Matrix Kratom Review: Should You Buy From Them?

Matrix Kratom is a familiar name to anyone who has ever tried Mitragyna Speciosa before. And if you are considering buying this all-natural herb, you’re likely mindful of the low-quality products also available on the market. It’s essential to understand what legitimate Kratom looks like to prevent purchasing potentially dangerous products that aren’t what they claim to be.

When looking for Mitragyna Speciosa businesses, the first thing to check is the product names and relevant content on their websites and online media platforms. Next, you can read the evaluation pieces and user reviews for the brand you wish to try to determine if they offer authentic tree leaf powder supplements or not. In any case, we are here to show you all the facts and figures behind the business of Matrix Kratom, an up-and-coming seller.

What Is Matrix Kratom?

If you ask experienced Kratom users for guidance, they will urge you not to buy from head shop suppliers. Purchasing from a head shop company is risky enough, but it’s even trickier to make a decision when you can’t uncover any details on the things they sell.

Likewise, Matrix Kratom is a controversial brand originating somewhere in Las Vegas, Nevada. There is insufficient publicly available data on their business, Kratom origins, and merchandise at the time of this writing. Even online communities like Reddit, Quora, and others are deafeningly quiet regarding this company.

Matrix Kratom

Is There An Online Website?

Consumers prefer to purchase digitally from the convenience of their houses instead of heading out to acquire essentials in today’s society, where internet shopping has become a part of everyone’s lives. But on the other hand, Matrix Kratom vendor does not have a webpage where you may purchase their supplements or post reviews. Surprisingly, their botanicals and services have next to no internet presence.

The products are only available via third-party internet retailers, local head stores, and petrol stations. Resultantly, this prompts doubts about their credibility since it brings the issue of why they did not use online marketing, which is far more practical for both consumers and vendors.

What Are The Available Products?

Typically, head store brands have a restricted inventory. On top of that, the availability of the merchandise depends on the internet retailer. As of now, Matrix Kratom only sells four botanical strains. These include Maeng Da, Red Vein Thai, Green Vein Thai, and White Vein Thai. But the good thing is that they are available in the form of both powders and capsules.

Matrix Kratom Powders come in packets of 20g, 50g, and 200g. And just for the record, the 200 grams packet isn’t readily available anymore. Other than that, their supplement capsules come in bundles of 20, 50, or 100. Last but not least, they also have a Red Vein Liquid Kratom Tincture on hand.

Prices of The Supplements

The prices established by the company under scrutiny are one of the most important considerations of any review. Without a doubt, the buyer wants to know the pricing of the botanicals they intend to purchase. In a similar fashion to other smoke shop businesses, Matrix Kratom’s supplements do not have a preset retail value. As a result, costs differ between different online vendors.

In any case, we tried to estimate the supplier’s prices. A 20-gram powder sachet costs roughly $7, while a 50-gram powder bag costs $14. And if someone favours capsules over powders, they should know that a 20-count pack costs $7, whereas a 50-count container charges $14. Lastly, the Red Vein Kratom Tincture, the company’s sole liquid extract, sells for roughly $18 per 7 ml.

Are The Botanicals Lab-Tested?

When a manufacturer tests its Mitragyna Speciosa supplements, the customers can shop for Kratom with ease and confidence. But when a vendor doesn’t take this step, they automatically lose the support of a significant percentage of the herbal community. The semi-processed product batches go to third-party laboratories for contaminant analysis. This testing can point out impurities like chemical pesticides, microbes, heavy metals, etc. All of these can be detrimental upon consumption. So, you must be wondering if Matrix Kratom takes the necessary precaution.

Unfortunately, there is no proof of this testing anywhere on the internet. On top of that, getting in touch with the company is virtually impossible, so you can’t even ask for lab analysis certificates via email. Therefore, it might be wise to exercise caution while purchasing the products.

Accreditation From The American Kratom Association

Matrix Kratom not only does not test its Mitragyna, but it also doesn’t have any affiliation with the American Kratom Association. As you may be aware, the AKA’s primary objectives are to get regulatory approval for the all-natural herb and raise awareness. In addition, they keep an eye on all AKA-affiliated suppliers to ensure that they are following GMP rules.

In addition to their AKA connection, most respectable supplement sellers also do lab tests on their merchandise. Therefore, numerous new suppliers are forming partnerships with the AKA. However, we couldn’t uncover any indicator of Matrix Kratom’s intentions of joining the AKA, either now or shortly.

What Are The Payment Methods?

Since there isn’t only one seller, the payment methods may differ at your chosen source. In most cases, third-party vendors accept electronic checks, cash on delivery, Zelle, CashApp, and sometimes even credit or debit card payments. However, you probably won’t get the chance to pay using cryptocurrency.

Shipping And Refund Policies

Since Matrix Kratom sells through other third-party websites, the shipping and return policies are varied. Most sellers opt for USPS (United States Postal Service) and UPS (United Parcel Service) for all shipping. As a result, there are additional costs in your purchases. Also, the delivery times will depend on how far you are from the supplier’s location. Nevertheless, customers may receive some tracking information, which helps follow the progress of a parcel.

And as far as refund policies are concerned, we wouldn’t get our hopes up. If you purchased the supplement locally, there is no chance of returning it. That is why buying Kratom online is always a better option. But still, it is always wise to purchase from a source that offers clear-cut refund policies. So if the seller ever makes a mistake on their part, the customer should be eligible for reimbursement or replacement.

What Are The Customers Saying?

To find out the reputation of this supplier, we checked the top social media platforms and online forums. The fact that typically there are positive ratings and reviews is not surprising. Despite the high price tag, this brand is famous for its supplements’ potency. But at the same time, some past users pointed out that the effects aren’t as potent as they would have liked. However, this part isn’t a cause for concern because different dosages have varying results for every individual.

Does The Brand Have A Customer Service?

Matrix Kratom’s customer support is practically non-existent because it is primarily available on the internet via third-party sellers. As a result, it is tricky to reach any company representatives. Even if customers can track down the contact details, which tend to keep changing now and then, they are unlikely to receive a reply.

Pros And Cons


  • Lab-tested tea powder supplements
  • Many different available forms of premium Kratom
  • Numerous payment options
  • Relatively reasonable market prices


  • No functional website
  • No clear stance over refunds
  • A limited number of Kratom strains
  • No customer service
  • Not accredited with the American Kratom Association

Matrix Kratom

Final Thoughts

As you can see, this particular brand comes with its own unique set of benefits. But at the same time, there are some definite shortcomings that the manufacturer needs to address. And if Matrix Kratom can do so, it will undoubtedly justify its reputation in the botanical marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Buy The Brand’s Products?

As Matrix Kratom is a head shop brand, you can find the supplements in local stores, speciality shops, and gas stations. Other than that, the herbs are also available via third-party sellers on internet websites.

Are The Products Reliable?

First of all, the supplements undergo testing before they hit the shelves. As a result, there is no possibility of contamination. Other than that, the reviews surrounding these products are also favourable, which means that past customers were satisfied. And lastly, the product packaging gets done with airtight seals. Therefore, all Matrix Kratom’s products are high quality and have a longer shelf-life.

Can I Use Coupon Codes With This Brand?

If you want to purchase Kratom from a local store, coupon codes won’t be available. However, online suppliers beg to differ. On top of that, customers can also purchase coupon code bundles from third-party websites for multiple uses.

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