Miracle Kratom Vendor Review – The Truth About This Brand 

History Of Miracle Kratom 

Miracle Kratom established its first physical store in 2016 in Columbus. At this time, ethnobotanicals were still unknown to locals in Franklin County, Ohio. This store showcases a minimal yet sleek interior. The owner, Christian Stuart, founded this business to manufacture various Mitragyna Speciosa forms with the public.

The Miracle Kratom in Ohio boasts different forms of Mitragyna, but since they have established their online store too, you can purchase from buykratompowders.com. Even though the store was small, it quickly gained consumer demand. Afterward, the supplier’s store on the West Broad Centre boosted in business.

The people living in Discovery City became fans of this all-natural herb only because of this store. The locals transformed this place into a gold mine. Within a short period, the founders gained enough money to set up a second shop in Bellevue, KY.

Since this area is close to Cincinnati, they were able to monitor both of the properties. What initiated as a diminutive size physical herb shop expanded to a nationwide supplier sensation due to online buzz.

Miracle Kratom

Many factors have to be followed to perfect the success recipe like safety, purity, honesty, and much more. A top-rated Mitragyna vendor is aware of the importance of third-party lab tests, following uncompromising standards, making prices affordable, and always prioritizing the customers.

The Products Offered At Miracle Kratom 

This Ohio-based vendor offers shelves and shelves of interesting Mitragyna forms, hybrids, plain leaf, proprietary blends, and strains. Your eyes might get tired, but their collection won’t end.

However, they do not offer any capsules or liquid shots. This is unfortunate for people who prefer readymade and easy-to-swallow Mitragyna forms. They focus primarily on powders.

Exceptional Powders

The brand presents the widest powder stocks in the market. They have more than 40 iconic strains such as specialty blends and hybrids. The following are some of their best strains:

● Green Forest Kratom

This exotic Green Vein powder comes with commendable qualities. It is supposed to be taken in low dosages, and it offers a perfectly balanced aroma that is long-lasting. One ounce is sold at $8, 2 ounces for $15, 4 ounces for $28, 8 ounces for $50, 16 ounces for $85, and finally, a kg costs $160.

● Red Riau

This is a favorite among their customer base. This kratom powder is less potent than Red Sumatra but still very special. It comes with a musky aroma. Like Green Vein Forest, you can purchase 2 ounces for $15 or buy the largest quantity, kilo, for $160.

● White Parrot Kratom

This magnificent product is a combo of White Indo and Sumatra. One ounce of White Parrot Kratom is sold for $8, four ounces are sold at $28, and 1000 grams are priced at $160.

● Other Strains

If you are still unsure what to get, see more stuff from these guys below:

Yellow Vein:

Yellow Horn, Yellow Vietnam, Yellow Bali, Yellow Maeng Da, and Yellow Borneo.

Green Vein:

Super Green Malay, Green Borneo, Green Vietnam, Green Bali, Green Dragon, Green Thai, Green Dragon, Green Sumatra, Green Elephant, Green Magic, Green Horn Leaf, Green Maeng Da, Green Hulu Kapuas, Green JongKong, Super Green Malay, Super Green

Red Vein:

Premium Bali, Super Red Indo, Red Bali, Super Red Maeng Da, Red Borneo, Red Vietnam, Red Dragon, Red Thai, Red Elephant, Red Riau, Red Horn Leaf, Red Maeng Da, Red Hulu Kapuas.

White Vein:

White Bali, White Vietnam, White Borneo, White Thai, White Dragon, White Sumatra, White Elephant, White Magic, White Horn Leaf, White Maeng Da, White Hulu Kapuas, and White JongKong.

More kratom strains:

Bentuangie, White JongKong, Black Jack, and Gold Vein.

Their Pricing Guide

Miracle Kratom‘s items have a starting price of $8 for one ounce of powder, whereas two ounces are priced at $15. If you want to buy four ounces instead, you will be expected to spend $28, eight ounces cost $50, sixteen ounces are priced at $85, and to go all-out, you can purchase a kg for $160.

The cost for the lowest quantity, $8 for one ounce, means that you are paying 8 cents per gram. From the industry standards, this is a fair price. Depending on these standards, you might be thinking that the vendor is settled at the low price range.

But when you go to the larger amounts, affordability starts to run low. For instance, buying sixteen ounces for $85 is costly. Around 453 grams are present in the 16-ounce pouch, and it is less than a half kilo. In industry standards, a half kg is sold for $50 to $70.

Similarly, a kg is priced at $160, at least $40 higher than the industry standards. Most of the prominent companies sell their kilos for $99 to $120. At $160, the vendor is giving kilos at 16 cents per gram. Overall, these are not budget-friendly prices.

Shipping Procedure And Refund Policy

They only provide Flat Rate delivery through USPS, and as for the refund policy, they are quite strict. On the website, it is written that all purchases are final. But in particular situations, store credit or exchange might be offered.

Customers are given only seven days to request a refund. Only unopened orders can be returned, and the shipping charges have to be paid by the customer.

What Do The Users Say?

This multiregional supplier lacks recognition on the online platforms. Even on Reddit, there is no discussion regarding the vendor. But if you hear directly from the local shoppers, they are thrilled and satisfied to have a small-town supplier.

There are over 900 Google reviews, most of which are positive. Even if they lack safety standards typical of other online stores, they still know what they are doing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Pros And Disadvantages Of Miracle Kratom?


  • Incredible customer reputation
  • The greatest variety you can find
  • Accepts money orders
  • Affordable pricing strategy
  • Customer-friendly staff
  • Priority Shipping


  • Does not accept credit cards or Bitcoin
  • Does not share lab reports

Miracle Kratom

Do They Provide Coupon Codes?

To obtain their coupon code, you can follow them on Facebook and other social media accounts. Furthermore, it would help if you sat up to their email newsletter about promo codes or important website updates.

The coupon codes usually give a 15 to 20% discount at the checkout. Plus, site-wide seasonal discounts and clearance sales are also offered.

Which Payment Methods Are Accepted?

They only accept money orders, and no other payment method is accepted. This is very unusual as all other kratom vendors provide a plethora of payment options so that shoppers can be at ease. Credit and debit cards are only eligible for their physical stores.

What Is Their Customer Service?

Miracle Kratom boasts a wealthy product range which is the top reason why customers keep coming back to them. Their online store displays useful blog posts and direct links to plenty of physical stores.

You can directly talk with the customer support team by filling their online contact form, calling on their Ohio phone number, and emailing the business. You only have to wait for 10 to 15 minutes as their response comes fast in all options.

Wrapping The Review Of Miracle Kratom 

Even with the clear blind spots, this vendor has gained the status of a Midwest giant. They boast an impressive assortment of items at a competitive pricing structure. However, their payment methods are extremely limited. But that’s not an issue because their online store can make anyone happy. The company has showcased its value in the market.

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