately encrypts it and stores it with AES-256 encryption. Kratom Spot provides industry-standard security at its website by following all the PCI-DSS standards. Moreover, they use a top-of-the-line payment gateway –, so you don’t have to be worried at all. 


Wholesale Kratom


Do you want to buy wholesale Mitragyna Speciosa at competitive prices? Then, Kratom Spot lets your customers have the best of the best experience. To keep a never-ending stock of all-natural and top-quality Speciosa at your store, contact Kratom Spot and fill out the wholesale form at their website. 


 Their top-rated wholesale strains are Bali Red Vein, Maeng Da, Indo Green, Sumatra White Vein, Ultra Malay, and Bentuangie. You can choose among these to offer a unique yet wholesome Speciosa to your worthy customers via their Wholesale program. 


Coupon Codes And Discounted Deals


You can use free coupon codes and avail jaw-dropping discounted deals to enjoy high-quality Mitragyna at the lowest price at Kratom Spot. Currently, they have this active coupon code “KSPOT15” for first-time users to get straight 15% off their first order. So if you are ordering for the first time at their website, do not forget to use this code. 


Kratom Specials


Do you want to avail yourself of amazing deals at Kratom Spot? Just check out their kratom specials that are as special as you; you would get an ideal arrangement for your preferences for sure. 


Professional And Friendly Customer Care Staff


All the customer care representatives at Kratom staff are highly professional, social, and educated about Mitragyna Speciosa. No matter your query, they will sort it out right away to keep all the confusion at bay. 


Accessories And Merchandise


Are you looking for the good that can make your Speciosa experience an easy one? No matter if you like making your own Mitragyna capsules at home or want to enjoy a delicious cup of Mitragyna tea, Kratom Spots accessories have got you covered. You can buy high-quality tea infusers, empty tea bags, empty capsules, and capsule filling machines at their website’s “Accessories and Merchandise” section. 


Free Shipping On Orders $50 And Above


Did you hear free shipping? All the orders at Kratom spot are shipped free of cost if they are worth $50 or more. So make sure you have ordered worth $50 and save the shipping cost for future purchases. 


Order Tracking


When your order is confirmed, you get a tracking number that you can use at Kratom Spot to track the current location of your order. This feature would help you to keep an eye on your order, and you will be informed about the accurate delivery time. 


Authentic Source For Latest Kratom News


Name any topic related to Mitragyna and Kratom Spot has got you covered. Their highly informative blog has all the recent information about Mitragyna. So whether you want to look for the legality statuses, best strains, or recipes, they have covered you. 


Phone Support


If you want to contact Kratom Spot immediately, you can call them at 888-510-2038. Their customer care representative will respond immediately, and you can get your query resolved.

Kratom Spot Review


Affiliate Program


Are you an affiliate marketer who wants to grow with Kratom Spot? They have the best affiliate program that can help you earn bucks. All you have to do is sign up to become an affiliate. Once you get registered, you will get an affiliate link to use on your social media platforms to boost your sales.


In addition, for every product bought through your affiliate link, you get a 25% commission every Thursday in your PayPal account. Make sure you have a PayPal account before signing up for the affiliate program. 


Final Thoughts 


Kratom Spot Review must have made everything pretty crystal-clear about this famous California-based Kratom vendor. You will surely fall in love with their products and services, from their high-quality Mitragyna Speciosa products to coupon codes and discounted deals.


Make sure you use the recent coupon code given on their official website to get straight 15% off your first order. Moreover, if you have any queries or confusion, you can directly go for their live chat feature on the website or make a phone call to their official number.

Let us know if you have tried Kratom Spot’s Speciosa and how your experience turned out to be! 

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