Legit Kratom-Are They Legitimate Like Their Name?

I notice you looked for this, which is understandable. Why else would you be here? This indicates that you are seeking a reliable Kratom Vendor. This also implies that you have previously used Kratom or that if you haven’t, this is your first time, and you want to be sure. Or maybe you bought Kratom from another merchant and didn’t like it, so now you’re looking for Mitragyna Speciosa on Google and stumbled across this website.

All-natural items can be found in a limited number of places. The only seller who has earned the right to call themselves a genuine provider or corporation is Legit Kratom.

A Brief Introduction To Legit Kratom

Legit Kratom, founded in 2017, has a wide range of goods, including Kratom Powders, Kratom Capsules, crushed leaves, extracts, and other botanicals. The brand’s key objectives can be summed up in three words:

  • Serve customers with high-quality Kratom and botanical products.
  • Provide dependable customer support.
  • Assure customer pleasure.

If you do a simple Google search for the company, you’ll see many reviews concerning their products and sales tactics. You’ll also see that Legit Kratom has very little negative feedback, which mirrors its business model.

Legit Kratom is dedicated to providing the greatest botanicals online at reasonable prices, with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed! Its goal and commitment have always been to obtain genuine Kratom items from reputable suppliers, thoroughly inspect them for authenticity and safety, and deliver the best possible service to its customers.

Legit Kratom also has a physical location where you can purchase its products. They are 24/7 available Monday through Saturday during business hours. However, if you have any queries or if someone wants to check them out in person, give them a call.



What Does Legit Kratom Offer?

Genuine Kratom brings lots of choices. This kratom merchant sells products such as kratom pills, Kratom Extracts, and CBD. This kratom merchant also sells kava extract, wild lettuce, blue lotus, and Legit Nugs CBD hemp flower, all kratom alternatives.

The following is a list of currently available strains:

They have 150mg, 225mg, and even 1 ounce of Mitragyna in their liquid Kratom extracts. Aside from that, the botanical extract is also available in powder and tablet form from this source. This technique allows the company to maintain a higher level of variety than the competition.

When it comes to diversity, it’s worth noting that Legit Kratom sells items other than Kratom. CBD oils, gummies, and powdered barks are some of the options.

As previously indicated, this vendor offers exotic botanicals like Akuamma and scales to assist you in balancing your Kratom.

How Much Would Legit Kratom Cost Me Nearly?

The starting price for all of their kratom powder is $15 for 50 grams. A kratom is sold for 120 dollars for 100 grams, 45 dollars for 250 grams, 70 dollars for 500 grams, and a kratom is sold for 25 dollars for 100 grams, 45 dollars for 250 grams, and 70 dollars for 500 grams. People who wish to try a sample first can do so for $20.

Customer Service & Shipping

Packages from Legit Kratom are sent via USPS Priority Mail and UPS. Orders from Kratom vendors include tracking information. As you are aware of the current situation, international shipping orders are not accepted at this time.

This kratom firm provides a lot of contact information, including an e-mail address, a mailing address, a phone number, and a contact form. If a customer has a query for the vendor, the vendor may answer right away.

Payment Options Offered By Legit Kratom

Cash On Delivery

Through UPS shipment, the provider only accepts cash on delivery. As a result, you will never see this option unless you choose UPS as your delivery method at checkout. Keep in mind that this method will set you back an extra $14.50. The merchant must pay UPS this exact amount for each shipment.

Cashier’s Check

You are completely incorrect if you believe that paying for delivery is your only option. If handing over a money order or check to a delivery person seems too inconvenient, send it straight to the source.


This method employs an online payment system that is not dependent on a bank’s payment transactions. As a result, these digital entries greatly simplify your life.

Check Payments

Checks are a safer way to pay than credit or debit cards. Legit Kratom uses highly secure check processing and never has access to your personal information. Every exceptionally large order is subject to a 5-day wait. They’ll put your first order on hold until your payment clears, which could take up to 5 business days. Your future order will be delivered on the same working day or the next day.

Credit Or Debit Card

It’s important to keep in mind that the merchant only accepts VISA and MasterCard. However, this is a luxury in an era when card payment methods do not work with Kratom suppliers.

Due to various constraints and limits associated with Kratom, your billing and shipping addresses must match at the time of purchase. Otherwise, the risk management framework would automatically record and reimburse the money to comply with regulatory requirements.

Is It Safe To Use Their Products?

Legit Kratom’s goods are all checked for identification and biological contaminants. Every botanical they sell must pass their demanding criteria, which include lab testing and quality assurance inspections. If it isn’t real, they won’t sell it.

People’s Opinions On Legit Kratom

Some think their packaging is extremely well-made and long-lasting. Their goods are well-sealed. Some people believe that having a name like this will help them gain a lot of respect and reputation in the community, but it hurts them. According to a few, I have one concern about this kratom dealer, and that is their lack of brand awareness.

Some clients spoke about how excellent their product is. With the addition of reviews, they stated that this kratom retailer is a good dependable provider. Others claimed that all they needed to do was add a few more Red or Green strains to their collection.



Coupon Code For Legit Kratom

Legit Kratom is one of the few kratom retailers with a coupon code section. When you click through to the discount page, you’ll be redirected to the brand’s newsletter sign-up page. This is how they provide coupon codes, discount vouchers, and news about promotional deals to their regular customers and repeat purchasers.

Aside from that, every buy from Legit Kratom comes with a free sample. Add a free sample from the collection to your cart to go with your order, and they’ll ship it free of charge with your selected items.

How Is Their Customer Service?

Client satisfaction is one of the brand’s pillars, according to their About Us page. It’s no wonder, then, that the company gives a money-back guarantee on all orders.

If customers are dissatisfied with the quality of the products they get, the company will refund the cost of any remaining amount of the product they return. This promotion is only valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.

Aside from that, Legit Kratom offers a variety of contact alternatives for people who have problems or queries. Many customers who have purchased from the company remark that they quickly respond and customize their orders.


Fake or even synthetic compounds entering the market and being sold as “genuine” Kratom is also an issue. This is why, as consumers, you must exercise extreme caution while purchasing Kratom or providing it to someone you care about.

It’s very easy to fool unsuspecting customers who only want to see some green or red powder and believe it’s a miracle treatment for agony, inflammation, rest disorder, unease, or plain tiredness. While many people who have had genuine Kratom say it can achieve all of those things, inexperienced clients are vulnerable to being deceived.

You must know what to look for to ensure that you receive what you are entitled to as a consumer.

The Bottom Line

People may appreciate their one-dollar sample offer, as well as their 30-day money-back promise. They may have reasonable prices, an easy-to-use website, and the most popular products. They are living true to their brand, as they promoted their product.

The sole drawback is that this kratom seller does not take electronic payments; instead, checks, COD, money orders, and cashier’s checks are accepted. I don’t think it’ll be a deal-breaker for most folks.

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