Krave Kratom Vendor Review – What Every Buyer Should Know 

About This Company

Krave Kratom is an international operation whose US headquarters is situated in Santee, CA, and its European base of operations is found in Northern Ireland. There are no physical stores, and no one knows how many years of expertise they possess.

But according to the tool for checking the years, it points to launching in 2016. Their website strikes a great first impression, and only people above 18 are allowed to view their website.

The items of Krave Kratom are usually visible in smoke shops and head shops. This can make any Mitragyna connoisseur hesitant to purchase, but not all head shops offer poor quality.

Krave Kratom

What Products Do They Offer?

Krave Kratom imports its strains from reliable farmers and keeps processing them to achieve a rich concentration and potency. The expert staff mixes and matches various strains to form new items. The only source of premium quality Mitragyna Speciosa leaves for customer satisfaction. Even though they present no lab test reports, the vendor claims it tests all batches to remove impurities.

The product range is impressive due to the addition of Concentrates, Tinctures, Extracts, Capsules, and Powders. A brief look at their website will make you feel delighted. Moreover, small sample packs are available as well.

Powder Varieties

The powder is the widest Mitragyna form available at the company. There are twelve different powders featured on their online store. Below are the best-selling powders.

Red Vein – Dragon, Hulu

Green Vein – Malay

White Vein – Maeng Da, Thai

Blends – Bali, Extract Hybrid, CBD-infused, Gold, Maeng Da, Trainwreck

Gold Vein – Borneo

● CBD Infused Powder

This smart product is a combo of Mitragyna and CBD. This is sold for $39.99, and its weight is 60 grams. The brand promises that it includes all organic ingredients.

● Green Malay Powder

This kratom powder is sold in three quantities – 60 grams, 120 grams, and 250 grams. It includes a green vein from the Malay plant found in Southeast Asia’s thick tropical forest. The costs of the item for each quantity are:

  • 60 grams bottle is priced at $24.99
  • 120 grams bottle costs $39.99
  • 250 grams can be purchased for $69.99

●   Kratom Extract Hybrid Powder

For all Mitragyna enthusiasts, a hybrid powder is a unique product. Thankfully, the vendor presents a rare formula for their premium mixed powder. This formula blends famous strains simultaneously. Their hybrid powder is available in 100 grams bottles for $29.99.


The vendor’s capsules are much better than powder because you won’t have to determine how much you are purchasing. Their capsules boast a consistent quality. There are twelve capsules in their inventory, but a few examples are listed below:

Yellow Borneo Capsules

These capsules originate from the popular Borneo strain, which is available in the dense Mitragyna-yielding island in Southeast Asia. The yellow vein is high in alkaloids and flavonoids. Five varying quantities are available for this item.

  • 30-caps bottle is sold for $15.99
  • 75-caps bottle is available for $29.99
  • 150-caps bottle comes for $49.99
  • 300-caps bottle is priced at $69.99
  • 500-count bottle is sold for $99.99

● Trainwreck Capsules

These capsules are a combo of unique imported kratom strains. The capsule covering is made of gelatin, and they are also available in five varying quantities, from 30- to 500-caps bottles. The costs are also the same.

● Gold Capsules

Made from green vein leaves, the Gold Vein Mitragyna demands higher exposure to sunlight. Furthermore, this strain requires more detail, care, and attention.

Maeng Da and Bali strains manufacture the Gold Capsules. Both strains are combined in equal quantities. The quantities and pricing structure are the same as the above capsules.


Apart from the capsule and powder forms, the vendor presents another form. Currently, they boast five products in the Extracts category. All are mentioned below:

  •   KratomExtract 3 Pack Billster – 3 capsules are sold at $29.99
  •   KratomExtract 5 Pack Billster – 5 capsules are available for $39.99
  •   KratomExtract Hybrid Capsules – 100-caps are presented in $29.99
  •   KratomExtract Hybrid Powder – a pack of 100 grams, is sold for $29.99
  • Krave 100x is available for $19.99


This product category displays a rich concentration of alkaloids as opposed to an organic concentration. To produce Mitragyna Concentrates, the leaves or powder are boiled or filtered, after which the desired Concentrate is achieved. The company provides two potent Concentrates:

  • Krave Zen 3x Shot – a 59 ml botanical concentrate is sold at $7.99
  • Krave KratomTincture Concentrate having 10x concentration pack – 30 ml is available in $19.99

Krave Kratom

Krave Kratom Pricing Guide 

The vendor makes sure that no one leaves empty-handed as all types of price categories are provided. If someone’s budget is tight, they can purchase 10-count sample packs for $4.95 only. But if someone has extra money to splurge, they are encouraged to buy the best-selling products like CBD-infused capsules and CBD-infused powder.

Both items can be purchased for $39.99. Plus, the Mitragyna powders such as White Maeng Da is available at $24.99 for a 60 grams bag. The 250-gram powder bags are sold at $69.99. Moreover, the 30-caps bottles of White Maeng Da capsules or other types are sold at $15.99.

The highest quantity, a 500-count bottle, is priced at $99.99. The Concentrates are available at $19.99, and Extracts are available at $19.99 to $39.99. Lastly, the Zen 3x Liquid Shot is available at $7.99, and the Tincture Concentrate is found at $19.99.

User Opinions On Their Services

If you dig the history of this brand, you will see that some of their strains were tested positive for Salmonella in 2018. After this notorious outbreak, lots of kratom vendors rebranded afterward, except for this one. This is why Krave Kratom strictly follows all FDA guidelines.

Most of their reviews and feedback online are negative. Most customers have complained about their average products and poor customer service. If complaints are easier to find, it is a red flag.

However, not all consumer experiences can be the same. Some users have also enjoyed their products, while some have hailed them as the best shop brand.

What Is Their Shipping Procedure And Refund Policy?

Customers love Krave Kratom due to their free shipping via USPS, as no one likes to pay anything for shipping charges. However, the order has to meet a particular price to be eligible for free shipping. The majority of orders are delivered within four to five business days.

If you want to communicate with their customer service team, it is possible in many ways. The vendor has displayed its online contact form, email address, and phone number. Unopened orders can be returned within 14 of arrival, and the customer will pay the shipping charges for return. They do not accept refunds from retail partners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does The AKA accredit them?

The AKA does not approve Krave Kratom, and neither are they visible on the list of pending participants. The company is likely unaware of this association and GMP. However, the

Are There Any Coupon Codes?

You can find coupon codes from third-party websites and by signing up for their email newsletter. These can give you 10 to 15% off at the checkout.

Are They Found On Social Media?

Previously, Krave Kratom was present on Facebook, and they used to present coupon codes there. But unfortunately, their page got deleted, and it is unknown whether they are current on other social media platforms.

Final Verdict

At first look, Krave Kratom looks decent, but they received negative press after being a part of the Salmonella outbreak in 2018. They used to be careless about purity and did not comply with lab tests policies. Plus, they are not approved by the AKA.


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