Kratom to Help with Anxiety

While kratom extracts and leaves are used as an alternative medicine for chronic pain, they are also used for self-treatment of anxiety or depression symptoms. Notably, kratom yield similar effects to those of opioids such as morphine despite not being an opioid itself. As a result, some kratom users have used the plant’s leaves and extracts as a mood enhancer hence treating anxiety. Effective relieving of anxiety has, however, been associated with certain strains of kratom. The following is an analysis of kratom can be used as an anxiety reliever.

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The Theory Behind Kratom Use For Anxiety Relieving

Time to time, human beings suffer from anxiety, leading to awful moments. Suffering from anxiety for more than six months can lead to anxiety disorder. Notably, major symptoms of anxiety include restlessness, harder time falling asleep, difficulties in concentrating, a faster heart rate, and rapid breathing. However, the good news is that one can use kratom to relieve anxiety.
Kratom contains several alkaloids that differ in terms of their properties. The most abundant of all the alkaloids in kratom is 7-hydraxymitragynine, which is responsible for the sedative, painkilling, as well as relaxing properties of kratom. After the ingestion of kratom, 7-hydraxymitragynine binds itself to the brain’s opioid receptors, producing sedative and relief effects. As a result, calmness is achieved hence treating anxiety.

Different Ways to Ingest Kratom for Anxiety

There are several ways one can take kratom in a quest to relieve anxiety. However, following a stable dosage while using kratom as a treatment for anxiety should be done to avoid effects that might emanate from excessive kratom use. The following are several ways one can ingest kratom for anxiety-relieving.



Kratom in the form of Tea

Kratom tea is the most common way to ingest kratom. Notably, the kratom tea can be made through the addition of kratom powder to tea or brewing kratom leaves. Some kratom users prefer to mix their green tea with kratom powder for better results. The scientific reasoning for the success in combining the two is added calming effects from L-theanine contained in the green tea.

Kratom Tablets and Capsules

With kratom medicinal purposes appreciated by many, the commercial production of kratom tablets and capsules has been on the rise. Users of kratom for anxiety-relieving can purchase the kratom tablets and capsules from different reliable sources for kratom products. Notably, ingesting kratom tablets and capsules is the easiest and convenient way to use kratom for anxiety-relieving.

Other ways that kratom users can use it for relieving anxiety is in the form of extracts, tinctures, and kratom gum. However, some of these alternatives are not convenient. Additionally, adherence to dosage while using some of these alternatives might prove to be harder than one might presume. While there is no preferable method of ingesting kratom for anxiety as per research, the technique one ingests kratom through for anxiety-relieving might influence its effects on the subject individual.

What Strains of Kratom are best in Anxiety Relieving?

Kratom comes in a variety of strains where most of the strains take their names from their origin. As with other drugs, different kratom strains have slight differences in their effects. While some strains possess more pain-relieving effects, other strains are reputable for their sedative effects. The following are the best kratom strains for relieving anxiety.

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Bali Kratom

The Bali kratom remains to be one of the most sought after kratom by users of kratom for anxiety-relieving. The strain is reputable for its sedative as well as anti-anxiety effects due to its high 7-hydraxymitragynine content. With the Bali strain is associated with low side effects incidences, more kratom users have sought the strain’s aid for anxiety-relieving. Additionally, Bali kratom is less expensive compared to other kratom strains, thanks to its availability.

Gold Bali

It is among the best strains that help in relaxation. It can be challenging to find it; hence, you must research the vendor before purchasing to ensure that you get the best quality. It treats anxiety and acts as a mood enhancer. It reduces stress, stimulates appetite, also helping those in depression.

Borneo Kratom

With high contents of 7-hydraxymitragynine, Borneo kratom is a preferable choice for anxiety-relieving due to its analgesic, relaxation, as well as mood-enhancing ability. Notably, the higher dosage of Borneo kratom highly yield to the strains sedative effects, hence a solution for those whose anxiety has attributed to sleeplessness. Fewer side effects have been recorded with the ingestion of the Borneo kratom, making it one of the best kratom strains for anxiety-relieving.

Red Maeng Da

It is commonly known for its energizing effect rather than sedating effects. It acts as a mood enhancer making the user enthusiastic, happy directly impacting a person’s motivation to work. It boosts energy as well as acts as an anti-depressant. The energy that you get will help you also pull out of depression. It also has high alkaloid contents increasing clarity, making it suitable for people with anxiety as they will be able to focus on their study. It is an excellent choice for those with regular jobs. For it work to work effectively, take low dosages around 1-2 grams.

Indo Kratom

Kratom users have rated indo kratom as one of the best energetic mood boosters that help fight anxiety. Just like other strains of kratom, kratom possesses mood elevation effects, relaxation effects, and sedative effects that are crucial for anxiety-relieving. However, the Indo kratom possesses less powerful sedative effects compared to other strains. Despite its being a tremendous mood-boosting kratom strain, Indo kratom’s low stimulating qualities at lower doses interfere with its anxiolytic effects.

Malay Kratom

Malay kratom, mainly the green Malay, is among the reputable anxiety-relieving strains of kratom. The strain is well known for its mood-boosting and stimulating qualities, hence making it to the list of best anxiety reliever kratom. However, green Malay kratom attributes to higher exciting effects to new users; therefore, it is advisable to start with the red Malay kratom.

Green Malay Kratom

Green Malay kratom acts as a pain reliever as well as a mood enhancer. The alkaloids present in the strain can reduce the symptoms of anxiety. It also increases one’s energy and enhances their motivation. This improves your confidence and level of self-esteem. It helps people whose anxiety is related to their mood. Also, its long-lasting effect makes it a popular strain.

What is the Best Dosage of Kratom for Anxiety Relieving?

Different dosages of kratom offer different effects with too much ingestion of kratom, proving to have potential side effects to the user. Notably, lower dosages of kratom are recommended for energizing effects as well as anxiety relieving. On the other hand, higher dosages tend to yield sedative results to the users.
Users are recommended to use two to three grams of kratom for stimulating effects and anxiety-relieving. Higher dosages of three to five grams of kratom, on the other hand, are recommended for relaxing and sedative effects. Ingestion of more than five grams of kratom might come with adverse side effects to the users, which might include risk of tolerance.

Risk Factor

Despite kratom aiding people with anxiety, the users need to be careful as there is a risk of developing tolerance to the effects of kratom. In that the more regularly you consume it, the more your body adjusts to kratom and hence has a lower impact on treating anxiety, among other disorders.

However, to avoid becoming addicted, you need to begin with a small dose. You can also limit the number of times you consume the drug. You can achieve this by identifying situations that make you anxious and consume the drug before the events of that day. Besides, do not take kratom to be a permanent solution; use it as a means to fight anxiety.

Also, to avoid addiction, you can change the strains as it’s challenging to develop a tolerance on all the strains. Most successful users incorporate different strains in their routine to continue enjoying their effects. However, these users test to know which strains work best for them. The constant rotation helps in treating anxiety


It is crucial to put your health and well-being first before attempting to use kratom. It is advisable to research your vendors to ensure that you get high-quality kratom. You should also remain cautious of your condition and learn about the different strains before picking one of the different strains. It is also advisable to seek advice from professionals who are part of the online vendors. Remember always to use kratom responsibly to avoid incurring the adverse effects of overdosing.


Kratom use has been associated with successful anxiety-relieving thanks to its alkaloid contents such as 7-hydraxymitragynine. However, the use of kratom for anxiety-relieving might come with side effects, especially with ingestion of more than five grams a day. Kratom users are, therefore, advised to adhere to the recommended dosages to reduce the risk of tolerance and possible side effects. Notably, kratom strains work differently for their users. Users might need to experiment with different kratom strains to find the ideal one for their anxiety-relieving purposes.

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