A 2021 Magnum Opus Botanicals Kratom Review

An Overview On The Brand

Magnum Opus Botanicals Kratom is a trustworthy brand and even a leading seller in the marketplace due to its consistent quality and reliability. It is based in Denison, Texas, and is operated by a family. Since it is family-run, they think of customers as their family too, which shows in their business dealings.

They have managed to gain a loyal customer pool ever since its establishment as they sell outstanding extracts. The positive feedback for the vendor is ever-growing, and they have clients in 42 states of America. Since their inception, they have delivered more than 7000 orders because they constantly keep attracting new buyers.

Magnum Opus Botanicals

The team behind the scenes ensures that they suffice in all aspects. MO Botanicals Kratom is unusual as it sells the most potent tinctures and extracts. By using development and research, such as lab tests and statistical analysis, they ensure that their in-house items are robust and certified.

Even a tiny amount of product is more than enough. They import the best leaves from reliable harvesters in the Southeast Asian forests. The farmers there utilize the best cultivation techniques to maximize the quality.

What They Are Striving Towards

Like all decent Kratom suppliers, Magnum Opus Botanicals Kratom started with a specific mindset. They wanted to add value to the customer stock. The manufacturer adds all-natural ingredients and procedures to formulate all items. This maximizes the health of their clientele.

All of the Enhanced Capsules and Extracts boast an unparalleled quality. The team behind the brand has paired the conventional cultivation process with the latest scientific research techniques in a perfect balance. This practice has led to an excellent product portfolio.

They work tirelessly to ensure that no compromise is made when it comes to users’ health. The name of the vendor itself depicts something high-end and vital. Plus, they follow an extraordinary extraction method to stay true to its name.

Is This A Credible Vendor?

In the Mitragyna Speciosa industry, people pay much attention to the reputation of a seller. The public can easily indicate a shady vendor by reading the online feedback. Likewise, a supplier that enjoys a credible industry reputation is usually a trustworthy vendor. This is the case of Magnum Opus Botanicals Kratom because they have been hailed as one of the high-end Kratom sellers by numerous online forums.

The consistent quality of their products and the variety of accessories sold by the brand have been appreciated repeatedly. They attach genuine customer reviews along with the products on the official website. All the feedback reflects the happiness of the clientele. The public loves the generosity of the team and the potency of the supplier.

They are also known for adding free samples and the ordered package to be familiar with more of their items. But there are no lab test reports on the website, which is suspicious. This harms the reliability of a vendor.

No supplier can sell Kratom products without legal regulations. Therefore, all the items being sold by the brand follow the rules by the FDA. Magnum Opus Botanicals Kratom does not sell anything to people below the age of 18, and they make no medical claims.

They prioritize the ease of the customers above all else and determine that no one has to experience legal complications. The website states that no products should be utilized for medical purposes and their reviews speak for themselves. It is very difficult to find a negative review as their goods always receive praise.

The Available Strains, Flavours, And Forms

Kratom leaves can be consumed in various methods – either raw, powdered, dried, capsules, extracts, tinctures, shots, topicals and so much more. Each shopper comes with their preferences, which is why you will find all forms present in this online store.

Using certified food-grade reagents and solvents, Magnum Opus Botanicals Kratom yields extracts that are the most powerful without any help from fillers or additives. Combo samples are also available for anyone who wants to taste different strains simultaneously.

● Pure Kratom Extract

This is by far the most robust Extract sold in the market. This is a full spectrum Extract present in different strains such as Red Maeng Da, Gold Bali, Green Bali, and more. Magnum Opus Botanicals Kratom also sells a blend known as MO mix. This is a blend of various red, green, and white strains.

The supplier also sells 100 mg capsules when ordering the Kratom extract powder. These are available for an extra ten dollars only, whereas the Extract is priced at $45. But if you choose to buy in bulk, the costs will be deducted.

● Liquid Kratom Extract

These extracts are not the same as the powder extracts. Liquid Extract is dissolved in a solution, and this vendor sells four various kratom strains – White Maeng Da, Gold Bali, Red Maeng Da, and Green Maeng Da.

The alkaloid percentage included in 5 grams of Mitragyna leaves and high potency is available in only 100 ml of Extracts. These Extracts are displayed in user-friendly glass bottles, and a dropper is added inside for convenience.

You can calculate the dosage with the dropper. This tool can only hold 1 ml of Extract when it becomes full. The solvent utilized for these extracts is Ethanol, and it is sold at $39 for one ounce of the bottle. But you can gain a 10% discount if you purchase above twelve bottles.

These liquid extracts boast a top-rated formula that guarantees potency. This makes them a rare find in the market.

Magnum Opus Botanicals

These are Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da leaves and are their best-sellers. It is sold in powders and capsules with the potencies of 10%, 20%, and 30%, respectively. These figures show the number of alkaloids added to the leaves to achieve 100 grams of the product.

As indicated by the customer feedback, these capsules boast robust potency compared to conventional Kratom capsules. This same product can be purchased in powder form with the same potency concentrations.

● Skincare

This brand is covering all ground with its product inventory. Apart from the Kratom items, a separate skincare line is also sold. This includes bath bombs, salves, and soaps. Everything is made from organic ingredients so that users can benefit from nature’s gems.

The Mitragyna Salve adds Kratom, beeswax, and Vitamin E Extract. This product is sold for $45 for one ounce. Their handmade organic soaps are infused with Kratom, whereas the bath bombs boast a great aroma.

The Pricing Guide

The costs vary depending on the concentrations, but the starting price is $14 for eight 10% Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da Capsules, whereas one ounce of 10% Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da Powder is available for $85. One gram of extract powder is sold at $35, which is present in the following strains:

The owner’s advice is to burn a conventional measurement of 100 mg, which means you can gain ten doses in one powder package. The impressive thing is that if you purchase five grams of pure Extract, you will have to spend $32, but if you get ten grams, you only have to pay $30.

These extracts boast a complete spectrum formula to elicit the attributes of all separate strains. However, Maeng Da will always be the strongest Speciosa.

How Approachable Are They?

Magnum Opus Botanicals Kratom has nothing to hide and is honest with the clientele. They have displayed their email address and physical address on the website. The team strives to respond to all questions promptly. After an order is confirmed, they also send emails to the shoppers.

Refund Policy And Coupon Codes

The refund policy is guaranteed because it is a customer-oriented brand. If a shopper is not happy with their order, they can request a refund within the mentioned time period.

Loyalty programs, coupon codes, and discount deals are meant to make the brand more appealing to the public. This is why Magnum Opus Botanicals Kratom serves an abundance of special deals. You can gain their coupon codes from many online Kratom platforms, but these are updated every month.

Apart from the codes, there is a reward program to gain points for each dollar you spend. These points can be redeemed later. An exclusive bulk orders discount is available, which gives 10% off.

The Drawbacks

Even though Magnum Opus Botanicals Kratom is a leading supplier, they do not showcase lab test reports on the website, which is a huge red flag. Secondly, the pricing structure is costly, which has gained many complaints. This is why people prefer to buy from reasonably priced brands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do They Conduct Lab Tests?

A rigorous lab test practice is essential to prove the safety of Kratom products. Improper tests most likely have impurities and toxins inside them. The Mitragynine percentage available in the Magnum Opus Botanicals Kratom varies from 45% to 48%. But no lab test reports are disclosed on the website. This does not give a good image of the brand.

Can I Find Them On Social Media?

All online stores should have an active social media presence in the present age of social media. The vendor is approachable on social media so that anyone can reach out to them quickly. They can be found on all prominent social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

The company utilizes these platforms to announce the latest products or discount deals. This exciting activity leads to an increase in the customer base while simultaneously boosting the public recognition of the vendor. They quickly answer all questions on all the social media accounts.

How Can I Pay Them?

Due to the biased nature of credit card companies, the vendor does not accept payments made via credit and debit cards. The alternative payment options are cash on delivery, money orders, and E-checks.


Even though Magnum Opus Botanicals Kratom comes with an expensive pricing structure, their superior quality makes up for it. If you are searching for a reliable vendor, look no further than this seller. They prioritize quality and customer satisfaction above all else. Much of the consumer demand is due to the potent and pure extracts rare to find. Their screw-top containers will last for a long time.

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