Major Kratom: A Leaf Of Faith

Who Precisely They Are?

Major Kratom is an exceptional kratom seller that has started its business in 2010 and is serving the world of Speciosa for more than a decade now. There exist very few vendors that can survive in the long run and Major Kratom is one of these amazing merchants. It is one thing that grabs the attention of many buyers.

Another amazing early achievement by this brand is that it was nominated in 2011 for the best Speciosa seller by Kratom Connoisseurs. It was just superb to get this position only after one year of getting involved in this business.

Can we associate similar things with this brand today? Well, it would not be that easy. The reason is market trends keep on changing with time and it becomes necessary for every seller to mold itself with the demands of the recent buyers. Let’s go through other factors to determine how credible this brand is.

Major Kratom

What Does This Shop Have?

Major Kratom carries an extensive range of products for you to choose the right one. The inventory consists of a number of popular Strains (green, red, and white) along with some items that are not so popular. Interestingly, you will also find a few new discoveries on this platform.

The strains available at this store are White Vietnam, Jong Kong Green, White Borneo, Green Borneo, Pure Red Thai, Super Green Borneo, Green Elephant, Sumatra Superior, Super Green Kapuas Maeng Da, Red Horn, Green Thai, Red Bang Baru, and Red Borneo.

Apart from that, this seller also provides you with some accessories like a weighing scale (measure up to 600 grams of dose) and an SG-300 spoon scale. The best thing you will find at this store is a balanced blend. It is prepared by the top-notch strains to give a broader touch of Mitragyna.

A collection of powder includes Calamus Root Powder, Cat’s Claw Bark Powder, and Damiana Leaf Powder. The tea section consists of Lush BB, Our MD, Premium Green, Spec B, Super Green Borneo, White Vein, and Spring Green.

Pricing Policy

The prices set by Major Kratom are quite decent. Purchasing Calamus Root Powder or Cat’s Claw Bark Powder will cost you $5.00 for a 25 grams’ packet. If you want to get Damiana Leaf Powder, it is going to cost you $7.00.

The cost of Green Elephant, Balance Blend, Lush BB, Premium Green, Pure Red Thai, Red Horn, Red Vein, Our MD, Spec B, Spring Green, Sumo Superior, Super Green Borneo, and Mahakam River MD is the same – $11.00.

If you are attracted to the accessories section, the weighing scale is available for $7.49 only whereas the cost of the SG-300 spoon scale is $13.98.

The maximum amount of kratom this store offers is 400 grams but many strains are restricted to 250 grams.

Does Major Kratom Sell Premium Products?

As per the website, this vendor claims that it has the purest kratom available in stock. However, when exploring the website, you will not be able to find some steps this seller has taken to protect the purity, freshness, and potency of its products. The lab-test reports are yet to be displayed on the official platform.

The good news is customers are quite happy with products and are impressed with the services being provided to them by the seller. Spec B is a special and top-selling product of Major Kratom. It is appreciated by a number of potential users and it has played a key role in this vendor getting nominated among the best sellers in 2011.

Enjoy Free Kratom

An interesting derive is being carried out by this seller to provide you with free Mitragyna. The seller engages consumers by posting their stories on its website. Every month, one lucky user is selected for posting his or her story on the official website of Major Kratom.

Do you have an interesting story to tell the readers? Want to share with the seller? You can drop an email with your story at If you are the lucky ones, you will get 125 grams of kratom free.

How Do They Handle Shipping?

The primary medium for shipping your parcels is the United States Postal Service (USPS). If you want to order one or two products, they will deliver your parcel via USPS First Class. It will cost you $2.15 for a single and $2.75 for two products.

If you have placed an order for bulk stock, the concerned department will ship it through USPS Priority Mail. The shipping cost varies depending on the weight of your stock. If you need your order on an immediate basis, this seller offers USPS Priority Mail Express in this scenario. You will have to pay $23 for that.

If you have placed your order somewhere before 03:00 pm EST and your payment is processed, the team will dispatch it on the same day.

Is This Brand Confident Enough About Its Products?

Yes, the brand is quite confident about what it is providing you with. Therefore, it accepts returns on all products but there is one restriction. If you want to claim a successful return, you must ensure that your product is unopened. If it is opened or damaged, unfortunately, you will not be able to get your money back in this particular scenario.

The seller appreciates contacting the customer support department before you send your product back to them. So, these are the few things to be remembered when returning any item.

Consumer Protection

This vendor considers its customers as a major asset of the business and goes the extra mile to protect them the best possible way it can. Major Kratom takes regular feedback from the consumers in order to improve their inventory and quality standards for providing buyers with the items and services they actually look for.

As mentioned earlier, this merchant has never compromised on the product quality in the last 11 years since its establishment and wants to keep the same spirit for the years to come. You, as a customer, always get pure, safe, potent, and supreme quality kratom on every purchase you make.

Customer Support Services

Major Kratom has introduced live chat support for potential buyers. This approach is not common among other sellers and competitors; therefore, customers find it quite a supportive step. You can also connect with them through text messages for real-time productive communication.

If you are more active on email, you have the option to get connected with this seller through this facility ( as and when needed. In addition, you can also call them any time at 802-988-0506.

Premium Features

The certain features that make this vendor stand out from the competitors are:

  • Finely prepared Mitragyna products
  • A wide-scale inventory
  • Free kratom
  • Multiple methods for payments
  • Same-day shipping
  • Returns on all unopened products
  • Great support for buyers

Premium Features

Ending Note

Major Kratom, without any doubt, is a well-known seller of Mitragyna Speciosa products and other accessories. Almost all the users are pretty satisfied with what they are getting from this band. The only thing they needed to enhance their credibility is they should display lab-test reports on the official platform to engage more buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does This Vendor Support Discreet Orders?

Answer: Yes, all of your orders are shipped by this seller discreetly through the USPS method. It makes your purchase quite comfortable thereby maintaining your order confidential.

Question: Which Payment Options Do They Have?

Answer: You can pay through 3 different methods including MasterCard, Visa Cards, and Discover.

Question: Every Time I Place My Order; It Redirects Me To Another Website Named “Bright Street Tea Company”. Is This A Bug?

Answer: Not at all. It is its sister company that has taken the responsibility for processing and shipping your parcels.

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