Lone Wolf Kratom: The New Face Of Cure Man

Lone Wolf Kratom is the new face of cure Man. But does it live up to the old name? Given Kratom’s popularity in the United States, it’s not unexpected that more manufacturers show up every day. With every Kratom vendor stating that their herbal goods are the finest on the market, it might be hard to tell who is deserving of your attention. But here is where we come in!

We’ll provide you with our objective review on sellers and assist you in purchasing only the purest, most organic, and effective Mitragyna Speciosa supplements. Today, in this article, we will be going into the specifics of a supplier named Lone Wolf Kratom. So let’s get started.

Who Is Lone Wolf Kratom?

Lone Wolf Kratom, formerly known as cure Man, was established in Littleton, Colorado. They are primarily a headshop brand that many supplement consumers continue to enjoy. They’ve been in business for four years, but it’s been a long and winding road for them. Cure Man distributed tea powder capsules to numerous Canadian locations in 2017 with the support of RGR Canada Inc. But on the other hand, Health Canada began recommending individuals against the use of this botanical.

As a result, RGR initiated a voluntary recall of Mitragyna products across Canada. Following this, Cure Man suffered a significant setback, and most head shops began clearing out their inventories, as recalling merchandise may damage a vendor’s reputation. Nevertheless, it’s essential to remember that it wasn’t the caliber of their Kratom that prompted the recall. Instead, it was only because of the Canadian government’s regulations on its usage.

Ultimately, because they had a large fan following in the United States, they pushed back and reopened under the title Lone Wolf Kratom. And ever since the rebranding, they have devoted themselves to supplying only original and high-quality supplements like before. Also, they’ve been searching for producers that can provide premium Kratom while maintaining all of the botanical’s humanitarian qualities.

Lone Wolf Kratom

Is There A Website?

We couldn’t discover any Lone Wolf Kratom-related websites that were up and running. Although there is a link to their website on their Facebook account, it does not appear to function. It indicates that they had a webpage in the past, but not anymore.

Earlier in the year, their Facebook page appeared to be rather busy. To reconnect with former customers and appeal to future ones, the brand used to be available on all major social networking platforms. However, that isn’t the case anymore. Nevertheless, the good news is that they have provided a phone number and an email account for their faithful consumers. But as far as selling products is concerned, the company seems to rely on other third-party websites.

What Are The Available Products?

Lone Wolf Kratom’s supplements are only purchasable through other wholesale distributors at the time because they don’t have a webpage. Also, we don’t know if they run their organization via the Facebook page. They had a very restricted product range in the past when they operated under the brand Cure Man. But currently, Lone Wolf Kratom only manufactures and supplies green vein strains. And out of these, the fan-favorite products include Green Sumatra, Green JongKong, Green Maeng Da, and Green Bali. You may purchase the supplements in the form of powders and capsules.

Are The Products Lab-Tested?

Yes. The brand added this vital attribute to verify the products even further after the authorized recall of Kratom products in 2017. As some may already know, the American Kratom Association advocates for safe and authentic botanical use. However, this is only possible by inspecting the botanicals for microorganisms, heavy metals, or other forms of contamination.

So the fact that this company’s supplements get tested will definitely put some potential customers at ease. And if you don’t find the lab analysis certificates anywhere, there is no need to worry. Lone Wolf Kratom is more than happy to share the testing proof with anyone who reaches out to them. And just for the record, the tree leaf powder undergoes testing in batches. Whenever the third-party lab identifies impurities, the company gets rid of the entire supply.

What Are The Available Payment Methods?

If you look at the brand’s Facebook page, the acceptable payment options include Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Venmo. And as far as the future is concerned, Lone Wolf also plans to add Zelleand CashApp. But on the other hand, credit and debit cards are not permissible because most banks don’t accept card transactions for Kratom brands. However, if you intend to purchase the supplements from other third-party suppliers that have them in stock, you must use their particular payment methods.

What Is The Stance On Shipping And Returns?

The delivery methods get controlled by the supplier from whom you are purchasing. But when they had a website, they delivered the same day or within the following 2-3 days. Also, they gave tracking information so you could readily follow your package in the event of late delivery. And for any questions, their customer support is also accessible on the internet.

And if you are wondering about refunds, the policies seem to be a bit unclear over that matter. The company’s Facebook page doesn’t seem to mention anything of the sort. However, reimbursements and replacements are applicable if the supplier makes a mistake on their part. Therefore, customers can try and send an email to Lone Wolf Kratom. Other than that, they can also try contacting the third-party vendor from where they bought the products. But in any case, if you wish to make a return, don’t ever sit around and wait after receiving the product.

Accreditation From The American Kratom Association

The American Kratom Association is a user-run organization that promotes the ethical usage of Kratom in the United States. They created the AKA GMP Standards Program, which ensures that the supplier is adhering to all hygienic and reliable protocols in order to assure the excellent quality of the all-natural herb. When a seller is GMP certified, consumers can rest assured that they are getting their hands on solely genuine and safe products.

However, it appears that the AKA hasn’t certified Lone Wolf Kratom. Despite the company’s best efforts to rebuild people’s faith via rebranding, the organization doesn’t accredit it just yet. However, we are hopeful that they will apply for the GMP standard program as soon as possible. Because if they do so, buyers may feel that they are receiving the highest quality and purest Mitragyna products on the market.

What Are The Customers Saying?

At the moment, Lone Wolf Kratom does not have much online presence. Not only is their webpage is offline, but the Facebook page appears to be inactive as well. In addition, there are no client ratings on their social media page. However, some web review articles reveal that customers are enthusiastic about the company’s products.

And if you check out social media forums and other internet communities, there are numerous discussions regarding cure Man (aka Lone Wolf Kratom). Users buying Kratom online reportedly enjoy the different strains from the first time they taste it and are generally eager to try it again.

Lone Wolf Kratom

Pros And Cons


  • Wide variety of products
  • Lab-tested Kratom
  • Many acceptable payment methods
  • Fast and reliable shipping
  • Positive customer reviews


  • No functional website
  • Lack of social media presence
  • No clear refund policies
  • No other strains except for green vein variants
  • No accreditation from the American Kratom Association

Final Thoughts

The popularity of Lone Wolf Kratom is rapidly growing in the community. People enjoy their unique outlook, which supports herbal products that are both safe and healthy. Despite some shortfalls in the past, the vendor is now re-energized and ready to win back consumers. We are confident that, sooner rather than later, they will reclaim their position as one of the most reliable online premium Kratom vendors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Company Reliable?

Even though Lone Wolf Kratom doesn’t have AKA accreditation, it isn’t a total deal breaker. When you check out past customer ratings and reviews, the general response seems to be positive. As a result, the brand is most certainly reliable.

Are The Products Safe?

All of the products undergo testing at third-party laboratories. And if customers have any doubt over this part, they can even ask for proof from the company. Moreover, Lone Wolf Kratom utilizes airtight seal packaging to ensure product safety and longevity. So, all in all, the supplements are more than safe to consume.

Does The Vendor Accept Coupon Codes?

Since there is no actual website, the company doesn’t offer coupon codes or discounts. However, the third-party wholesale sellers that distribute these botanicals might do so. And last but not least, customers may also check other websites for applicable coupon bundles.

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