Liquid Kratom: What Is It And How Do I Use It?

Kratom or Speciosa Mitragyna is a Southeast Asian tree that has leaves rich in alkaloids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The leaves of the Ketum tree were used in traditional remedies and potions to help users become more active. However, due to the stimulating impact of this herbal substance, it has become famous worldwide. Hundreds of online kratom shops and numerous headshops and smoke shops sell kratom in America. The various forms of kratom are powder, capsules, and liquid. You can find resin, edibles, and several other items, but the most common are powders, tinctures, and pills.

What is Kratom Liquid?

As the name implies, liquid Ketum is the liquid form of Mitragyna, ready for consumption. This form of substance is readily available at various online shops. The liquid kratom is primarily an extract, a concentrated essence version.

Before we talk about kratom liquid specifically, we must explain how the other types of Mitragyna products are made. The mature leaves from kratom trees are harvested right and then sent for drying. The dried leaves are ground, shelled in capsules, or turned into pills for consumer use. However, kratom extract is made by steeping ketum leaves in water to release the alkaloids in the water. As the volume of water reduces, the concentration of alkaloids in the liquid increases. Resultantly, liquid Ketum becomes more potent than regular products like pills and powder.

Liquid Kratom

How Is Liquid Kratom Made?

Some people make liquid kratom by themselves, and the process is quite simple. The kratom leaves are heated in the water while ensuring that the water does not boil but only heats. Kratom tea made this way is a warm, soothing cup of kratom, which soothes and relaxes users. If you want to make a tincture at home, you can add kratom powder or crushed leaves to a pot of water and let it heat over low flame. The constant simmering leads to water evaporation, leaving behind a concentrated form of liquid with plant matter in it. You can run the liquid through a filter and use it in food and drinks.

Liquid Kratom Available In Shops

Manufacturers apply various methods to make liquid kratom. One way is to create a drink and bottle it for independent doses. This liquid is called Ketum shots. The shot is a concentrated kratom drink that provides a single amount and must be consumed within a few hours of opening. Some small-scale manufacturing units may apply the same method as we all use to make kratom tea.

After simmering ketum leaves in water, the processing teams reduce this water all the way and then dry the semi-solid-like residue. The state-of-the-art grinders turn this dried resin into powder, and extract powders are prepared. The Extraction of Mitragyna for producing potent tinctures with a higher concentration is different and more effective in getting all the alkaloids extracted! The correct method is CO2 Extraction, which ensures more alkaloids in the liquid than your Ketum tea made at home.

Solvents can also be used for Extraction. Instead of water at high temperatures, solvents are used to submerge ketum leaves that release alkaloids in the solvents. The most commonly-used base solvent is ethanol. While this method produces potent and robust liquid concentrate, consumers must ensure that they buy a tincture with a low quantity of ethanol. If you want to make a kratom tincture at home, you can use alcohol to submerge ketum leaves. The alcohol will release the alkaloids, and you can strain and store it to use with a dropper every time!

Is Kratom Tincture Called Liquid Kratom?

Technically, a tincture is liquid, so yes, but the term liquid kratom is used for all the fluid forms of Mitragyna. It can be kratom tea, smoothies, juices, and even kratom coffee. However, just as some terms become more widely used for a specific type, liquid kratom is presumed to be kratom extract because all concentrates are more commonly available as tinctures or liquid kratom. Kratom tincture is a liquid that you can use in various ways to incorporate kratom into your daily routine. When the users buy kratom tincture, they know that the potency of this product is higher, which means that it is concentrated.

Tinctures are made by simmering the kratom leaves in water and removing the solids. The dark green liquid is bottled and sold for individual sales. Unlike shots, these tinctures can be used for a more extended period as the GMP vacuum-sealed caps ensure that the liquid stays fresh. You must store these tinctures in a dark and cool place so that the alkaloids do not get inactive due to heat or light!

How To Use Liquid Kratom?

You can use liquid kratom or tincture in various ways. You can add drops of it to food or in your daily coffee. Many people use a dropper of kratom in food to camouflage the taste of Mitragyna while enjoying the effects. You can use liquid kratom in any drink, and you can make kratom tea with it by adding a dropper of this liquid in hot water!

Why Should I Use Liquid Kratom?

Liquid kratom is easy to carry instead of a bag of powder or jar of pills. People on the move will find this product more convenient than other items. Moreover, liquid kratom means more doses in a small pot as the liquid is more concentrated. Isn’t it easier to swallow a few bitter drops of a herbal substance rather than taking heaped teaspoons of powder with a glass of water? It is! The convenience of liquid Ketum is in the small jar and the small dose with significant results.

Adding a dropper full of liquid kratom to hot water will reduce your preparation time to make tea with crushed leaves. You can prepare various kinds of ketum-infused teas, coffee, or smoothies, and the time consumed will be lesser as you only need to add this fantastic product over the prepared food or drink!

Liquid Kratom

Is Liquid Kratom Suitable For Everyone?

Beginners or potential kratom users might find the idea of liquid Ketum strange because the more common kratom products are powder and capsules! However, tinctures are an excellent product for all consumers. The convenience, and most importantly, the effects of liquid kratom are fantastic. You can start consuming this product with a minimum dose, and as your body gets used to it, you can increase your intake to the amount that gives you the best results.

Last Words

Mitragyna is available in various forms, and Liquid kratom is a concentrated and fluid item that provides many benefits, such as the convenience of consumption and dosage. You can find quality kratom products from leading online stores in America. Pick liquid kratom according to your required dosage, and you will be happy with the results.

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