Lyft Kratom – The Headshop Brand You Need To Know About 

A Brief Background Of The Vendor

Lyft Kratom is a universal Mitragyna supplier having consumers in more than 130 countries and regions. They have recently rebranded as Lyft Kratom, which can confuse.

Many people know this seller as the ultimate spot to purchase the finest quality Mitragyna Speciosa strains under affordable pricing. This headshop brand boasts huge amounts of Mitragyna, which encourages everyone to buy in bulk.

Plus, their recurrent deals and discounts have got everyone hooked. Therefore, if you were previously buying from a vendor whose pricing was out of your budget and the quality was inconsistent, Lyft Kratom has come to your rescue.

Lyft Kratom

The authenticity and safety of the brand are reflected in its website layout. They only hire skilled and smart professionals to handle all operations. So, say adios to inferior vendors and turn to this brand who can suffice all customers.

This is a top-rated vendor in the market. It presents an extensive collection of natural herbs and CBD, nicotine, and, obviously, Mitragyna. All products are displayed after rigorously testing the batches to maximize purity. The company was launched in 1999.

Therefore, they have been making consumers happy ever since the 90s. Even after so many years, they still have the same commitment towards customers. Instead, they have made a name for themselves by providing high-quality herbal items. The public recognizes all these qualities.

Product Line-up

Lyft Kratom is a reputable company that is known by thousands of users throughout the world. All their items have superior formulas with added elements to manufacture potent and fresh products. Plus, all the ingredients added are new and do not contain any toxins or preservatives. The Mitragyna Speciosa products are sold in tea, powder, and capsule forms.

Apart from this, Vape Juice, CBD Gummies, and Ultra Enhanced Powder are also available. The teas are offered in Bali, Malay, and Maeng Da strains. The vendor is constantly striving to fulfill other conditions to make the customers satisfied.

The manufacturers of Lyft Kratom make lots of varieties and are highly sufficient for fulfilling all cravings. Special attention is paid to the taste and aroma to make them more appealing. Both powder and capsule forms are readily available. These forms can be ingested easily.

Without a second of doubt, it can be stated that they sell top-class products. The freshness is utterly guaranteed as the vendor grows the herb on their land and then processes it in various industries. Some of their best-sellers are listed below:

● Maeng Da Kratom

This is a top-seller item from the extensive product catalog. It boasts excellent potency and strength. And, of course, you can expect to smell an earthy aroma alone with a pure taste. If you happen to buy this strain, make sure to read the complete product description on their website. They have promised that all ingredients are 100% pure.

Malay Kratom

Next, we have the Malay strain, which comes with a similar strong potency with new elements. Malay Kratom is manufactured with great detail, evaluation, and lab tests.

● Indo Elephant 

Everything you want to know about this particular strain can be understood when you open the package and take a sniff of its fragrance. This natural aroma will put aside all your concerns. The fresh Mitragyna leaves are devoid of impurities, and no fungi can grow on them.

The Superior Quality Of Lyft Kratom

Another positive aspect about their product inventory is that it adds potency and quality to their Mitragyna products. All categories of Mitragyna sold go through a rigorous and extreme examination. All items are properly tested and undergo supervision to make sure it is pure.

The company analyzes the team members, co-workers, and producers included in the farming and industrial procedure. The seniors are also involved in the monitoring of the cultivation and farming procedure. They keep a strict eye on the products until they are shipped.

What Will It Cost Me?

All the strains have a starting price of $12.99 for a surprising 50 grams, whereas the price jumps to $19.99 for 100 grams. Lastly, $35.99 will get you 225 grams. This is a very reasonable pricing structure if we compare it to the industry standards. Kilos are not available for purchase from the online store, which is a shame. However, you can inquire about it via email.

Affiliation with the American Kratom Association and GMP

Lyft Kratom keeps proving that it is a highly professional brand. It allows the customers to know everything about their lab test procedure. You have to fill out the contact form online, and a representative will illuminate you about their testing procedure. They will make you wait for two to three days only.

Lyft Kratom

It is not a small feat to achieve AKA approval and follow the GMP protocols simultaneously. This is why the brand brags about these victories. The company includes five steps in the lab test process – components, potency, removal of impurities, and the mixture of alkaloids with purity.

Customer Support 

Users can submit all inquiries and concerns on the official website. The customer support representatives are present throughout the day, and you can expect to hear from them within a short period.

The newbies to Mitragyna Speciosa can get guidance from the customer service, whereas the seasoned consumers will know about the discounts and latest items. You should know that all staff members are only one call away. The available communication modes are snail mail address, email, and phone number.

How Do They Affiliate Shipment And Refunds?

This prestigious company charges very little or no shipping costs. Plus, they deliver all items, whether fragile or tough, with great care. After the finalized payment, you shall receive the package within a short time period. The team invests a lot in the packaging and shipping procedures. With green color packaging and materials having a cushion effect, the safety of the order is guaranteed.

All vendors need to offer a money-back guarantee to the users. Lyft Kratom is one of those companies that feature a flexible and cooperative money-back guarantee. If a user is dissatisfied with an item, they will either offer an exchange or refund the money in a short time period. However, this offer is valid for the first 30 days after receiving the order. Most vendors do not provide such a guarantee.

Deep Discounts

Lyft Kratom has a wide network of partners in the wholesale Mitragyna industry, along with a full roster of loyal customers. This amount of loyalty was won due to their commitment to honesty and affordability. After conducting long lab tests, the items are stored in a neat room at optimal temperature before being released to the market.

They already have a reasonable pricing rate, but site-wide discounts and coupon codes are usually offered. This marketing tactic is to the point and effective. Give the shoppers what they want, when, and how they want, and at a rate that won’t hurt their budget. They used to hold site-wide discounts for 80% off. To top it off, the shipping is free with quick delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Accepted Payment Options?

As Lyft Kratom is a customer-oriented vendor, they have offered lots of payment options so that shoppers do not feel discomfort while ordering from them. Accepted payment options are credit and debit cards, cash on delivery, and a few online platforms. If you choose the first method, you can benefit from numerous discounts. This encourages users to purchase in bulk.

What Are The Best-Sellers Of Lyft Kratom? Although all items are sought-after, their Maeng Da strain is the best-seller, and Mitragyna extracts gain the most attention. Maeng Da is a potent, long-lasting, and robust strain.

What Are The Pros And Disadvantages Of This Brand?


  • Coupon codes are given after you sign up for their newsletter.
  • They boast a garden variety of headshop suppliers.
  • Tons of discounts are offered.
  • Top-class leaves.
  • Lab-tested products.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Supportive customer service.
  • Free shipping.
  • Robust Mitragynaextracts


  • There is no option to buy kilos.
  • Can not pay with cryptocurrency.

The Verdict On The Vendor

Lyft Kratom is a leading company that has achieved milestones after milestones regardless of the difficult past. They put much hard work into their inventory. They launched with a dedication to offering certified, natural, and organic items. They believe that the public deserves the finest quality at a budget-friendly cost. It is safe to say that they have stayed true to themselves and achieved all their goals.

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Lab Tested & GMP Approved Vendor